Best Examples of Very High Quality Content

Best Examples of Very High Quality Content

If digital marketing is marketing today, then your content could well determine your company’s future. That’s why you’ll want to spend more on producing content of the highest calibre.

As more marketing budget money continues its migration from pay per click  campaigns to content marketing, we’re all challenged to create content worthy of our target audience.  But before you move ahead with that epic video or powerful infographic, or launch a series of persuasive blog posts, understand the fundamentals.

If you want to Guarantee success in your business, commit to creating the highest quality content possible.  Everyone is producing poor to mediocre output. High quality alone establishes your business as unique, memorable and committed to producing real value.

Your Content Conveys Your Value Proposition

The content you’re making represents your company and brand — it’s an expression of your unique value proposition. Powerful content that will rank high on Google (or in social media), catch attention, engage emotionally, and move visitors through your conversion funnel.  Your content is helping to create the perfect customer.

You can’t force your value proposition on them — let your content help them discover your UVP.

Which content is most effective?  Well, that depends. Your employee’s blog post about their trip to Costa Rica might actually be more effective in creating a new customer than your best free industry sales report.

What’s good for one target audience is not for another. A clear view of  your ideal customer is vital when you’re building a content strategy that will capture and persuade them.

Oreo brand has been a leader in unique, quality content, as shown in this TV commercial.

And they showed how important timing and acceleration is in advertising/content strategy.

Best Examples of  High Calibre Quality Content

  • thought leader posts/tweets on key topics (is bold and confident, takes the lead on topics)
  • research whitepapers with actionable information (stuff people pay big $$$ for)
  • briefs and reports on latest research findings (free insights are valuable)
  • vital insights on customer’s business and their pains (helps the customer)
  • opinions and perspectives or issues (builds the right context and certainty)
  • FAQs or other answers to customer’s most pressing questions (helps the customer)
  • infographics that simply complex topics (makes it easy for customers)
  • trial subscriptions to your service or software (risk free way to sample your offering)
  • outstanding visuals such as original photography and illustration (unique, custom gets the idea across much better)
  • content that ranks highly on Google (yes SEO and rankings are important)
  • Tweets that generate customer engagement (conversations bring customers closer)
  • video testimonials (proof of performance, credibility and trustworthiness)
  • HD video (how to videos, travel, or product demos is powerful)
  • content that people love to share (funny, wise, helpful)
  • webinars that help connect to customers and provide understanding (direct contact is powerful)
  • industry news that provides answers and context for customers (associate yourself and brand with credible information online)
  • entertaining posts, tweets, videos, or graphics (people are bored and like having fun)
  • surveys that collect valuable insight into customer attitudes (can you ever know enough about your customer?)

Build Your Content Pathways

Using your content strategically to capture your prospect’s attention, engage them emotionally, help them solve problems, and feel confident about your product/brand is what it’s all about.

Strategy is all about constructing a content path with built in accelerators.  When your prospect hits a certain piece of content that really resonates with them, that’s when you create a new lead.  Web design too is increasingly about shaping the experience pathway so visitor’s find that “Star Content.”

Solve your customer’s pain with high quality content — it’s the simplest way to create a customer.

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