Your Imagination – Finding Your Power Switch

Your Imagination – Finding Your Power Switch

There’s two things any business person or entrepreneur needs to become successful; (1)  a vision or goal that drives and focuses their effort and (2) a process that takes them from now to that day when it happens.

So let’s say you’re someone who is thinking of launching a business, but not sure what to do?   And you’re not real confident you have the drive, creativity, decision making skill, and focus to make it work.  How will you persuade your investors? What is your product and why is it better than your competitors? Why are you wiilling to put it all on the line? It’s all kind of fuzzy. Kinda scary. Maybe you should just give up.

This is the first of a series of posts on finding your driving purpose and maximizing value to your client. Let’s start with the importance of dreaming, visualization, and finding your Power Switch.

Some experts say you don’t need dreams or goals, and that goal visualization actually makes you feel crappy in the present. Where they’re wrong is that they don’t understand that goal visualization is fun. It’s like daydreaming with a purpose. And who doesn’t like daydreaming? Really, what’s more satisfying than letting your brain play, have fun, and build castles in the air?

See Fast Company’s post on daydreaming techniques.

Powerful Visualization Leads to Clarity

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And daydreaming is a powerful visualization force. Rather than wasting time, it actually brings focus to our dreams and identifying the things we want most.

The rest of our visualization is deliberate and most of it is junk that’s that’s force fed to us via TV, malls, roadway, Internet ads. This is advertisng’s attempt to change our values even against our better judgement to make us buy stuff (not that all advertising is bad). So in being a good consumer, you might actually be destroying your own internal images and intrinsic motivators.

As an entrepreneur, you need to identify your driving imagery and get closer to it. And your dreams are about more than money. Because one day, a lot of people and investors will depend on you, on the clarity of your vision. Your dreams and visions will shape everything, so it’s wise to become more aware of the images that pop into your head.

Creative people especially need direct access to their imagery. Painters masterpieces are just mental images splashed onto a canvas and musicians spill them out in songs. But don’t think that you’re any less creative or valuable than they are. An entrepreneur should take their craft just as seriously. You’re nobody’s hero until you make it, so you’d better be your own hero for now!

In dreaming, our brain is telling us the answers and giving us direction to the solutions we seek. Our dreams are our guide. Ignore them and life will get tough. It’s like a Oracle, and when used wisely and consistently makes you create exactly what you need to — 100% guaranteed.

We all want lots of things and some of them conflict. If the thoughts cause us pain, we suppress them. Then those images become inaccessible, maybe for decades, sadly, maybe forever. Most people lack the ability to sort through their mental clutter and find the key things that will drive them and their success. 99% of our population avoid the pain and out of that never reach their potential. But your brain won’t stop, it will find ways to bring things to light somehow.

Fun and Positive Feelings are Rewards

Not only is it fun and should be encouraged, it’s an essential part of the process of becoming successful. When the dullness of executing becomes onerous, it retards our progress and wastes our energy. It oppresses our brain. Now interject some daydreaming fantasy into each activity, and all of a sudden, we can get through it.

We all listen to music while we work. It feels good. That’s the audio of daydreaming. Musicians constantly hum tunes to themselves and that eventually becomes the song you love. Without daydreaming, nothing good would happen.

Adding maximum value for your business or client essentially means achieving clarity in your dreams and then clarity in your decision making — clarity for your life.  Sure you have to do your market research too, but you have to know what is most meaningful about what you’re doing. Without that clarity your path will wander and you won’t be able to survive challenges and setbacks.

Visions Lead to Positive Feelings leads to Goals

goalsettingYour goal isn’t static either. Goals and vision changes over time. What we thought we needed, we discover we don’t. And what barely came across our minds before now is center stage and something we must have. That’s the process of clarifying. We’re searching through our dream imagery to prioritize them dynamically as time passes.  Eventually, we find one or two things that actually gives us everything else. That’s our master power switch.

We’ve all had a brief zap from our master power switch. It’s usually a love interest — most likely your spouse.  But it could also include a job, a new business partner, a travel destination, a pet, a new business opportunity, a home, automobile, sports team, or some new configuration of people in your life.

Just imagine the jolt of power you’d feel if you had even three or 4 of these things happen simultaneously. You’d be as high as a kite. When these things occur, everything seems to fall into place. We search our whole lives for that master switch. When we find, it changes our lives and probably other people’s lives too.

Visualization gives meaning to everything we do. That means every little task we do during our 9 to 5 existence is imbued with positive emotion and it makes us do our best.

Control Your Daydreaming – Focus It

Productive daydreaming can power that up further. This is where you experiment with your motivation to discover what makes you the very best you can be.  Through dreaming, we test different scenarios, people, actions to discover what gives us the best feelings. And your mind will find that.

It’ll trip over it, and seize on that insight. All the billionaires had these moments when they tripped over it. Larry Page and Sergei Brin had visions about how their new search engine Google  would work.  They daydreamed about their database and computer program would work.  Can you imagine doing that every day without a beautiful vision — personal images that drove them?

Their powerful belief resulted in financing from Stafford university. From there the upward spiral kept going faster. Soon they’d be into advertising, self driving cars and mapping the world. Their daydreams must have been very interesting. I can see them leaning back in their chairs. But they knew about focus too.

To them, it was exciting and they had the audacity to think their vision would beat Yahoo and MSN. Blind faith built on images in their heads (dreams). 17 years later, they’re two of the wealthiest people on the planet, creating something new and incredible every day. How fun would that be? Go anywhere do anything and make people’s lives much better.

So if you want to sell something to someone (e.g., a business process improvement) you need to light up their visualization. You need to get to know their imagery, their values, their experiences, all the things that make life beautiful for them. And not only do you need to write down your own visuals and goals and how you’ll get there, you need to think about their goals and path too.

Because human beings must be motivated. We can’t go long without it. When you learn what motivates another person, you’ll be someone they can’t live without. It’s great when your client can’t live without you.

Now I’m hoping you’re sure of the power and wisdom of your dreams. It’s time to begin using them to create maximum value for your client (or your employer if you’re working for someone).  Creating maximum value is about imagination, alignment, focus, energy, self-determination, decisions, choice, and freedom.

And we’ll be exploring these soon too.

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