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Onward and Upward: Working with Headhunters

Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

This post was inspired by all the people I studied with at the University of Toronto recently.  I got to thinking about how hard people work and study, and that’s very necessary, however, it’s not really what you know, it’s who you know that determines your success.

Networking with CEOs, VPs, managers, influencers and even offie personnel is vital in you being considered a good fit for their organization. Others in the company are key to promoting and introducing you.  So important to have a good strategy to get known and get introduced.

Some of you meet a lot of contacts in your work which is big advantage, but others are stuck behind a desk and have no contact all day, every day. Just wanted to point the issue.

If you have any thoughts, let’s talk about it on Linkedin.

I hope this gets us all started with exploring and using linkedin and headhunters to improve your career path and you land that exceptional job that make your life very happy.  Some of you already have great jobs, however you never know what will happen. Companies fail, get bought, governments get downsized, and economies fail. Remember 2008?

If you’re still procrastinating with career management, it might be that you lack inspiration. And that’s where we get our motivation.  What is your career vision and your life goals?

Think of how much time you spend working, studying, putting that extra effort out and yet how much do you put into networking and career building?

The work sphere is very complex and complicated and we have so little available time.  But if you get your career building game going, it could mean tens of thousands of more $$$$$ for you every year. And you could help others too!

What is Your Hook?

Career development is good for employers too. Developing yourself in every way possible, means you have more to offer anyone you work for. But I think you know that, which is why you’re still reading right now.

You can’t improve your life until you improve your career which means at some point, you’ll be working with a headhunter. Headhunters or recruiters have deep insight into the job market and they’re looking for skilled, talented individuals with a good attitude, motivation, and who present themselves well. You’ll need a “hook” to capture their attention and a compelling UVP to offer. Definitely the time to be memorable, fascinating and enthusiastic.

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Recruiters aren’t in business for you. They work for employers and want to receive the best commission possible. They want candidates who will help build their business, network, and commissions. That’s exactly the way it should be since the more motivated they are to find the best opportunities possible, the more likely you are to get that dream job.

Since they’re motivated by money, you’ll want to raise your salary expectations.

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Headhunters: read most of it at google books

I worked with a recruiter a number of years ago, and he matched me up with a rising promising company. I wasn’t aware that their business was run by lawyers. It was very rigid and businesslike and not creative at all, yet it was marketing. It was awful working there. I left and launched my own business and discovered how much fun working can really be.

Your journey might be quite different. If you’re an entrepreneurial type, the recruiter may introduce you to a firm that can use a person who is more of a consultant than an employee, maybe in product development or sales?  If you have aims of launching your own business, this could work well. It is one way of building trust with a company that could be a major client in future when your participation with them has run its course.

If you’re just one who wants a better job or get into a company with a better outlook, the recruiter will also like to work with you. Typically, you’re a more reliable, less ambitious professional who is at ease with plateaus on the corporate ladder. Recruiters want high paying executive, high tech placements because of the money, but they still need lower level placements to build new connections with new employers. After they prove how good they are with your placement, the company might give them all their recruitment business.

Whatever your type, or wherever you intend to go, you need to develop your skills so that you’re competitive.  Don’t go to the recruiter without thinking through your career plan. They won’t know or have time for that, and get ready to help them help you.


Linkedin is one good way of getting in front of top recruiters. They and CEOs actively search for potential candidates on Linkedin. You may need to pay for the premium membership to get the maximum connective power out of that great networking and collaborating service.

My next post will have more tips on working with headhunters and a list of those you might contact.