Barbecued Swordfish & Garlic Shrimp

Whenever I travel to San Diego, I always visit this one restaurant on Coronado Island. It has a great streetside patio. Their swordfish dinner is excellent. Great taste and very filling.

I recently bought a big box of wild swordfish steaks and jumbo shrimp. I wanted to use my undeveloped domestic talents and put together a nice swordfish dinner. So here’s what it looked like. I barbecued mushrooms and cooked some asian rice with it as well, and weirdly, threw in some broccoli. I don’t know if I’ll win any presentation points, but at least it’s a very healthy dinner. First barbecue of the season.

This swordfish had a fishy taste which I love, a little like scallops which are my favourite seafood. Normally, it has a kind of sweet taste to it and it is very white. The trick is to make sure you don’t dry it out. These steaks were thin so it was a challenge. I used Teriyaki sauce which made it taste sumptuous!


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