Get Better Results with Collaboration

Anyone who has been to a conference knows that the best information is shared afterward. Which is the only reason you go for beers afterward. That’s where you get to talk with people extensively, establish connections, and get the lowdown on who does what and what they know.

Google Designed for Collaboration

In an earlier post, I talked about Google and how they designed their work environment to improve worker collaboration and creativity.  Even for programmers coding all day, Google’s approach appears to be ideal.

CollaborationGoogle emphasized the informal opportunities for networking and collaboration inside their organization. We all know the company was ambitious. Brin and Page realized they couldn’t build the world’s most successful company unless the workers themselves were empowered. Leaders can lead, but they can’t educate and inform everyone.  They decided to shape their environment to get the results they needed.

That’s why there’s so much emphasis on collaboration tools in business and industry. Reports are positive (see infographic below).  And check out this article on why collaboration needs to be informal.

Not everyone wants to share, and some feel they have nothing to share. Obviously networking/collaboration needs a leader, someone to entice members to share and build on their ideas. There’s trust, value, effort, and time issues as well. Sometimes we all need to take the initiative and put these processes into play instead of waiting for someone to hold our hand.

A Tool that Integrates Informal Processes

Currently, Linkedin is the best collaborative tool. You can connect with and pick the brains of the best people in your business and keep up on the latest trends in your field. Plenty of people are sharing their wisdom.  It’s the informal nature of Linkedin that encourages sharing, however there is lots of room for improved individual effectiveness.

If you set out to improve your collaboration on Linkedin, you’re opening yourself to receive insight and motivation. A lot of this is informal driven by individuals with a hunger to improve their lives.

Improving Your Connections

After you open your Linkedin account, you need to begin making contacts. Joining Linkedin groups is a great way to get started. You can contribute articles and comments and let others get to know you.  Once you get into their circles and comfort zone, they’ll begin to share valuable info with you.

After you’ve shared with them online, you can arrange to attend meetings, conventions etc to meet face to face. There are people who use these techniques that includes travel to big conferences just to meet the right people.

Recruiters and employers are hunting for people via Linkedin. In fact, corporate hiring is undergoing a dramatic shift due to Linkedin. Their search algorithm is considered an important tool for identifying ideal candidates. Find out how to draw recruiters to your linkedin profile.

I hope you’re sold on the benefits of Linkedin. Check out my profile and if you’re in the Internet marketing field, lets hook up and share insights.

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