Cottage Rental at 3 Mile Lake

Just north of Gravenhurst and Bracebridge and south of Huntsville is 3 Mile Lake. My sister was up for a visit from scorching hot Florida and rented a cottage off of highway 141 on 3 Mile Lake Rd. Thought you might like to see a few pics of 3 Mile Lake and the things you can see and do.

It’s a shallow and civil lake which makes it great for kids and water sports like personal watercraft, sailing, and fishing.

My brother in-law brought the fishing boat with him, and we got out for a couple hours of fishing. Couldn’t catch anything though. Gotta get up at 5 if you want to catch some bass or sunfish. The lake is only 12 feet deep so you won’t find Pike or anything like that here. We trolled around one island but nothing was taking our bait! Fussy fish.

Photos of 3 Mile Lake

Just some photos to show the mood of the day from early morning mirror like water to late afternoon rippling sun reflections. And some of the wildlife. The night time stars are so bright up there, and we got to see a meteorite shower too. Wish I knew more of the constellations. If you’re patient you can see the fast moving satellites that traverse the earth.

Didn’t get a picture of that porcupine I almost ran over at night. Missed him by that much.

The water is only a couple feet deep for hundreds of feet out.  So shallow, we had to drive all the way around to the other side of the lake to a public boat launch. It’s a 20 minute drive.m-cottage-dock

Ahhhhhh, I can get used to this! m-gordbeach


Yes, I got this close to the little critter when I laid out some peanuts for him. If you want to get in good with animals, always use food.muskoka-squirrel

Two deer came up about 70 feet from the cottage.m-deer

There are active farms right around 3 Mile Lake as well — cattle and crops up there.


This new mansion on the water was in a beautiful spot.


A couple of 10 year old boys out fishing by themselves in a small boat.m-boys-in-boat-3milelakem-sailboat

These trampolines are about $200 a day to rent or $900 to buy.m-water-trampoline-muskoka

3 days of taking it easy. Just what I needed.  I you want to rent a cottage on 3 Mile Lake, just do a Google search for one. It’s very near Huntsville which is a nice little town to visit. Lots of shops and restaurants to keep you busy for an afternoon.

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