Toronto Inbound Marketing Meetup

The Toronto Inbound Marketing 2013 meetup group held a session in the eastside of downtown Toronto and the topic was social media marketing strategy.  This is primarily a networking event where you can meet business people who are deeply into specific areas of digital marketing.

Inbound marketing is a relatively new type of digital marketing. It’s all about creating content (copy, video, graphics, information) for your site and other web sites. This content is what web users will share with others, often through their social media channels. This builds traffic and links to your site.

Content Strategy is the Key Task

Your content strategy begins with identifying your audience, and then producing copywriting, pictures, videos, charts, widgets etc to give consumers a useful, rewarding experience. You’re putting high quality stuff out there for people to stumble upon and inevitably, it generates leads and revenue. Social media is a key channel in getting your inbound marketing collateral out where people can discover.  It’s a very exciting realm to be working in and it is critical for all businesses to utilize.

If your website can generate business for you in your field, then having an awesome website with a great inbound marketing strategy is the way to succeed.

Powered by Search’s Alex Rascanu organized the event. Bnotions graciously offered their office space on Front Street to host the group meeting and this month the topic was social media marketing and social media strategy. Dev Basu of Powered by Search, Paul Crowe of Bnotions, and Hamza Khan, Digital Community Facilitator at Ryerson University all did excellent presentations.

The speakers presented higher level strategies and concepts of social media marketing, and offered some tips on how to stay focused and get the best results. Social media for business is a brave new world and attendees were obviously looking for up to date information solutions.

Paul Crowe discussed social media strategy and how to use apps and linkedin to make powerful business connections. Bnotions develops web and mobile apps. Dev Basu provided a great overview of what is happening in the realm of social media and search. His successful startup is an inbound marketing agency named Powered by Search. And Hamaz Kahn discussed the non-profit educational agency approach to using social media to connect and communicate.

Social media is personal, so it’s a challenge for non-profit and for-profit to leverage these channels to generate leads and revenue.  Non-profit marketers can tell us a lot about creating personal connections and appearing like the good guys, instead of profiteers.  The lessons for us as marketers is poignant however — social media activity is for social good and the community. You must respect that before profits will evolve.

Each inbound marketing meetup is held in a different location. After the seminar, there was a networking event and a few of us went out for a drink at the local bar. We decided on a local restaurant/bar called Scotland Yard where they have an endless number of European Beers on tap. It was a worthwhile event. I met some content strategists, and business developers, and successful software entrepreneurs. Ambitious people who enthusiastic about succeeding.

The digital marketing sphere is evolving so fast and the demands on a digital marketing strategist, SEO, content strategist, or paid advertising manager are immense.

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