What Type of Worker are You?

A new article by workintelligent.ly takes a unique look at employee’s workstyles. Here’s some insight into what kind of worker you might be, and what you’d like to get out of your work.

Not only does it help you appreciate yourself more and your contribution wherever you’re working and whatever job you currently have, you can understand your coworkers too and where their attitudes come from.

I found it to be enlightening.  I never even thought of myself as an Intrapreneur until now. Seems to be fairly accurate. You’ll have to check the 5 types yourself. There’s a few types missing so I think they’re hoping people will log in and leave a comment that their style was left out. This is just a web marketing trick to pull people in to leave comments and make the content a little richer. Looks like it worked.

We should all appreciate our contribution and potential too.