Whole Foods Stores — What Will Amazon do for eCommerce Grocery Sales?

Whole Foods Stores — What Will Amazon do for eCommerce Grocery Sales?

Whole Foods Markham – Nice Atmosphere to Shop

The grocery store battles between Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and newcomers Walmart, Target, and Whole Foods are just beginning. In 2018, the billion dollar brawl between Walmart vs Amazon will pull all players into the fray.

Whole Foods Markets just purchased by Amazon is going to make big waves in the grocery store wars. We’ll have to wait to see how Amazon rolls out its online shopping service. One still has to wonder if using Whole Foods Markets is a smart move into brick and mortar retail, or a distraction from its online grocery business. Physical retail comes with a huge price tag in maintenance and staffing which is Walmart’s biggest problem.

The Whole Foods Market store is one of those stores to watch. Situated in one of Canada’s most wealthy neighbourhoods, it’s pricey selection of unique brands and fresh produce should produce record profits for Amazon in 2018.

A Unique Brand – A Unique Atmosphere for Shoppers

The atmosphere in Whole Foods stores is more intimate, more intense, and there’s plenty of new different brands. That’s why I like it. Oh, and the deli bar is excellent too.

Each grocery chain is trying to steal marketshare away from the other. Competition is exciting and marketers can learn a lot about they’re positioning against each and what shallow gimmick they’ve conjured up to create short term gains. I like this one:

Whole Food’s competitive advantage hinges in riding the “natural organic alternative” trend, and perhaps as importantly, being located well, for instance, in this new residential/commercial development in Unionville. Whole Foods focuses on healthy, organic food brands and a personal human shopping experience. It does have the feel of grocery stores of 20 to 30 years ago.  They’ve got a great web site too.

If you haven’t been to one of their stores, take a trip. Whole Foods is growing. They forecast sales in Canada alone at $1 billion.

A lot of people feel excited by the ambience in the Whole Foods stores. The retail store in Markam is fun, has plenty of new brands, and shoppers believe their products are fresher and healthier than what you’d buy at Loblaws or Metro. Whole Foods is planning to open 40 more stores.

A lot of marketers play around with the word natural and organic, but I wouldn’t believe too much of it. All too often they find lead, mercury, and micoplastics in everything. So what strikes me as pertinent in Whole Foods position in the grocery wars, is their in-store shopper experience.

Yes, after the first few visits, you realize this is just another grocery store. It might just another case of much ado about nothing. The ambience and health claims might not be enough to get even Unionville residents to shop here on a regular basis.

It’s tough to hang onto customers, but Whole Foods is certainly doing all they can. I think they’ve got the merchandising thing down pat. There’s none better. I’m not too sure about customer service, but the store is so well laid out that visitors are compelled to buy something.

What do you think? What’s your impression of Whole Foods Markets?


The departments are busy visually and they have an inconsistency in design and merchandising that is unlike the plain, monotonous displays you see at Sobeys or Loblaws. You’re almost overwhelmed when you come in the main door. You’re greeted with the sight of fresh produce and the shelving units look stuffed with products.

The variety of foods in the deli section is amazing. Very pricey though. I guess they’re aiming to be the Starbucks of grocery stores. I think the store layout, the environment they’ve created is the key to their growing success.

Cooking videos from their website are well done

Making Vitamin drinks and ice cream on the spot for customers


Whole Foods Deli Bar in Unionville Store

Whole Foods Deli Bar in Unionville StoreFind out more about Unionville Ontario. It is a nice town complete with an old village that is great to linger in during the summer.

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