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2020 can be a new era of success for your business. Considering how competitive online marketing is today, you need something new, creative, innovative, and unique to become market leader.

I’m more than an SEO expert and content strategist. I will be your partner in growth and evolution, to build an edge for your company.  Mediocre efforts won’t cut it online today, which is why you should be hiring the best consultant and producer you can find.

Gord Collins offers 22 years of experience in content strategy and SEO, along with 12 years in social media marketing.  A long list of clients from major US, Canadian and International cities including Boston, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Washington, Honolulu, Florida, Houston, Salt Lake City, London UK and Beijing China.

SEO and content strategy can’t be applied separately any longer. Google expects your indexable content to actually represent your business  Fortunately, I help you design and execute both together to supercharge your organic visibility and lead generation.

Gord has delivered provided services for 4 digital marketing agencies.  This includes leading ranking and high traffic websites in real estate, hotels, finance, entertainment, manufacturing and building supplies, IT, and software.

This year, Gord is embarking on a transition into AI marketing.  This is not to say that marketing software is the key ingredient in modern digital marketing. AI software platforms will aid SEO, Content development, funnel optimization, and predictive techniques to win market leader status.

Why an SEO/Content Expert is a Wise Choice:

  • Clients want experience and expertise in their industry niche, but regular providers don’t have that.
  • Clients need industry specific expertise but agencies can’t devote the time and effort to it.
  • Clients want top rankings and a lot of high converting Google traffic and only experts can deliver that now
  • Clients want more engagement in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, but engagement comes with dedication and creativity.
  • Clients want more return traffic and customer loyalty but no one wants to see your shallow content again.
  • Clients don’t want to be stuck doing high cost PPC campaigns forever.
  • Clients want versatility and expertise both, for an affordable price

The only way to build out excellent new clients is to use an SEO Expert to build your presence and enhance your full marketing mix.

Let’s get started right away. I’m looking forward to learning your goals and challenges, and getting started with the solution.

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