Dubai Tourist Attractions

Dubai Tourist Attractions

What’s so interesting about Dubai, aside from the ridiculous wealth, is how the repressed Arab culture is struggling to free itself.  Can money drive freedom? It’s looks like it.

Wealth for them is an opportunity to escape their repressive totalitarian leaders and launch into this Disney world of opulence. Dubai is a idyllic model to the rest of the Arab world about what could be if they open up to new ideas.

Dubai represents the new Arab culture. It’s a definite break from the oppressive past yet they still warn about decadence and immorality, if you’ve got ideas about working there. I don’t have a problem with that actually. It’s a deterrent for low life. That’s the way I see it.  But they have the nightclubs in Desert City so things must be manageable for us. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind working in Desert City. And it just keeps improving.

As far as the buildings which are an incredibly romantic backdrop, they’re even ready to build moving buildings. The floors are separated and rotate slowly so the building changes shape constantly. Residents get a full 360 degree view. Imagination gets a full reign in Dubai. It’s like they’ll give you money for having a good imagination. That’s why it’s got my attention.

So, what is there for you to see if you visit? Here’s a sampling:

Let’s start with a relaxing time at the beach:

And now it’s time to prep learn for wing suit flying


That’s a hell of a water slide!

wild-wadiRelaxing in some spa at 70 floors up or whatever. I’m a hot tub addict.

How about whitewater rafting? That would be cool at 40 degrees.


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