More Amazing Progressive House

There’s so much good progressive house coming out now. This music makes me happy! Super collaboration — Matt Eray & Sergei Kanev – The Last Breath (Original Mix) It’s like an electronic square dance. Yeehaw! I think Sedi is excellent. Fun music. Sedi – Mentality (Original Mix). Elliptical Sun is…
Mt Rushmore South Dakota

Mt Rushmore South Dakota

Whenever you travel, you’re hoping for something with its own special feel and culture.  Places like San Diego, Vancouver, Banff have that. So does Mt Rushmore. (See pics on my Mt Rushmore Pinterest page) Because of these old mountains, it was the perfect location to build an incredible national monument…

Laurel and Hardy 2014

Laurel and Hardy weren’t bad, but this was too much to resist: From USA Today: “Toronto’s favorite black sheep, Mayor Rob Ford, came to Justin Bieber’s defense. Bieber was charged with assault Wednesday in Toronto, for allegedly smacking a Toronto limousine driver several times in the back of the head…

Lindsey Sterling Music & Video

Thanks to Dan Wigmore who took the time to make this first video using Windows movie maker. I would love to make movies but they’re time consuming of course. Both have Lindsey Sterling violin music. She is beautiful eh and talented! and another from a few years ago: