14th Bike Blow Out Sale at Direct Energy Centre

Big Price Breaks on Bikes at the Toronto Fall Bike Show

This morning, Dan W and I went down to the fall bike show at the Better Living Centre beside Ricoh Colliseum.  The lineup wrapped around the Ricoh Centre for about 800 feet. Very crowded because they only had one day. The Toronto Marathon is running tomorrow.  There are going to be 25,000 runners in that race.

I was telling Dan that I’d like to run in a marathon next year. Now I have to.  But I run about 8 miles three times a week so that’s a marathon every week. I’ll have to step it up to run 26 miles. That’s gonna hurt. How about a half marathon?

This Toronto bike show wasn’t great, however some great discounts could be had on road bikes and mountain bikes. Typical reductions were about $1000.

I could have bought some riding shorts for $40, but they were all black. No imagination at all it seems, so I’ll go online to get some coloured shorts.  I bought some handle bar grips at half price.


This amazing wheel is made of hollow carbon fibre, and the join with the tire is so tight you can’t distinguish tire from wheel.







This bike is used in triathalons.


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