Why Generation Y is So Important

Why Generation Y is So Important


Generation Y is the biggest, most interesting topic of our time. Don’t doubt it. This sort of generational thing has happened before.  And business, investment, politics, culture and everything else flowed out of that change 46 years ago.

Future Shock

FutureShockbyAlvinTofflerIn 1969, a Montrealer named Alvin Toffler wrote a top selling book titled Future Shock. I didn’t read the book until the mid 80’s but it fascinated me. He drew a bold picture of the future and said that a technological shock wave was about to transform our lives.

I’ve got a picture of me waking from a sleep on a sofa in my apartment, with Alvin Toffler’s book right beside me on a coffee table. I read it to exhaustion.

Future Shock was about the huge baby boom generation and how we would transform everything and bring in incredible technological advances. It was entertaining and hopeful. Look at your LTE smartphone sending signals to cell towers and you see what he envisioned decades ago.

It’s Only the Amazing Topics that Really Register

Interesting, compelling topics liven up your mind and make everything that much richer in your life. Provided you can find others that share the joy of fascination. If you don’t, then it’s time to start aggressively looking for those people.

Generation Y will change things much like ours eons ago.  In our generation, the older “great generation” wouldn’t adapt. This time is different. Many baby boomers will be more than willing to adapt. Some will even take to this technology and culture better than Gen Y’s do.  Baby boomers are and will continue to be an amazing generation.

I myself am more like Gen Y now than I am a baby boomer. So any research that paints extreme generalizations is foolish and should be deleted.

genymarriageMy goal is to be a bonafide expert about this group of consumers and culture changers.  I share their optimistic view of the future and can’t wait for it myself.  I’m going to be objective though and yet still poke fun at them.

This is a group that needs leadership and I might be able to help them navigate the path through opposition from Gen Xer’s and Baby Boomers.  I want to do that because Gen Y’s will fight against all oppression. Although some of them are spoiled brats, overall, they will devalue money and raise the value of what really matters in life — some of which they don’t have foggiest idea of yet.

The Rich Get Rich and Poor Get Poorer

The stats are shocking. 83 zillionairres own half the wealth on planet Earth. We’re nearing the end of our game of monopoly. Gen Y’s have played lots of games and when they know they’re going to lose a game, they quit and reboot.  That’s the perfect response.  They don’t give up on the war. They just lost a game.

I like this digital generation. They’re more open minded and willing to do what works. Their values and actions will be very influential for the next 30 years. A knowledge of them is a great investment of time.

I’ll be chronicalling or writing numerous posts on different aspects of their lives, and of course it’ll touch on everyone else’s life.  You’ll be able to relate to it.  You’ll learn their strengths and you’ll see their weaknesses. If you’re a entrepreneur or inventor or investor, you’ll find these insights helpful. Gen Y’s view of entrepreneurialism is itself interesting.

And I’ll expose bad research that misleads. There is research from big research companies that is shoddy and dishonest. It’s designed to skew perception and sell products. It isn’t real.

We owe it to Gen Y’s to use our critical acumen to ferret out these fraudulent corporate-funded propaganda mills.  Gen Y’s are skeptical yet they’re young and can be taken.  The young Gen Y CEO of Bitcoin committed suicide recently after her startup was defrauded for $2 Billion. Front page news, but why wasn’t there anyone there to warn her? Are Gen Y’s so full of themselves, they can’t accept help from others?

The stress of startups and the temptations of success, how will they handle it? Should be an interesting journey!