Give Yourself the Freedom to Produce

Give Yourself the Freedom to Produce

Entrepreneurs and the Freedom to Produce

A lot of people have the view that entrepreneurs are a rather foolish lot, addicted to risk and lacking common sense.  But it’s not the risk entrepreneur’s enjoy. It’s the freedom to produce.

It’s the freedom to be yourself and to zone in on what it is that you should offer or sell and who you should sell it to. And it’s from that individuality that you eliminate competition, fear, doubt, insecurity and imposed limits so you can create maximum value for an unlimited market within the perfect business opportunity.


Or shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s belief in one’s self.

We can all get into ruts where we lose sight of the fact that wealth is unlimited. It’s out there. You have to go and get it. This post is about why you need outreach and why listening to your inner voice will keep you from being too small minded. And it’s about differentiating yourself from the crowd as the key to finding the perfect customer or investor or even which kind of business you’ll launch.

And it’s about going wherever you have to find your perfect match. And that requires courage.

And where does that courage come from? I believe it comes at the moment of decision where you give yourself permission to have all you want in life. At that moment you swipe all the garbage out of the way and focus on being you, and believing you deserve the great things that are going to happen.

I often mention Richard Branson, the Billionaire entrepreneur who has launched successful ventures in numerous verticals and industries. He could have stuck in his own backyard, but he knew in his heart he had to look outward to the world. There’s no better example of success. In his moment of decision, do you think he believed he deserved the best life has to offer?

What’s Entrepreneurialism Again?

Entrepreneurialism is a chance to produce whatever it is you want to produce to create maximum benefit for others. And others can be found anywhere. In fact, you should be open to finding what it is you want anywhere. Not just in your backyard.

Happiness comes from being fully involved in a project that is meaningful, and provides purpose and focus. Entrepreneurialism certainly offers that if you make the right decisions.

Entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson generate tremendous happiness for themselves (and others)  because they are fully involved in projects that are very meaningful to them and where they create maximum value for others. As Richard says, go in, adopt a problem, and find ways to do things better.

Look at this definition of Entrepreneurs from

Entrepreneurs are in the purest sense, those who identify a need—any need—and fill it. It’s a primordial urge, independent of product, service, industry or market.

Opportunity is Everywhere — Now to Find the Right Customer

Opportunity is wherever you look, anywhere on the planet really. The opportunity to create value for others is everywhere and the wider your scope, the more possibility you can tap into. Whether you can beat the competition really comes down to how unique your offer is and how much value you could produce. You may end up being your customer’s sole supplier and trusted advisor. But that won’t happen unless you’re completely comfortable and satisfied with your role — that they’re the right customer for you. So it’s a two way street.

opportunitiesKeep in mind that people buy on belief – they’re buying your belief in them, and a belief in their beliefs and values. When you’ve shown a laser sharp commitment to them and their success, there’s only answer they’ll give: YES.

Nothing’s Local Anymore: Your Prospects are Worldwide

I’m against the small mindedness of most digital marketing agencies. The mindset is that staying local gives you a better chance to pick up local companies and grow with them. Every agency it seems is doing this because being local is the only factor some customers consider. False loyalty leads to poor profits.

“Be a big fish in a small pond and you’ll have some success.” Well, are those really the customers that will take you and your company on the road to happiness and success?

The big pond’s really not all that scary and it’s plum with endless opportunity. Yes, it’s competitive, but the key point is not to go head to head with anyone. Create your own fascinating identity and your own unique niches where competition won’t take place. You want customers who are ideally matched to what you offer and and that eliminates competition.

When you create the right customer, you make yourself memorable/special and they won’t want anyone else, even local suppliers. 

Differentiate Yourself and Your Company

And that gets us to the matter of a unique value proposition. You need to know what makes you special, and discovering your UVP is how you do it. Your specialness is the key to being unbeatable.

The Unique Value Proposition is a phrase many marketers don’t like because they can’t see their own uniqueness.  Their mindset is that everyone’s the same, offering the same solution, trying to win on price.

Why not instead go where price is no object? A place where your offering is so unique and compelling, it can’t be turned down.  A mindset of unlimited production, talent, availability, power, and resources, where the world is your prospect pool.

Sounds ambitious, but remember that with the social web, you can reach anyone on the planet. When you fully embrace the concept of uniqueness, you’ll begin to get the underpinnings of big success.

Being Unique is Everything. Do It.


Your company and you are at the core. Try as they might, your competitors will always be on the outside. Their attempts to unseat you will only strengthen your position.

The human eye and mind is drawn toward the unique. Anything that is new and different gets full attention. The human mind searches for value or fulfillment and when you speak to people in a unique, compelling and persuasive way, there is no competition.

By being unique, you become a source of fascination and enthusiasm that erases anything of common value in their mind. Competitors acting on the “we need someone local” as their highest business priority disappear into a fog and are never heard from again.

Your new client/customer won’t want anyone else – you’ve become so compelling, so deeply connected with the values and beliefs they cherish, they’d never leave you.

If you’re common, you’re easy to replace. If you’re unique, you’re impossible to replace. Being unique is essential to self-esteem too.  To pretend you’re common is actually a lie because you are unique.  Michael Jackson, Jim Carrey, Roger Federer, Google, and Tony Robbins are very unique and they’ve done well. Their audience? Worldwide. Even Kim Kardashian, who has no identifiable skills is unique and discovered her niche as a symbol of dark haired, curvy, female beauty? Okay, I still don’t completely understand that, but you get my meaning!

A Unique Brand that Captures the Mind

Why do so many people travel from around the world to see and hear Tony Robbins? It’s simple. He’s unique and the knowledge and impetus he generates in people is very distinctive and exclusive. His unique value proposition might be “delivering personal and business power in an inimitable style. ” Is there an alternative to Tony Robbins? No, because he’s shaped the whole personal power market in his own image. That’s why it’s important to be first. All your competitors end up being compared to you and let’s face it, they’re not going to fare well.

Get your unique value proposition clearly defined and get it out there where prospects can see it. Never admit you’re part of a common group of competitors. Avoid getting typecast. Always shape your brand identity in your own terms, not someone else’s.  Then your brand image in the market’s eyes will be inimitable and impressive.

If you’re entrpreneurial, good for you. The challenge is to be true to thyself, since that’s where your greatest power to produce is.

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