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Twitter Tips – Taking it to the Next Level

There’s Lots of Ways to Make Twitter more Effective

Twitter has had its 8th birthday this year and it’s still going strong. It’s the top microblogging platform and millions of businesses use it. Whether they use it well is another matter. It can be a great way to connect with your businesses biggest fans and get them to spread the word. Spreading the word is what social media is all about.

But to use Twitter well to get the message, you might need to step back a bit and get your overall game plan set up. Twitter works best when there is an identifiable person doing the tweeting as opposed to a business voice. Social media is about people and people have emotional reasons for tweeting and responding to tweets, as well as spread the word about you, your business and its products.

Here’s some tips to help you get properly oriented before you begin tweeting:

1. Identify Your Passions/Goal

Twitterers are passionate people. Discover what they’re interests are and what your own interests are. The crossroads of the two should give you your best topics.  Twitterer’s are active, animated, energetic, enthusiastic, bold forerunners and are probably leaders in their niche. Sincerity, authenticity, transparency. Find out what you love and be it.  You can’t fake it. Your content/tweets communicates the quality of your belief — that’s why quality people will follow you and direct message you. Followers need a good leader.

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2. Build Your Tribe and Get Lots of Followers

You need to tweet a lot to get the reach you need. 10 tweets a day might be good. You’ll need relevant content on your blog, Linkedin and FB pages.  At first, it’ll be a little tough but once you get going and your followers increase, you’ll connect with higher quality people over time (These highly targeted and relevant people are your real Tribe). Don’t be afraid to go through the beginner’s pains. Be yourself and encourage yourself to discover new things to talk about and share with them. The content is your real medium between you and them so make it good.

3. Research and Direct Message

Find those you want to connect with and make meaningful contact. Don’t waste their time. They won’t like that.  Constantly communicate your value by giving them value. Do something for them, complement them, give an interesting point of view, and make them feel good.  Some people are busy and tough to connect with. At first, they may be very hesitant but don’t worry, just leave the door open and they’ll eventually come around.

4. Send Them to Your Best Stuff

If you’re a job hunter, send them to your Linkedin page, sales people might send them to your website or FB page, friends might go to your blog or FB page.  Create A+ material and keep it accessible, especially at key times. This is the essence of letting them know how fascinating and compelling you are. They won’t forget you. Surprise them, shock them and make them laugh.

5. Make Your Conversation Appropriate

The voice or tone of your content should reflect you and your goals. Align everything so it points to where you want to go. Be subtle and don’t push. If they’re not following, then you haven’t expressed yourself in a way they can relate to. Consider what might not be effective enough and reinforce that area. It could be your bio, graphic background, or the relevance of your Tweets

If you’re just beginner at Twitter, see the Beginner Twitter tips post.  You can do it. I’ve increased my followers 800 in the last two months and I’ve already spoken with some amazing people. It does work. Keep the faith!

— Gord


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