Durham Forest Ride & Glen Major Forest Ride

It’s the long weekend and there’s plenty of time to get out to the Durham Forest for another good ride. Well, I was tired but still managed to put 4 hours in on the trails. I’m startin to love this “free” mountain bike park.

The trails were real busy today and with lots of hikers too.  Their dogs often get in the way.

Met up with a group of guys who are regulars at the Forest and it was great to ride with them. They know where all the trails are so we did some challenging ones (at a good speed they’re challenging).  And onto the winding trails with some gnarly technical stuff. The trails were in excellent condition.

Here’s Dave, Mike and George below, from Sudbury, Stouffville, Toronto and other places. They ride at a surprisingly good pace, and this is for hours on end. They’ve got fantastic mountain bikes. Met a few others with $6000 bikes! They’re serious about this sport. My $600 bike is sick in comparison.


Gord Collins

Mountain biking is excellent for all round fitness. We went across a road to Glen Major and Walker Woods.  That’s deep in the forest where it gets dark. After 4 hours of climbing hills and getting shaken silly, my back was starting to complain.

This is just one of many log obstacles you have to get over, and believe me after you ride over about 30 of these, you get tired.
Lots of young families out mountain biking. They look so healthy and obviously want to teach their kids how to enjoy life to the fullest.durhammainparking


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