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Digital Marketing Services for Small Business

Digital Marketing Consultant

Using a digital marketing specialist to design and execute your online success is an exciting idea. There is so much I can do to help your business thrive.  The key to success today is in developing useful content for customers and ensuring it is optimized for reach, impact, engagement and helps to accelerate visitors through your conversion funnel. Much of the snazzy content you see out there doesn’t.

The key problem most small to medium businesses face with digital marketing is finding and choosing a digital marketing specialist who can make things happen.

You’ve already checked out the gamut of SEO guys, marketing automation specialists, web design firms, PPC ad firms, and traditional agencies, and you found woe pretty weak solutions. Now you’ve finally found me, someone who can simplify things and get all your money working for you, not on paying overhead.

Your business, market and value proposition are unique. I can provide you with a digital marketing solution that includes innovative content strategy, SEO, and social media support — all designed on a winning model for your specific target market.

Custom Digital Marketing Packages

Specialized Services

These specialist services are for small businesses and digital marketing agencies looking to upgrade performance and zero on areas that make a big difference to their bottom line.

Gold Service Package  ($1495/mo)

Platinum Service Package ($2995/mo)


Please contact me at 416 998 6246 now to discuss your specific needs.


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