Insight:  What Do Realtors and Others Like to Read?

Insight: What Do Realtors and Others Like to Read?

Review Your Google Analytics Stats and Learn

I wanted to give you a good look at which content Realtors are interested in on my blog in the last little while. Right now, what is your first thought that realtors would be most interested in? Compare your initial thoughts to what they are actually reading.

Most of my traffic comes from Google with a small smattering from Linkedin. I have to admit, I haven’t had the time or money to spend on outreach for this blog, but when I do, this content will pull in some major traffic.

Oddly enough, my post on fascination was behind only the post on the millionaire real estate agent in time spent reading.  There were lots of visits to the post on the Toronto/Vancouver real estate market forecast and one on social media marketing strategy.

So Much for the Belief that In-Depth Posts aren’t Wanted

Over the last two weeks, the post on Fascination has an average view time on page of 18 minutes and the post on how to be a millionaire real estate agent has a view time of 26 minutes! The post on creating a great UVP came in tops at almost 30 minutes average reading time. Wow, I’ve never seen that anywhere. Must be getting people thinking;)

From the graphic below, you can discover what Realtors (and other visitors) viewed most.

Most of my posts have high level thought which may not appeal to most visitors, but intelligent or ambitious realtors do like them — and they are my target prospects. When visitors spend an average 6 minutes on your page, that’s good. And Google takes note of this. When you’re writing your blog posts, aim for lots of interesting and supporting data, good photos, infographics, and interesting stories that involve the ideas you’re speaking about.

Hopefully, these insights will help you create better, more engaging content for your readers. Please remember that online, you are your content.



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