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Surfers Paradise

Miroslav Vrlik – Surfer’s Paradise

Fresh Produce — My Little Lover 

Look at the shiny sky
No need for you to cry
I will be here for you
Take care of you

Leave me your fantasy
I want your heart to feel
Don’t let it slip away
I’m here to stay

My little lover stay by my side
My little lover it’s not goodbye
My little lover give me a try
You’re always on my mind

Don’t ask me why…

“Unbelievable.. These are the kind of tracks as to why I listen to this genre. Sometimes that one song will sneak up and surprise you, and this one did just that and more. This just became my new favorite Progressive House track of all time. Thank you Portrait Digital for releasing such a beautiful tune” — Youtube viewer Purchase at: https://www.beatport.com/release/my-little-lover/650574

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