Spring Trip — Costa Rica or California

Yeehah!  Finally paid off my big tax debt so I can start living again. The car’s working well so hopefully I’ll get to take a trip in April, only 3 months away. I have to decide between Costa Rica or California.

I need to find someone who’s good to travel with. Sure lots of people would like to go but really, you just want the carefree one that lets their hair down and gets into the spirit of travel.  Well, we’ll see. If all else fails I might go to Florida for a visit which is a nice vacation too.

If not Costa Rica, I can always go to San Diego or Oceanside California by myself. Sounds crazy but you aren’t alone down there. California is mesmerizing. You’re in an altered state of consciousness the whole time anyway. There’s all sorts of ways to meet new people and lots to do.

The laid back surfer culture, night lights, all day sun, blue sky, beautiful views of the ocean, lots of tennis or golf, and walks on the Oceanside Pier, and long golden sandy beaches are great.  And Disneyland California is just up the highway in OC  maybe worth it just worth it just for the fireworks.  Catalina Island is so close too and there’s desert areas I haven’t even explored yet.  There’s 7 different micro-climates in the So Cal region.


Going south to La Jolla, where the millionaires live, from Del Mar. The views are too much.

California is a Dream

So much to do there and I could plan a bunch of things for a visit (surfing, tennis, visit SeaWorld, go back up to the mountain desert, visit Viejas Casino, and even get some pole vault coaching at University of San Diego). I’d stay at my favourite condo overlooking the ocean. That place is heaven. I could even drive to Vegas for a couple days, see the Hoover Dam. I like driving.

I’ve driven by Viejas Casino on highway 8 just 20 miles west of San Diego. It looked great so I’d like to play some blackjack and slots there and enjoy the scenery.  Yes, with the dry mountain desert air, it’s a fascinating place.


Their top Casino in a desert area east of San Diego

And San Diego Seaworld is something to see although San Diegans actually deterred me from visiting it.  Not sure why they’re down on it.  I’ve seen 5 aquariums in Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Mystic Connecticut.  The new Ripley’s Aquarium is open in Toronto too.

Shark Tube at SeaWorld San Diego

You can sit on the side there and just enjoy watching sharks swimming around you.

And driving is a treat. The best drive is westward from San Diego.  I stop in Escondido at a fruit slushi place and then head out on highway 74 to Palm Desert, right next to Palm Springs.  The drive down the mountainside is unbelievable.

Costa Rica is the Ultimate Nature Experience

Did you see this post a while back on Costa Rica?  It’s the in-place for the world unless you count Dubai. What a study in contrasts. One’s dry as hell and the other’s a sopping wet rainforest.

I may have to take an unpaid vacation to get back out to Banff and the Rocky Mountains too.  I really miss the mountains. I love climbing and I also like sitting down at Evelyn’s cafe in the morning in downtown Banff.  And there’s the white water rafting too in Kananaskis.  Then it’s off to the Banff Hot Springs pool for a two hour soak at 104 degrees.  Then the usual walk up Sulphur Mountain and take the Gondola Ride back down.  Banff has lots of shops and I generally get around to visiting them all including the big book store and wander on up to Banff Springs Hotel. Guys can throw a baseball or football at the school right on Banff Avenue. There’s usually no one on the grassy field.

If you’re a guy, you’re thinking this must be heaven. Yes, it is.  Mountain life lights a fire in you. Banff has the glitter, the nature, the comfort, the food, the views, the social scene, and the feeling you’ve lived something few people get to experience.

Okay, your reward is this great song by Ennis: Enjoy!