My Favourite Progressive Trance Tracks

Progressive Trance Hits

You may not understand progressive trance/progressive house music at first, but have a listen to a few songs, and you’ll get stirred. This isn’t your grandma’s music.

Is that bad? I don’t think so. Very motivating. Yes, beautiful women and beaches. Can you think of a better combination? The melody and rich sound grab at you. You’ll get pulled in. This should be the music of your eternal life!

The international flavour of this type of music is amazing. You have DJs from Chile, Amsterdam, UK, US, and Russia. This is musical styles you would never hear without the Internet.  So grateful for Youtube.  How did  we live without it (rhetorical).

It’s hard to tell the difference between progressive house and progressive trance. House generally has more variation in beat, tempo and complexity. These progressive trance songs also have that. They’re really good. Have a listen. Then go hear my 10 favourite Progessive house hits.

Progressive House/Trance electronic fireworks doesn’t often come right away. It normally builds for a minute and explodes toward the middle of the song. Chill out, be patient and you’ll be rewarded.

Mimax – Nighttime

Andy Tau – Passport (Excellent synthesized bass near the 4:00 mark)

Soulless – Waiting For That Thing

Miroslav Vrlik – Beautiful Moments

Terry Da Libra & David Broaders – Loss Aversion

Santerna – Transparency (Dub Mix) Nice effort by the Moscovite

Blood Groove & Kikis – Sunrise

Stan Kolev – Remember

Emenai – Past Mistakes (Solarbeam Remix)Push it ahead to the 3:00 mark.