Microsoft is Buying Linkedin

Linkedin Being Purchased for $26 Billion

Microsoft has lunged back into relevance online with the purchase of Linkedin – the huge professional networking platform with 343 million members, just like you. Microsoft couldn’t resist Linkedin’s incredible performance stats of 19% year over year growth.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft made the announcement today. It leaves us to ponder what Microsoft could do to improve performance. Only about a third of Linkedin users are active and most aren’t using it as their primary, or even secondary means of professional communication.

Microsoft could integrate it with its suite of office productivity software, thus taking it from an external communication network to where it is preferred to email and actively pushing us to engage our Linkedin connections. Perhaps we’ll find Linkedin more effective as a business generating tool?

Has Linkedin been a powerful networking tool for you? Are you active in networking? Would you say Linkedin is less effective than Facebook in connecting with the best quality prospects?

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