The Reason I Didn’t Call You

Following Up and Getting What you Want

But some aren’t preparing for it. Hey, I don’t want to nag, but even when an outstanding solution worth taking a gamble on is apparent, you’re shrinking back into old schemes.

With the US economic recovery speeding up, there will be amazing new opportunities to grow your sales in 2020. Playing it safe is the wrong choice because your competitors and new competitors will be taking chances and will blow you out of the water.

You’re Going to Climb that Mountain

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The first thing Sir Edmond Hillary might have said to the locals in the Himalayan villages he wandered into was “No thanks, I can do this myself.

Scaling the world’s tallest, most dangerous mountain is a good corollary here. It’s very high, takes some planning and strategy, requires resources, and a good guide who will likely have to improvise along the way.

Thinking about going it alone is one issue for your 2017 success, but there’s an bigger barrier to the evolution of how you market your SMB in 2017 and beyond — You.

It’s much like your company facing moving forward to 2021. You’ve got an enormous challenge to grow significantly next year. I could attack your approach, ideas, values or I could tell you how brilliant you are. Which do you think would be most effective in getting you transitioned to the better performance your boss expects?

The Reason I Didn’t Call You

“It’s not because I doubt your skills, experience, acumen, creativity and diligence. It’s apparent you have all that. It’s because I don’t believe you can significantly boost my company’s revenue using content and SEO.  If I sincerely believed content strategy and boatloads of traffic could rocket my sales and revenue, I’d be breaking down your door.

Here’s our situation. Our current model favors advertising despite the future threats of its demise. Our window is near term because no can forecast long term. Advertising is certain, fast, and we can optimize landing pages and our offer to generate sufficient sales. Until that fails, we’re not looking at sustainable digital marketing solutions.

Your model relies too much on creativity, ingenuity, built on top of a strong value proposition, which we don’t feel we really have. In fact, most of our competitors have better products. For us to suggest we have an advantage is rather pretentious and could cause us to lose customers.

Even if you offered guarantees, we wouldn’t do it because digital marketing is all hype. Realtors for instance, are turning away from it in droves and hightailing it back to local flyers and bus advertising. And the number of jobs for content strategists is minimal. That sector didn’t take off.  And SEO’s themselves are pushing toward minimum wage which must say something about SEO.

Google and Facebook have succeeded in trashing the organic content medium so that ppc advertising is only way we can reach customers. PPC is fast, cheap and requires little supporting content. By firing visitors through the sales funnel fast as possible, we bypass the need for “real content” and a complicated process of promoting long term value. As long as PPC exists, we don’t need to put much effort into content or improving our value proposition.

It’s nothing personal. It’s how we think about the problem and the low risk track we believe in.”

Overcoming Sales Resistance

Well, as you can see above, there’s just a few hurdles to convincing marketing managers and small business people of the merits of Content Strategy and SEO. Is it really all a waste of time?

The stats tell us more consumers are going online, and even though Facebook and Google are getting filthy rich from the PPC revolution, there are hazards in becoming addicted to those channels.

I think the key barrier to persuasion is questioning the values and ideals that underpin business people’s thinking. Those ideas are mostly underwater like a frozen, aimlessly floating iceberg and they’re tough to get at. Some advise using negative techniques because they actually have a reverse psychology effect with “Don’t Contact Me” prospects.

As Simon Sinek says, “People like and buy from those who believe what they believe.” You could go in building a rapport with their ideas, and then push them to use those ideas to the hilt. And of course, those “same old, same old” ideas will fail. I think the pursuit of the goal approach has good merit.

I’ve seen enough success with SEO and creative content to know it works. I’ve worked with online casinos where we had enormous success with Google traffic and flash e-cards for instance. I worked with a hotel whose value proposition was very pricey, not for many travelers, yet the volume created all sorts of cascading, unforeseen value including room bookings.

And I’ve seen major online sales success with a sporting goods manufacturer with a website that very subpar. The site looked awful, but gear sold like crazy because of the enormous traffic I generated.

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The big end results are there or anyone who wants them. It’s just a decision to drop old ideas because you don’t need them anymore. 2017 is a brand new year where you break out of stale mediocrity because you’re bored with it. How does boredom come up as a motivating factor.

Content strategy and SEO are far from boring. They power your business up in many ways and they prevent the inevitable slow death in sales you’re heading toward. And they open you up to the new US economy happening as we speak.

It’s a whole new era in the US and you need to keep up with it. Content Strategy and SEO will return because they add value to everything your company does, and you believe in compounding value.

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