My Content Strategy Secrets Revealed! The Story of the Evergreen Octopus

My Content Strategy Secrets Revealed! The Story of the Evergreen Octopus

How to Guarantee Eternal Visibility Online

Grant Cardone’s top message — Being Seen is Job Number One. Without being seen many times, you’ve got nothing. Anyone starting a business knows that for certain. They’ve got a great value prop but no one knows they exist.

Grant sells real estate and he’s become one of the top coaches and influencers in the field of sales.

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He’s producing more content than ever including videos, podcasts, books, and social media posts. His sales message is direct but valuable.

His advice is to get attention, avoid competition, and dominate your market. As digital marketing people know, dominating means developing fantastic content, getting in front of everyone’s eyes, engaging which means increasing attention, leaving nothing for competitors, and promoting frequently.

The end game for him is creating a one to one relationship with the client.

You Should Have A Good Sized Budget

That’s a big job that might require a big team.

Wait a minute. No, you could hire a digital marketing specialist with multiple talents and give them the tools to improve their work. Match a good researcher/copywriter/SEO guy up with a great graphic artist/designer and you’ve got the beginnings of something awesome.

Add a social media strategist and a video producer and you may be able to challenge top sales performers and influencers like Grant Cardone.

(Then you could use AI marketing software to learn more about what prospects and customers actually do want. The benefits of AI Marketing solutions are something you should start weighing).

Like Grant says, you must dominate your market. As Google, Facebook, Apple, Tesla, and Amazon demonstrate, dominating a market has incredible benefits. It’s so crowded out there. Competing kills you, wastes resources, strains staff, reduces clear thinking, and cuts profitability severely. Others have said it too — don’t compete!

Why Is Excellent Content So Important?

  1. Content is the medium of digital marketing – from Tweets to blogs to Video
  2. Good content creates visibility and engagement
  3. Content positions your company as completely unique – negating competition
  4. Content is sustainable and Evergreen Content continues producing forever
  5. Paid media campaigns benefit from good, engaging content
  6. Paid media is expensive
  7. Organic rankings are prestigious
  8. Organic rankings augment paid ppc advertising and email
  9. Good content can be redeployed for social media and is the currency of social exchange and sharing
  10. Supports good customer loyalty and brand awareness
  11. Educates, entertains, and reinforces your company’s value persistently
  12. Content testing gives you feedback to learn faster
  13. Organic content generates better, pre-motivated, informed prospects so your sales team doesn’t have to work so hard
  14. SEO produces website traffic continuously for free — give Google value and they’ll send you leads

Am I Better Than Other Digital Marketers?

I innovate. One such innovation is “Evergreen Content.” It’s content that keeps improving in performance despite seasons, over the years, hot or cold, through any harsh times. It rides on current events and is seemingly relevant to everything (LOL). That’s why I enjoy it so much. This is fun to me.

I produce content that is epic, in-depth, and it’s real. It’s continually tested and revamped so it keeps producing more traffic, inbound links, social shares, and return traffic.

Rather than disappearing in the corporate content archives, my top evergreen content is reinvented, redesigned and so it keeps producing forever. In fact, its strength grows every year until it completely dominates.

Octopus SEO – I’ve Been Doing It a Long Time

Evergreen content has even more benefits when combined with the octopus strategy where I grab up the top rankings for all related keyword phrases. I prove to search engines that my content is more relevant, high quality, engaging. By using semantics, search engines rank my client’s pages high for similar phrases. The engagement levels over years verifies to Google that this is the best content.

That pulls in 100 times the traffic!  So much better than only capturing the traffic from a single, obvious high volume keyword phrase that so many SEOs and content people obsess over. And this persistent “omnipresence” generates excellent brand recognition.

Advertisers realize it takes repeated exposure before prospects will act on their intent. The more revisits and longer the stay, the more likely they will become a customer or client.

Building an Unbeatable Advantage

Beating the giants is something I’ve always done. I expect to beat big companies with big budgets because they lack innovation, flexibility and a broad frame of reference. They kill their performance obsessing with best practices, taxonomy, and meta tags. Customers just want good content and a good visit.

By not focusing on routine, we’ve got time to keep producing the highest quality content. Great content is like a great quarterback. It can make everyone look good. We need that time for research and to strategize how we’re going to make it better.

Don’t complicate things for the sake of bringing more mediocre content into play. We focus on the 10% that engages and creates real results in leads and sales.

Good content and powerful SEO are the cornerstone of content strategy and a worthy digital marketing campaign. If you don’t develop great content, leverage it to the hilt, and get your UVP/Brand visible, Grant Cardone won’t have kind words for you. And you won’t close sales either.

Good content is a real lifetime workhorse and makes you and your business look really good.

You can keep floundering with silly content strategies that sound good but don’t produce, or you can hire me. Put me together with your graphic artist and other team members and we will dominate your market. And good content is a lot more fun for us all.

Call me at 416 998 6246 and let’s start dominating your market.

22 years of experience as a content researcher, strategist and SEO expert for marketing agencies and his own company. Gord's investigation into housing markets, stock markets, and AI marketing strategy helps clients achieve market dominance. Some of Gord's blog posts have achieved half a million pageviews with over 7,000 social media shares, revealing Gord Collins special talents for building reach and impact. Visit the AI Marketing website for an introduction to the AI marketing era. Artificial Intelligence is lending extra benefit to the power of marketing software which is enhancing SEO, Copywriting and Sales. Gord offers a new brand of SEO services and to regain his reputation as a leading SEO expert. See his 2nd book which describes the powerful relationship between SEO and Content Strategy. Gord's passion is researching algorithms, trends, forecasts, and market statistics to establish clients at the top.

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