On the Docks Pub in Huntsville

Visited Huntsville with my sisters the other day and it’s one of the few old towns that is fun to visit. It’s got bike shops, nice outdoor patio restaurants, a chocolate store, and other stores with art and old Muskoka furniture. Lots to see if you like strolling and window shopping.

These are great times when you can just stroll around and then go to a pub for a few beers. Nothing to be concerned about at all — just how much you can relax.

This is why GTA people love Muskoka, Huntsville and Parry Sound and go up every weekend in the summer. It’s a super way to get away and relax and a lot of them couldn’t maintain their mental health without that break. 3 Mile Lake is only about 20 minutes away from Huntsville.

Maybe what I like most about visiting Huntsville is the On the Docks Pub right on the main street. It’s up high over the river and you get a nice view. Great restaurants are hard to find and this is one I will go to every time. You have a super view and there’s boaters stopping off to eat. I’ll bet there’s plenty of interesting people visiting and if the waitresses were a little more curious they’d meet some fascinating people.


Me and my sister Liz tryin to figure out what to order. Well, we decided just to get the nacho chips which were really good. Lots of chips, salsa and cheese. Obviously On the docks Pub takes their food and customers seriously. Too bad Crabby Joe’s couldn’t upgrade theirs.huntsville-pub

Here’s Helen and Liz enjoying the atmosphere. A perfect day. Couldn’t be better. Okay, it could be better, but that’s another story.

 huntsville-pub2  huntsville-pub4 huntsville-ontario

The Nutty Chocolatier is a popular stop for Chocolate lovers. I picked up a nice selection of their best chocolates and I’ll certainly give my review.


This is a tandem mountain bike, meaning two people ride it. It’s in for repair, so the riders must had a rough ride.



Gord and Tom Thompson Statue Downtown Huntsville

Tom Thomson the painter. He wasn’t part of the original group of 7, but he had all the paints! Muskoka is the right inspirational place for painting. He was obviously inspired.If you like boating in the Muskoka’s, go to the Gravenhurst Boat Show. My cousin organizes and manages it every year and some of the boats are amazing. They usually have a number of local artists exhibiting their stuff.

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