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Envisioning your Future with Vision Boards

What are Your Dreams?

Are you floating through your life with no clear direction or purpose? I think we’re all doing that because we don’t take creating a dream life very seriously. No one teaches it. Sometimes our daily lives don’t really point in that direction, so we don’t follow our dream path. We just go with the flow and look cool.


Well, to answer that issue, some people are using what are called Vision Boards. It’s a collage of images that should inspire us to follow the right path to achieve the best life possible. The images are about being more than we can be, enjoying life, socializing with friends and family, meeting new people, succeeding, learning, trying new things, growing, producing, and doing things for others.

The side benefit of looking forward with hope is that it suddenly makes our current life a more enjoyable and perhaps relevant. After all, now is the starting of everything that will evolve.

Can you feel confident when your future is a gray, cloudy haze where nothing appears in focus, or is full of vague hopes and dreams that really have no solid foundation? Obviously not, so why is that the scenario for so many of us?

Inspiring Images — Give Direction and Motion

The success of Pinterest.com tells us a lot about how we prefer to experience things and what makes the biggest emotional impact on us — visually.  Imagery has a huge effect on how we think and behave everyday.  Poor imagery leads to a dull life, while exciting imagery inspires us and catapults us to a new level of enjoyment and success.

Source: acidcow.com via Ragde on Pinterest



It’s easier to waste your time watching TV or shopping, instead of something where you have to take a chance. Once you have driving images, propelling you, you end up shooting for and reaching your goals.

Pinterest is a site where users pin their favourite pictures onto a board; ones that inspire them and they want to share with the world.  People go there just to look at the pictures.  I like Pinterest. It’s fun, imaginative and I use the pictures in blog posts for this personal site and at work.

In reality, the pics people pin are actually a view of their own future. They’re expressing what they really desire as goals and as experiences in the near future or far future.

So what if you knew that images, symbols and words that you use everyday or impinge on your consciousness could be chosen deliberately and used as a guide to help create your ideal future? Well, if you’re an INTJ like me, you’d want to figure out some of system to do it (the irony is that I hate systems). That’s because INTJ’s are really just lazy and want the easy way.

You could also choose to take the full Tony Robbins Self Empowerment Courses. If you do your vision board, you might not need Tony Robbins help at all. I’d say these vision boards are the fast track and get you laser-focused with minimal effort. Don’t you prefer that?

Vision Boards have been around a while. Users cut pictures out of magazines and paste them on a big poster sized page. Then they hang that on the wall to act as a source of direction and purpose.  A lot of people believe in them and they’re often used in self-development courses.


If you’re just going into college, in it, or just graduating, you need direction and to keep building your vision. Even when you’re working at your first great job, you still need that motivating dream image to power your growth and progress.

If you’re married with kids, you may be worried about the long haul and the stressful years ahead paying for everything. If you a beautiful image of your future, that might ease that stress and help you be a better parent. Your kids will copy your outlook and spirit.

If you’re older, and you’ve lost your zest for life, questioning your choices and decisions, and wondering what’s left, you can get it all back by revisioning your future. The first thing you need to do is reject other’s attitudes, prejudices and comments about what you can and can’t do. Make a complete commitment to this project.

It might be wise to keep this to yourself. But make it a priority.

Power it up — Bring All Your Senses into Play

Imagery is powerful, especially the images that best represent what you want out of life.  I’m doing my own vision board right now, and I’m brainstorming other things that will supercharge my emotional commitment to them.

For instance, I’ll look at my vision board and listen to my favorite moving music (e.g., Jaytech: Engage) at the same time. I’m bringing in one additional sense – hearing. Maybe I’ll eat my favorite food – taste, (I’m an omnivore, I’ll eat everything) or drink my favorite coffee – taste and smell (Timothy’s Sugar Bush Maple) at the same time I work on my vision board. 2 more senses brought into play.

Building motivation is important.

Why the senses? Because there’s no doubting the motivational power of our senses. They’re hardwired right into our brain. So my vision board isn’t just visuals — it’s going to be further supported and thus I’m far more likely to achieve what I’m after.  Engage more of yourself in the process.

Action — Engage

Yes, you have to put things in motion.  And I’m not talking about willpower. Willpower is a bulldozer — it takes huge energy to push everything out of the way and cut a path to your dream vision. You want to make your vision so compelling it will sweep you off your feet and carry you forward effortlessly. With seemingly hypnotic power, your dream pulls you in closer and as you get nearer, your confidence begins to grow. There’s no doubt you’ve done this before just like I have. The vision board just makes it all a little more conscious.

Some images you choose should be easy to achieve, so you have some small successes to reward and reinforce what is happening to you. Your successes do get translated to emotion — a physical reward because you’re doing the right thing.

It seems to me, it’s wise to choose one of your compelling images and do what you can to take big strides. On the other ones, maybe smaller strides, depending on how far they are into the future.

Choosing Your Driving Imagery

Create a digital vision board — just a Word document and set the page size to as big as you like. Make it landscape — wide, expansive, elegantly spacious so you have plenty of room to go anywhere you want.

Before you start you need to wind down a bit. Relax, lower your blood pressure, calm your mind, go for a walk in the woods, get access to alpha brainwaves.

Don’t worry about being silly, because at this point most of what you’re dreaming about is unrealistic. But it will real soon enough.  If you’re a woman who dreams of a Brad Pitt to spend your life with, that’s not silly. It worked out for Angelina. In reality, you’ll have to settle for some working stiff like me 🙂  Sometimes 2nd place is better.

A lot of people dream of Costa Rica.  Their dream vacation in Costa Rica will get closer when they start thinking of more creative ways to get there. Their first image might be a first class hotel on the most popular beach. That’s big money. But what if there were other accommodations in a different area that travellers could afford — a cheap bungalow, and they can take side trips to the touristy things.  Catch your own fish and eat coconuts all day long.

It wasn’t the original vision but in many ways it’s probably better. They’ll get to meet more Costa Ricans and experience life through their eyes.  Could be a game changer for anyone.


The point is, that your original imagery will be replaced by new ones that you actually want more.

I’ll start mine off with pics of Costa Rica, San Diego, Banff, Vancouver, and the Swiss Alps.

3 years from now, the places I want to go will be different. By experiencing deeply my wish for my current favorites, I’ll find my true wishes. It’s a portal window and I’ll be changed on the other side. Hard to visualize now, but I’ve done it before.  It works.

I’ve got my images also flowcharted too to provide direction and highlight the connection between images.

Speaking of Pinterest, it’s a great place to start collecting images for your digital vision board.

Keep it organized and group different topical themes if possible. Some people fill their vision boards with too much and it’s unorganized. That’ll be confusing.  Focus on things that matter the most and discard what doesn’t work for you. Don’t be afraid to explore. Go offroad because that’s where the fun is.

Check back in a few weeks and I’ll update with more techniques!

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