28 Ways to Attract Wealth Like a Magnet

28 Ways to Attract Wealth Like a Magnet

How to Attract Investors, Sales, Partners, Fans, Promoters and New Business Opportunities

One thing Babyboomers like me and entrepreneurial Millennials share, it’s a desire to make more money. Yet money is fickle and that requires some intelligent strategies on our part.  No B.S. Weath Attraction in the New Economy is a book by Dan Kennedy and it might be your ultimate guide to drawing money to you like a magnet.  Sound interesting? Then let’s learn about the magnet or the core of the strategy.

Bars of gold

Dan offers up 28 great tips on how to position yourself like a mastermind to attract wealth and success. It’s all part of reprogramming yourself for achievement. If you’re hoping to become an entrepreneur or are already launching a startup with no funding, this can help get the right mindset to start making things happen.


Work Smart not Hard

wealth-attractionThe premise of the book is that you don’t have to work hard to become wealthy — however let’s not kid ourselves.  Success often takes a passionate, hellbent, persistence and dedication. Life is competitive and others want what you want. Dan suggests that you must be positioned correctly to attract wealth and then work hard to get it all working for you.

The toughest part is in applying Kennedy’s positioning factors successfully to your specific situation. But you’re bright and ambitious if you’re still reading this, so you likely will make it happen. You dug in which says a lot about you and what you want. I think this post and the book will help you.

Make sure you share this with others you know as it helps the understand what it is you’re trying to do.  Getting their help is vital.

You Can Do It

For money to be attracted to you, you have to be able to create value for investors, employers, influential supporters, friends, consumers or whoever.  Dan Kennedy is saying is that value is relative and up for interpretation and how you take action to get all the pieces correctly positioned is when wealth will be focused on you. Some billionaires got rich through making junk.  Therefore you have to discover your “junk” or your unique value proposition.

Makes you sound a little like a product, but in essence you are a product and a brand (you’ll need to develop a unique value proposition and a brand positioning statement). You are the core of the wealth system you’re about to create around you and your value offer to clients, customers, partners and investors is important.

Positioning for Greate Wealth take Time and Courage

When I quit my job in 2004 to launch my own business as an SEO guru, I was doing just that — creating the best value I could to reach wealthier, enabled, and entrepreneurial business people.  The goal and the desire repositioned me to attract wealth.

I created my website and developed my site content to be found via Google by my targeted audience. Sure enough the corporations, marketing managers, agency managers, and other individuals I wanted to have as clients found me and hired me.  They were in the US, UK, Canada and China.  I was earning a lot of money and traveling frequently so I had positioned myself well and discovered a great lifestyle.

Unable to control the economy and sustain/build my business, I learned that maintaining success is not a given. It can be taken away by positioning yourself with the wrong people, wrong services, and wrong markets. I can happen when you accept an employment position where you lose your drive and feelings of empowerment — where you sit a and spin your wheels and find yourself spinning and lost.  To break out of that nasty circumstance is something 99% of the population can’t do. They are stuck and positioned for a steady paycheque and perpetual misery.

Positioning for success is all about getting the best people around you as part of your “perfect situation.”  Ending up as a cog in someone else’s wheel is the worst thing that can happen to you. That’s the opposite of what Dan is communicating in this book.

Your Brand Image – Laser Clear and Persuasive

Key to the strategy Dan Kennedy mentions is your positioning – that positioning is your brand.

Without personal branding your career is dead. This Infographic is about why personal branding is so important and what personal branding can do for your career. Created by Anna Rydne, https://communicateskills.com @CoSkills

I created an image of myself, a brand image, that told others who I was and what they could expect from me. I made it work, demonstrating expertise and being fairly straightforward and transparent. That positioned me as a competent, reliable services provider. They gathered around because that is what they wanted.

Kennedy touches on the elements of a professional brand image but doesn’t tell how you to put that all together.  Your situation is unique of course and will require some mapping out. See the visioning post about discovering what you want. But remember, entrepreneurs, employers, clients, and investors don’t really care what you want– they want to know how and what you are going to do for them.

On the topic of what you’re magnetizing yourself to receive:

Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our mind… these magnets attract to us the forces, people and circumstances which harmonize with our dominating thoughts”  — Napoleon Hill.  

Basically, whatever you think and feel about yourself, determines who will be drawn to you. Kennedy is telling you to take action, elevate yourself and draw better people and better circumstances. Then the sky’s the limit.

Here are the 28 wealth magnets:

  1. No Guilt – feel no inhibition
  2. Belief in Abundance – see money everywhere and unlimited affluence
  3. Break Free of Fairness – Everyone can get what they want – wealth is unlimited.
  4. Accepting Your Role and Responsibility
  5. No Fear – set your price without reservation or inhibition
  6. No Excuses
  7. Speak Money – Be where the money is
  8. Be Somebody — turn yourself into a celebrity — make you the focal point of your marketing — be an expert
  9. Be Somewhere
  10. Do Something
  11. Demonstration
  12. Follow up
  13. Integrity
  14. Ask
  15. Domino Opportunity
  16. Passion
  17. See What Isn’t There
  18. No Boundaries
  19. Clarity
  20. Independence
  21. Think Value not Time
  22. Think Equity not Income
  23. Marketing Prowess
  24. Behavioural Congruency
  25. Act Wealthy
  26. Energy from People
  27. Courage
  28. Pace

I think it’s a great concept and good book, but in the end, your degree of success really depends on your experience, level of insight, motivation, and creativity. It’s not a book about posturing. The author lays out the details of the plan, but to put it all together for a cohesive life strategy is a challenge.

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