Toronto International Bike Show

The 2013 Toronto International Bicycle Show was a great day for me, George and Dan.  They’re itchin to get out and do some Xtreme stuff this spring, and the show got them in the mood!

Thousands of people go to the Toronto Bike Show  where there’s thousands of bikes for sale so you could find literally any type of bike you’d want. There were BMX and mountain bike competitions, Bike Polo, and a trick biking show by Trevor Bodagh, the Internationally renowned performer. You could learn a lot about bikes just by speaking to the manufacturer reps. If you have couple of grand ready, you can find your dream bike. The technology in materials and mechanisms they’re using now is amazing. The brakes especially make a big difference in what you can do on the trail.

Trevor Bodagh put on a good show. He hops all over the place on his bike. I spoke with him after the show and he said he had all of his bikes stolen in Los Angeles last week. All he had to use was this one. It only weighs about 5 pounds. Never felt a bike so light before.  He trains hard and used to be an avid squash player. He’s an exellent vertical jumper as you can see in the videos.

Trevor Bodagh’s incredibly light bike he used in the Toronto Bike Show. No, he doesn’t need a seat. Amazing Pinarello racing bike – Carbon fiber masterpiece. That would be nice to ride up and down Yonge Street at 80 kph.

Bike Polo

Bike Polo sounds boring, but after watching them play, I can see how this game could catch on.  Some of the players in other matches were very skilled and made some pretty nifty moves on their bikes

Trick BMX Competition

A guy from the UK!

The BMX guys get some big air, especially on the far wall that goes up at least 10 feet high. A few were doing flips.

The Toronto Bike Show goes on every year. If you haven’t been, it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

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