Jingle Punks – Hypergrowth Does Work!

Jingle Punks Hypergrowth Success

Would a catchy jingle deliver as much oomph to your marketing campaigns as an infographic, new website, or video?

jinglepunksstoryWell, it’s debatable, but some big brands have been very successful using sounds and songs to differentiate and create top of mind awareness.

If you’re going to take your company, brand, and business to a higher level for better performance, higher profit, and better customer loyalty, you need to do something unique, and here’s a company story you’ll find inspiring. The company is Jingle Punks of Los Angeles. They provide commercial music jingles, sort of like Charlie Sheen did in his role in 2 and a Half Men, only way better.

Here’s a great example of what they do.  Meow Mix cat food’s jingle back in the 80’s and 90’s is still vividly remembered which is why they decided to revive it recently. The seductive and integrative power of music to captivate and sell can’t be denied — it’s even timeless. Which is why Jingle Punks has rocketed to stardom in the commercial music industry.

Here’s the new Purina Meow Mix electronic dance mix, updated for today’s audience:

Jingle Punks makes millions writing music for commercials, reality TV, and “literally anything” that needs a tune. from the Bloomberg article.

Jingle Punks Business Model

Jingle Punks has a great business model which is to bring advertisers together with tunes and musicians. But it doesn’t stop there.  It could spawn just about any kind of music related money making scheme or service for advertisers and musicians.  That’s likely why the company was bought out in April.

Jared Gutstadt and Dan DemoleThey provide a software app to allow musicians and song writers to create music and it get it exposed to advertisers. What a fantastic service for musicians who would otherwise languish in anonymity without this. How many times do creative musicians and songwriters come up with tunes in their day dreams? Plenty.

Jared Gutstadt and Dan Demole’s hypergrowth strategy was built on the notion that brands need jingles and they couldn’t find those jingle ideas easily.  The two founders leveraged their industry connections and let the hypergrowth wildfire begin.

Jingle Punks developed the Jingle player app to give advertisers access to tens of thousands of music clips. And they’re also matchmakers for custom jingle writing, when big brands and famous personalities (e.g. Howard Stern) want a jingle for some purpose.

Their part-Spotify, part-Tin Pan Alley approach has turned the seven-year-old company into the world’s top commercial music publishing organization.

Jingle Punks started only 7 years ago by the pair of entrepreneurial buddies who came up with the idea after throwing Margaritas at each other. That’s how creative, amazing businesses get launched. They’re never launched in a boardroom.  Their company is now the world’s biggest commercial ad music company and last year had revenue of $18 million.

Are you wondering how your business could do the same? Simple, get into hypergrowth strategy.

Growing Your Business across the US

If you’re looking to grow your business, you need some innovative ideas on reaching your market and delivering an amazing unique value proposition. Don’t play it cautious when the North American market is exploding with potential.

I wrote about hyperaccelerated growth in a recent post and I think is one good example of how taking your foot off the brake pedal and letting the market determine how much it will give you is a smart business decision. Jingle Punks might be inspirational business development model you need. It’s never too late to start.
Good luck with your upcoming successes!

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