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Real Estate Investment Book Phil Pustejovsky
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Yes? Great, then you’ll love hearing from the guy who has the top Youtube video channel on real estate and plenty of informative videos and books for you. So before you approach your bank for a mortgage or a real estate agent, get educated on the best way to build your wealth with these videos below.

Phil Pustejovsky‘s instructional videos on investing in real property are very informative and viewable, particularly for anyone considering buying a property not just to live in, but as an investment. He’s published a couple of books as well and you can get a free copy of one of them (at right) via his Youtube page.

He gives you plenty of tips, techniques and motivation for seriously considering rental income investment.

Rental Income Property Investment is Hot

Most homebuyers look at buying a home and only want to live in it by themselves. Others want to use it as a retirement investment vehicle.  But another route which Phil describes might be the greatest wealth creation opportunity you’ll ever have in your life. It’s much better than working 9 to 5 for the rest of your life. After going through Phil’s freedom mentoring program, you’ll learn how to become a successful real estate investor.

He’ll tell you how buy a rental income property using a banks money, living in the property, and renting out a half of it to renters who take care of most or all of your mortgage payments. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Which cities are best for property investments? And is the US housing market sound enough to take this gamble?

Here’s the Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky talking about about how he went from living out of his truck to living in a waterfront mansion in Florida. Now he’s sharing his knowledge and wisdom via his Youtube channel. Enjoy his informative and entertaining videos.

Why is Real Estate so vital for improving your Net Worth

How to Turn a Little into a Lot

Phil Talk’s about real estate investing for beginners

Free Real Estate Investment Seminars are for Suckers!

Phil takes you through real estate investing 101

Phil helps you determine a property’s value the right way

Here’s 10 Hacks for real estate investors

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