Wipeout & Most Extreme Elimination Challenge – and Other Fun Japanese Stuff!

Oh, those crazy Japanese. Look what they put on TV


One of my favourite programs was Most Xtreme Elimination Challenge which was a Japanese TV show where they dubbed in voices from two US guys. Their dialogue made it a lot of fun as you’ll see in this first video.

The Japanese version was way better but they didn’t have the great sets they do on the new show. But the guy’s dialogue is what made the Japanese version fun. Whoever wrote the scripts was pure genius. A lot of vulgarity as you’ll see, but it made me howl. I’ll bet you will too.

Which show do you think is better?

Well, the show Wipeout isn`t too bad either. I think the funniest shows are where the women get launched into the water unexpectedly like this:

Climbing over other naked guys is not cool, even to get to the girls. But it’s TV.

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