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You’re on the hunt locally in the Mississauga area for a competent digital marketing SEO agency that will get the job done quick. Here’s a better alternative for SMB’s: a skilled freelance digital marketing strategist.

My business Bay Street SEO has been born again, still with good old fashioned ethics: hard work and strategy.  Yes, SEO is my specialty. I wrote a ground breaking book called the Professional Guide to Search Engine Optimization.

It explained concepts such as trustrank, pagerank, keyword reputation, semantic indexing, and Google’s link damping factor long before most SEO people were aware of them.

You’d think it would be out of date, yet all the techniques still work.  Google’s indexing is more complex yet it’s basically the same system it was ten years ago (Despite Google’s PR to the contrary).

Add Digital marketing strategy and ongoing management services and you’re getting sustained and reliable, convenient service. No need for high agency rates and long delivery timelines.

You’ll be leveraging additional, powerful skills that will give you an unfair advantage against other businesses in Toronto.   My extensive experience with 4 agencies in Canada and the US means you’re getting big agency services a freelance prices. That’s something to smile about.

Please select any or all of these digital marketing services branded under my company, Bay Street SEO:

  1. Content Development
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Content Strategy
  4. SEO and Link Building
  5. Adwords PPC
  6. Blogging and Social Media Engagement
  7. Copywriting and Conversion Optimization

These are the 7 core services that make a digital marketing effort soar. And you’ll be very pleased with my low prices and quick service.

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