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Success for Women. Why is that Still Novel?

This is part of a segment on entrepreneurialism, a reality we’ll all have to come to grips with as our economy evolves.

Most of us will live at a much lower level of happiness, freedom and wealth than we deserve. And as the (20%) rich get richer faster, and everyone else (80%) merely survives, it makes sense that we learn new success strategies.

Success and happiness are harder to achieve now.  Naive people who assume that it will magically happen are in for a shock. I know from experience, it doesn’t come to you and fall in your lap. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are. So, man or woman, we all need to take an active part in building better habits and attitudes about success.

That means breaking down learned behaviours that keep us trapped and living a lesser life than we can have. There’s probably no better example of behaviours that aren’t productive anymore, than the passivity that many women possess.  Time to get dispossessed.

When you stop and think about how many possibilities and chances pass by a typical woman on a daily basis, and multiply that by 365, you realize women are a long shot for success in our world.  If women are routinely passed over for promotions it’s likely due to their passive behaviour.

Feminists have lobbied the government to mandate job equality so they can maintain their typical feminine behaviour instead of demanding more support for assertive career building and training. With women rising in income and power, it only makes sense for all of us to help them adapt, rather than adopting males as their role models.

Dominant Males Make the Most of Opportunities — So Why Don`t You?

Don`t say no when you want to say Yes! Ask for what you want because you really deserve it. Your opportunities are yours — you created them.

It’s worse when a woman is near a dominant male. But even with oppressive/dominant males, a woman still needs to assert herself out of her real preferences, rather than waiting for him to mindread and dish out whatever he wants.  How many times have you heard guys say, “I’m not a mindreader!“ By being assertive, a woman assures men will respond to them appropriately and with compassion.

That’s much better than the pointless resentment when the boyfriend, husband, or boss gets it wrong or doesn`t even consider what she wants. Women marry men like that and choose to work with them, and wonder why they feel so resentful all day long.

The key is for passive women to assert themselves despite doubts about their identity and self-esteem and go after what they want aggressively.  Doesn’t mean being a bitch.  Anger is about getting something for nothing, and you won’t be trying to cheat anyone out of anything. It is rightfully yours to claim. It is your opportunity or reward so go get it. Take control and you`ll get respect.

Capitalize on Your Opportunities — Don`t Want Another One Go By

The same opportunities exist for men and women, yet only men seem to pursue them. Women expect things to come to them while they sit quietly waiting.  The worst thing about passivity is that it leads to poor self-esteem and the feeling of a lack of empowerment.

The world judges you based on what you want and strive for. If you ask for almost nothing, the world assumes you don`t want to participate.

Connecting with People — You Need to Inspire Them

And you`ll start by inspiring yourself. Find out what is compelling to you about another person, job, or opportunity.  When you`re inspired, being assertive is easy. It`s because you believe in what you`re doing. You`re conscious of it and want the good things that are going to happen.

Success can come from other people, but only when you inpsire, create and manage those relationships. Most people accept the relationships and friendships that fall in their laps in their everyday activities. But that`s not going to supercharge your successful career. You need to create these relationships on your own.

Social Media is a Great Tool

Increasingly, we`ll see many professional and personal relationships coming out of social media.  The chances of meeting people who are a good match and possess the assets and interests we need to be successful on our own is limited. Social media allows us to reach out in a dynamic way to make contact with these empowered, enabled people.

Whether face to face or on social media, people need to take their careers and personal lives a little more serious by making connections.  Refusing to connect via social media with someone who can help you is troubling.  Are the people currently in your life going to launch you to a great life and big success?

If that`s you, write down all the ways you are going to be successful with your life.  Review your success list and each month, evaluation how effective it has been in moving your life ahead.  Give each a rating between one to ten.  This will help you quantify your own assertiveness and which channels work best.

Assertiveness strategy for Personal

Traits of Highly Successful People

Be positive and visualize yourself as a dynamic leader because you`re about to create your own future.  It will be what you make it.

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