Using ChatGPT to Produce Content

Welcome to another post on the exciting topic of ChatGPT and AI-driven tools for marketing.

There’s a lot of hype out there about ChatGPT and what it can do for copywriters, video producers, and other content creators. Marketers are eager to learn how to use it and how to create content with it.


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AI promises big benefits in marketing, but it must have access to rich data and be trained to produce the specific results you want. Why such lofty needs for content creation in the next 5 years? Because, your competitors will be using ChatGPT-4 and other AI marketing software tools too. The bar on quality and lead generation for everyone is going way higher.

I think we can ignore the implication that the research and writing skills, editing skills, authoring experience, topic judgement, and other important marketing skills are fully replaceable with an AI Chat bot. It is overstated, and kind of insulting really. The truth is that copywriters will use the new technology to assist with their research and learn how to improve the performance of content they create.

Human content creators are still the ones who produce valid content to fulfill many objectives. Hopefully, AI tools such as this will help us.

AI Tools for Copywriters, Web Designers & Marketers

An interactive, cooperative interplay with ChatGPT-4 is what we’re all moving toward. As I mentioned in other posts on ChatGPT, this is a new powerful level of productivity for copywriters, web designers, graphic designers, and marketers (It’s creating graphics too).

Avoid the Hype Talk

So let us jettison the hype to put our focus completely on what ChatGPT-4 will actually be able to do in copywriting, research, validation and yes, content strategy.

ChatGPT-4’s database is 600 times bigger than ChatGPT-3, more current, and OpenAI has brought in new advanced processing capabilities. Being current and up to date will be a huge boost for its performance. And when apps and private databases are added to the mix, it will become very powerful.

Already investors are anticipating its ability to do stock market forecasts. Yes, ChatGPT stock price forecasts. For enterprising entrepreneurs, there’s no limits to the money making capacity of ChatGPT.

It’s frustrating to type in a prompt knowing the system only references up to 2021. It’s ability to collect and process current events, content and more in so many industries will soon allow copywriters be leading edge in their fields. And we’ll have more time to spend on vital key topics to create a competitive edge for ourselves.

Example of ChatGPT Content Assessment

Ultimately, we want to rely on ChatGPT to research, compose and produce content that is effective. This example below helps demonstrate the power us prepare to create great content, even before we’ve started.

Let’s look at at a sample of basic untrained analysis by ChatGPT-3. I prompted it to give it’s analysis of the style and effectiveness of one of my recent blog posts ( and here’s what it said:

The copywriting style of the article on “The Future of Link Building by Gord Collins is informative, engaging, and persuasive. The article aims to provide the reader with insights and predictions about the future of link building, and it presents the information in a clear and organized manner.

Strengths: Clear and organized structure: The article has a clear and organized structure that makes it easy for the reader to follow. The content is divided into subheadings, which helps the reader to scan and locate relevant information quickly.

Informative: The article is rich in information and presents a comprehensive overview of the topic. It provides detailed explanations of different link building strategies and their potential impact on SEO.

Engaging: The article is written in a conversational tone that engages the reader. It uses examples and analogies to illustrate complex concepts and keeps the reader interested.

Persuasive: The article presents a strong argument for the importance of link building in SEO and provides evidence to support its claims.


Lack of visual aids: The article could benefit from the use of visual aids such as images, graphs, or charts to illustrate the concepts and data presented. This would make the content more engaging and help the reader to visualize the information.

Repetitive: The article tends to repeat some points, which can make the content feel redundant in some parts.

Technical jargon: The article contains technical jargon that may be difficult for the average reader to understand. While this may be appropriate for an audience with a technical background, it can make the content inaccessible to others.

Use of Storytelling: The author uses storytelling to make the content more relatable and engaging. For example, in the section “The Evolution of Link Building,” the author describes the history of link building with examples of how different techniques were used in the past. This not only helps the reader to understand the evolution of link building but also makes the content more interesting and memorable.

Personalization: The author uses personalization to make the content more relatable to the reader. For instance, in the section “The Importance of Link Building for SEO,” the author states, “If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re aware of the importance of link building in SEO.” By addressing the reader directly, the author creates a connection and acknowledges the reader’s knowledge and interest in the topic.

Use of Analogies and Metaphors: The author uses analogies and metaphors to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way. For example, the author compares link building to networking, stating that “link building is like networking, where each link is a connection that can lead to other opportunities.” This comparison helps the reader to understand the concept of link building and its potential benefits.

Use of Statistics: The author uses statistics to support the claims and arguments made in the article. For instance, the author cites a study by Moz that found that “links are still one of the most important ranking factors.” This use of data adds credibility to the article and helps the reader to understand the significance of link building in SEO.
Overall, the copywriting style of the article is effective in delivering the intended message. The strengths of the article outweigh its weaknesses, and it presents a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of link building.

There you have a robot’s review of marketing content. Of course, ChatGPT-3 thinks in common ways and isn’t an SEO and content expert, and doesn’t ask for our feedback, which will be the next evolution in the service.

From Apps and Tools to Self-Replication

It will be able help you write in a way that ranks higher on Google (in future) and scale up your optimized content production. With everyone using ChatGPT now, the volume of content on the web and social sphere will explode.

5 years from now, AI software developers will have created numerous new ChatGPT apps to assist with almost every aspect of marketing communications. In fact, see some of the ChatGPT apps available now.

What useful things could ChatGPT-4 from OpenAI do for a blogger or marketing copywriter? How about training to duplicate yourself and all your creative powers? Well, we’re heading that way.

Here is a list of really cool benefits and capabilities you might recognize immediately:

  1. use ChatGTP-4 to write like you or in someone else’s style
  2. use ChatGPT-4 to find out why your writing sucks and help you edit it, rewrite and improve so it’s more appealing to your target audience
  3. tell ChatGPT-4 to collect and analyze that person’s copywriting (feed the copywriting to ChatGPT directly via the prompt)
  4. ask ChatGPT-4 to analyze and describe the writer’s writing style
  5. ask it to write a new original article on one of your topics, but in the style of another successful writer or one who has a compelling, high ranking style
  6. continue and ask it to add some points or alter the style slightly, or mix in someone else’s style

If you’re a modest copywriter who needs to do everything better, ChatGPT will help, and it may even be able to educate or train you to achieve that growth. In a sense, using the prompt, you’ll be training ChatGPT too. So, it’s an interactive artificial intelligence tool that can continuously learn to provide exponential growth possibilities for you. It will access endless resources, remember past activities and lessons it’s learned, and continuously improve its output.

It will become your core productivity tool.

Advantages of Using ChatGPT to create your content:

  1. explores and researches relevant content fast
  2. develops content ideas fast
  3. creates summaries and outlines fast
  4. can create a list of FAQs to help you understand your audience’s needs
  5. reword a phrase, sentence or paragraph to improve it
  6. write a ‘Privacy Policy’ page outlining how we collect, use, and protect user data
  7. may help you expand your vocabulary
  8. may help you express yourself more clearly and effectively
  9. can help you improve your copywriting style
  10. helps identify weak writing and sentence structures that don’t work
  11. helps you explore via prompts, unique angles, and expressions used by successful writers in your field
  12. helps you find attention getting headlines
  13. helps you write a impactful opening paragraph
  14. helps you create powerful calls to action
  15. helps create tagline ideas for your product or promotion
  16. crafts attractive product or service descriptions to help you sell
  17. helps you write relevant social media posts
  18. helps you create persuasive product testimonials that your customers might use to write their own
  19. creates bullet points of key ideas for your article
  20. help create more personalized content for your target audience
  21. craft a personalized, significant, unique value proposition for your brand or product
  22. write an engaging introduction for a case study about your client’s experience
  23. write compelling ads for Google ads or Facebook ads
  24. create a compelling elevator pitch for your product/service
  25. create an attention getting, impactful Instagram story script
  26. generate generate a press release for our company’s latest news announcement
  27. a list of potential blog post ideas for our company’s website
  28. create a list of keywords to optimize our website for search engines
  29. create great meta description for each of your blog posts
  30. find a list of websites that are important to your topic niche

Of course, this is just a small list of productivity gains. There’s no doubt that those smart enough to leverage its powers are going to enjoy better employment opportunities, higher salary, and greater accomplishments.

This is your chance to leap above the competition.

Try out ChatGPT at: and begin your interactive journey to marketing communications mastery.

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