10 Skills to Create Maximum Value in Your Business

10 Skills to Create Maximum Value in Your Business

What do Your Clients Want? Maximum Value

Success is simply being at the right place and time. Its the time where you get to produce maximum value for your clients. As it turns out, you invariably create it for yourself too.  This post discusses the entrepreneurial process of creating value and the 10 skills that help you get every angle covered.

The process:  visualizing your goal, building self-determination, positioning yourself or product, people management, timing your launch, and aligning your energies. This connection between optimizing yourself and creating value for others is tough to grasp at first.  But persist and you’ll see that you can’t deliver maximum unless you can visualize it and then perform at your maximum.

In previous posts, I talked about knowing your customer, having the freedom to be creative and the freedom to produce, building connections, taking risks, about removing shackles as keys to high performance.  Let’s assume that as an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial-minded business person that you have these freedoms. If not, you need to make the decision to get it. Without that freedom, you won’t be using your skills within the process. And you’ll fail to visualize this end goal of delivering maximum value (success). The opposite is unhappy customers and business failure.

Don’t Just Dream — Power up and Focus your Visualization

Not so Dumb!

Not so Dumb!

Imagination is really important, and if you’ve studied the power of visualization, you know you need to visualize your success. Jim Carrey, the comedian always parked his car on the street where he wanted to star, and he wrote himself a 10 million dollar check to be cashed later. And who better exemplifies imagination, than Jim Carrey?

Visualization is the first step in discovering where you will deliver maximum value and changing your self-image so it matches what you want to be.  It’s so important to visualize the people, place, time, product, service, features, benefits, and how you’ll position yourself and your product at the right place at the right time. And practice makes perfect.

But why is it some of us never get there, or even know where we are or where we’re going? Do you know when and where your next big success will be?  maximumvalueDo you know what skills and knowledge will catapult you to that place? And there’s so much more we don’t do snd I could write a single post just on that.

At this point, you have to take account of the skills, assets, and awareness you’ll use to engineer success for you and for your client. You know you don’t have the vision, or the pieces, so you need to collect them. Some of these you’ll get by working in the biz, others by socializing,  some by reading, and others still by travelling. You probably have most of them, but you haven’t used them for anything. Your vision needs some organization.

I’ve listed 10 key skills or traits you need to be aware of if you really want to hit a home run in your business life (and personal too).

So right now, take a moment to:

  • list the key skills you possess.
  • list the key benefits that make up the maximum value you will deliver.

At the end of this post, compare dreaming, goal setting, building self-determination, positioning yourself or product, people management, timing your launch, and aligning your energies, one at a time with the 10 skills I’ve listed. You’ll discover endless details you need to think about and dream about daily. Every day.

You’ve Successfully Positioned Yourself  Before

righttimeA lot of success is simply positioning −  being at the right place and time with the right people. Your business plan is just your route on the map to that place and those people. And that place isn’t stationary – it’s a moving target.  If you know its general coordinates and get yourself there on time, you can bring together the potential of people, ideas, money, energy, forward motion, and productivity — the full potential of everything that’s there at that moment. And if you’re a talented producer with excellent skills, then you can produce off-the-scale level results.

Think back to the most successful thing you’ve done in your life. It could be your job, your marriage, a sports achievement or your kid’s sports achievement, a start-up launch, publishing a book, graduating college, or buying a house.  How did you get there? How did you know where and when it would be? What did you engineer to make it happen? Were you unconscious of the whole process that lead to your success? Did you just follow someone’s instructions? It was positioning.

Yes, positioning is also about getting near the right people

Yes, positioning is also about getting near the right people

Engineer the People and the Place

Your skills as a business generator can be applied to people, giving them the courage, optimism, ideas, and reach to capitalize on opportunity.  That opportunity might be anywhere, in China, Mexico, US, Western Canada, or Europe.  Since businesses have connections all over the place, the greater your reach and presence, the more likely you’ll be where the opportunity occurs.  That’s where your SEO and Social Media marketing come in.

All business development and sales people need to be mobile. The opportunities aren’t coming to you.  The more mobility you are, the more power you have to take action, create opportunities, make connections, get your message out, and the more likely you will be at the right time with the right solution – creating maximum value.

Your  10 Tools for producing maximum value are:

  1. discovering where the action is (market research)
  2. knowing the critical point where business can and will be done (foresight)
  3. ability to go where the action is (mental, emotional, physical mobility)
  4. the power of your communication online and in person (expressiveness)
  5. your ability to fuse the beliefs of the people involved (coaching)
  6. your ability to negotiate a deal or transaction (persuasion)
  7. your ability to generate a product (creativity)
  8. your ability to market/sell that product (add value)
  9. your stamina and determination (enthusiasm)
  10. your belief/confidence in your intent to create maximum value (integrity)

When Will it Happen?

Your maximum performance happens when you’re focused and 100% involved in a production that you believe in, with people you want to make successful, and where the benefit is more than just money. It happens when and where you want it to. It’s completely your choice and your doing.

I’m sure you have your own exact description of success that you’re pursuing and that’s fine. Mine is just another way of looking at it. The more perspective we have the better our understanding.  When you lay the groundwork, eliminate barriers, and open your life to the process of maximum performance, your skill level will rise and your results will improve.

You’ll be tested by negative people and circumstances, and you’ll need to analyze the nature of that negativity.  If it’s your business partners and customers, you’d better understand what their resistance is all about. Use others negative energy to increase your focus. Turn everything to your advantage.

Self-Determination Does Bring out your Full Power

We all get caught in someone else’s web, as a cog in someone else’s wheel. But don’t treat your current situation as a dead end or jail sentence. You can leverage the situation to build your entrepreneurial skills and mindset.  The payoff will come.

It all begins in your mind, with your vision of where you should be, and what you will do there.  You’ve probably daydreamed about and the vision was there for a split second then you put it out of mind.  In those moments, you have the habit of writing it down.

If you’re self-driven and determined to keep moving toward that situation , it’ll bring out the best in you.  This is the place where your maximum productivity will happen.  You may get rich, reach acclaim, and end up feeling mighty good about yourself.  So, for sustainable success, keep being open to visualizing and moving to these ideal locations (your end goal).  Don’t forget to write them down, even if it seems foolish.  Nothing’s foolish about success.

It doesn’t matter what the product/service or location is really — it’s about you positioning yourself where you can achieve maximum productivity and the highest expression of your values and beliefs.  Most people just follow this path blindly and unconsciously, but that’s risky. Business is complex so if you’re not fully conscious of what you’re doing, you could follow the wrong path to nowhere. We’ve all been at the fork in the road, that moment of decision.



95% of the population follow a path to nowhere. They wander through each day unconsciously with vague emotions and thoughts about where success and happiness are. With no knowledge of how or where it would happen, it’s just a roll of the dice as to how their life turns out. I can tell you from decades of success and failure, that being conscious of the process is the only way to create maximum value and success. We all need to kick it up a notch.

Once you get the upward spiral going, it becomes an unstoppable force and will make you a happy, high performer and reinforce your expectation that you will always be successful. Success breeds confidence and I’m sure Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Larry Page will tell you the same.

Jettison the Baggage

Everyone has baggage they need to let go of.  It might be people, your job, your location, your hobbies, your habits, old school attitudes, prejudices, false loyalties, and much more.  If you keep your mind focused on your goals, you won’t need to jettison anything.  These things will fall away as you progress and you won’t need to apply negative energy or defend against them. They simply disappear.

When the right people appear in your personal and business life, you’ll know it. You’ll recognize how they fit the bigger picture and that they’re going to at those special coordinates where success takes place. Their presence makes you better.

I’d really like to hear your stories of how you applied your skills to kick your productivity up a notch. And I especially want to hear about how you visualize goals and go about consciously achieving them.

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