Chillout Lounge Music

What is Chillout Lounge Music?

The type of music known as “Chillout Lounge” is a genre of easy listening, house music characterized by a slower, relaxed beat, trance like rhythms and funky sounds. It has its roots going back more than 2 decades.

Chillout describes a variety of subgenres EDM (electronic dance music), house, and ambient which includes downtempo, classical, dance, jazz, hip hop, and pop influences. There is no one type of chillout lounge music.

Some believe it became popular due to government regulations in the UK, who demanded that nightclubs provide rooms or lounges where exhausted, overstimulated dance music listeners could go to unwind, particularly in the late evenings. The experience of relaxing and chilling out became popular in its own right.

Chillout Lounge Restaurant in Austria. Screenshot courtesy of

Hip Hop and Jazz Origins with so Many Flavors

It’s typically instrumental music with a slower downbeat of 100 to 130 beats per minute and often has a dreamy, hypnotic, ambient characteristic. There are usually bass and drum beats, bongos, percussion, guitar, and rolling synthesizer sequences. It could also be described as sleepy, sensual, and trance like.

There are similarities to hip hop and smooth jazz yet the sounds are more “lo fi downbeats” designed to calm, soothe and relax the listener.

The goal with this music is to stimulate Alpha and Beta frequency brainwaves which are associated with states of deep relaxation. It is meant to be background music for a cafe or club, therefore should be loud, distracting nor in the foreground. The essence is in quieting the mind.

While it may have begun in UK dance clubs, this music is enjoyed by people around the world who want to chillout from a stressful lifestyle of work, commuting, and stress.

In the work from home trend has only increased the demand for chillout music as people enjoy working with such relaxing “lo fi” tunes.

Deeper Personal Rhythms

This music may indeed connect you to your deeper personal rhythms, thoughts, dreams and purpose. A stark contrast to lives of servitude to others.

Chillout lounge creators attempt to create a mood in this music so it’s  relaxing with a purpose. It’s often good music to study or work by and perhaps to listen to while sitting in a hot tub or relaxing on a beach.

Trying to categorize and label it as one type is going to bring criticism from all those genres that are now feeding into the realm of chillout music. No doubt, new influences will arise in the coming years.

The fact the label is chillout lounge, means it is designed for wider modern audience who making it a social thing involving relaxing, electronic deep house grooves. Yet even the word lounge is being digitized to just mean a place/category where you can enjoy this type of music.

Let’s sample some great compilations of some very cool chillout lounge sessions now.  After listening to chillout sufficiently, you’ll understand the characteristic style of the music much better than being able to describe it.

Chillout Music Sessions on Youtube

This first compilation from Relax Chillout Music on Youtube features ambient percussion beats and atmospheric tones.

And this compilation from Healing Housing of Music shows how the tone and style vary just slightly depending on instruments and cultural influences (South American).

This selection described as CHILLOUT AMBIENT LOUNGE Music which features a slower beat with more subdued dreamy textures.

And this song from Mika Olson, uses a quick beat (but still downbeat), with the percussion, keyboards and funky features typical of the chillout lounge style, complete with vocals.

And when focused on quiet, smooth keyboards, we might even call it beach chillout lounge. From Tropical Hideaways.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction into chillout lounge music, a genre you may not have been aware of. The internet and Youtube brings us some many interesting experiences and free music of this quality really is a blessing. Check out your favorites and perhaps buy them to enjoy in full 44k digital quality.

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