Life in Equador

Me to We Trips

My niece and her fellow teachers from Canada traveled to Equador to spend 3 weeks as part of a teaching, cultural exchange. A great experience for her but a little scary at times with snakes, crocodiles, and poisonous plants all around.

Long jet rides to Houston and then down to Quito, Equador. I know some may not like people’s personal travel pictures, but I sure do. It’s a big thing for our family that one of us traveled to South America. Em had lots of bug bites to show she’d been in the heart of an equatorial forest, and is still taking malaria pills. All to teach those kids.

emequadorkidsThese kids don’t have much sugary, dyed candies, but they still literally climb the walls in the classroom. I’d be fine with that.  And, this is right on the equator where the temperature reached 46 degrees with humidity. Like a sauna with not much escape. It was the rainy season and they had to wear rain ponchos all the time and sleep in mosquito nets that held the heat in. If their hair looks stringy it’s understandable. They apparently can’t get clothes clean there as well.  An equatorial excursion may not be for everyone.

Interesting visitors drop in once in a while


It was an 8 hour bus ride and boat ride past anaconda snakes and crocodiles, and walking past spiders and snakes to get to the school in Matananga Equador.


The school in a small village in Equador

The Canadian Teachers
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