Dreamers and Directors – Discover a Powerful Partnership (revised)

Dreamers and Directors – Discover a Powerful Partnership (revised)

Identify and then Compensate for your Weaknesses

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Maybe you’re taking courses or psychotherapy or something to try to fix your weaknesses and failings. And then you discover that you can’t do much to alter your basic makeup or improve some of your skills.  You’re in the dark.

yingyangYou might need another solution. Truth is, there’s nothing wrong with you. Everyone has limitations and awful shortcomings. You only need to understand your strengths and make the most of them, and forgive your failings. What if you discovered someone who has everything you’re missing? That would be your opposite.  

I know, kind of extreme, but it helps to prove the point that differences promote growth and shore up weaknesses. In a tough competitive world, you’re likely going to need it.

Wait a Minute. What about Birds of a Feather?

Sure, they flock together and they go nowhere. They’ve hit their pinnacle. It’s one big, fun party. For them, everyday is the same until the boredom is too much to bear.  Growth only happens when you meet up with people different from yourself — and your opposite is certainly different.

And in the realm of personal attraction, your opposite can be compelling to you, but also the greatest source of anguish possible. No doubt, this has happened already for you, and you couldn’t stand them. They made you feel so uncomfortable and insignificant, and you had nothing in common.

Very tough to be honest and open with your opposite, or relate well to them. But when you finally relax and accept them and leverage their strengths, that’s when things get good. They may drive you crazy at times, want different results, do everything differently, and you may want to just see them gone. They push you to your emotional limits and don’t seem to fit into your situation. Show them how you complement them and they’ll become your biggest fan and most loyal friend. They may want to move your way too.

With opposites, we’re self-medicating with the other person’s personality, says Leigh Thompson, a professor of management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. See the article at Fast Company.

Your Opposite is the Key to Your Success

It’s funny how we avoid our opposites and even find them repugnant.  Yet if we were more like them, our lives and productivity would improve immeasurably.  They have all you lack and therefore the most potential to help you reach the pinnacle.

If you’re a dreamer, you probably can’t put your ideas into motion because you don’t have the practical skills with people nor money management. In fact, you probably hate the boring, predictable, unimaginative everyday routine and demands of financial management. Just the word accounting makes your brain go into convulsions. However, that routine makes you much more effective. It’s good for you!

If you’re a director, your forte is consistent, planned execution and accountable results. But unfortunately, your lack of imagination and inspiration puts a serious cap on the businesses future.  You see the dreamer as a foolish child, wasting time, being unaccountable for real results, and perhaps even pretentious. Yet without the dreamer, we don’t know where we’re going, how to innovate, grow, or even why we should try hard. The Dreamer is the engine and he asks Why’s. The Director is the steering wheel and knows the hows. His or her favourite question is How?

Your Opposite can Actually Bring Out Great Things in You

Dreamers and Directors together can bring out the best in each other.  The director lacks vision and spirit, but absorbs it from the dreamer. The dreamer absorbs the director’s discipline, consistency and real world orientation. Once the dreamer sees his vision materializing because of the director’s real world management skills, his or her motivation and confidence grows. So does tolerance, understanding, and wisdom.  A few successes gets the chemistry going.


At first, your relationship with your opposite will be rocky. Make the effort to understand them, their values, behaviours, and style, and over time your business or personal relationship will really take off. Yes, you will be absorbing and internalizing their personalty traits, but don’t get into that psycho-babble as the above quotation from Leigh Thompson.

You’re here to be successful and you’re not going to do it all alone. There are plenty of personality types, so you if you are putting up your house as collateral to launch your startup, you may want to know a little more about your prospective business partner. And if youre thinking of dating someone, understand what they will bring to your relationship.  Your focus might be on other things such as looks, money, experience, connections, education, pedigree, references, and so on.

In the end, it might only be that they complement you so well — and together you have awesome capability. Every day will be uncomfortable with your opposite until you relax and accept what they can offer you. Good luck with your upstart.

You probably know whether you’re a dreamer or director, but you can find out more about personality at 16 personality types. And remember, your goal is to find those who will help you become a success. Good luck finding them. Also: 6 personality types every startup needs to thrive