Cool Pools – Lazy Rivers

Cool Pools TV Show

We’re getting into the most depressing part of winter, and warm weather seems so far away.  That’s why people watch HGTV and golf on TV. To escape. Enjoy some videos below that show how far engineered pools have come recently.

Cool Pools on the HGTV show had a great episode on the best swimming pools, and the best was this home in Texas.  They had others that were more than spectacular too. Unfortunately, HGTV doesn’t maintain their website  or promote their videos online very well.

All you need for  a dreamy lazy river pool is a cool $3 mil.  Sure the owner is showing off, but who cares, you get to see some fantastic landscaping, engineering and imagination.  I like the water spa, cave, lazy river, and waterfalls.  We may never get to experience this kind of thing, but I still find it inspiring. If you don’t, man you’ve got issues.

This is from another program and it has some incredible pools too. This incredible pool by Hal Jones, real estate developer at the 10:30 mark, is at Lake Livingston Texas which is about 40 miles north of Houston. Incredible engineering and the cost is no issue for a rich Texas oil guy.