Smart Choices:  Do an Internet Marketing Audit

Smart Choices: Do an Internet Marketing Audit

Digital Marketing Audits – Ask The Right Questions

If  your company’s not meeting your performance expectations, there’s 2 things you can do: 1) pare down your expectations or , 2) prepare a strategy to excel online.  Doing an audit can actually be a pleasant exploration of the business you love but have lost sight of.

You need a digital marketing audit. An audit is not frivolous. It’s a process or system that leads to the best questions about what you need to do.  It should incorporate a traditional SWOT analysis so you get an objective, intelligent understanding before you plan your online marketing strategy and begin spending. One advantage to doing it this way, is that you stay away from old school perspectives and solutions. After all you’re planning for the future.

This is Not 1980, and it’s not 2010 Either

The content in this blog is more less straight talk about how business and marketing are changing along with some ideas on establishing your niche and keeping ahead of the competition. At first, you might be a little disoriented. But it won’t be long before you build the confidence to adopt modern strategies, techniques, tactics, and software systems (software is on the verge of becoming useful) to gain a significant advantage on your competition.

If you’ve been approached by some web marketing companies, they probably offered you the common web site audit or SEO friendliness audit, but these aren’t sufficient. A 10 thousand foot level view of your business will discover the real problems – to optimize your digital marketing performance.  Below is a description of the 4 pillars of a digital marketing audit.

Before a consultant or agency can give you an intelligent audit, they will need some specific information. So here’s some food for thought!

The whole point of, and process of investigation, discovery and learning, is to find the right questions

If there are serious flaws in your business model or unique value proposition or you don’t understand your target market, better to deal with that now instead of auditing granular items that really don’t address the important things.

strategyAny advice you get regarding digital business strategies has to be considered suspect if the expert doesn’t have a good high level view of your business.  Be happy when your consultant asks nosy, annoying questions, because it means he or she is getting to the root of your situation.  If you can’t answer these questions below, you definitely need a marketing consultant or at least speak with a quality digital marketing agency.

Business Model Questions:

How you Do What you Do:

  1. Describe how your business makes money?
  2. Describe your target market; what is their pain and need?
  3. What is your unique value proposition?
  4. Who are your best competitors and general competition? How do they win?
  5. What are your products/services specifically and which are vital?
  6. Where are your leads/customers/sales coming from?
  7. How do you convert visitors to customers?
  8. What is your cost per acquisition?
  9. What is your current marketing budget?
  10. Do you have anyone creating content in-house?
  11. How do you manage your content development and social media?
  12. How much traffic do you have and how much do you need?

Site Assessment Questions

Content Strategy:

  1. What content is needed and how well is your UVP being communicated?
  2. Describe your brand image and what are your key messages?
  3. What is your impression of the copywriting and topic choices?
  4. Does your content capture attention, captivate, build desire, engage, and make prospects contact you? What do you think is wrong with your site and its content?
  5. Are you active in social media? Where? Are customers engaged with you on your blog, Twitter and Facebook pages? Are you using your Linkedin page to promote yourself? Have you had a social media audit?

Web Site Structure and Design: 

  1. Does your website/blog support your UVP? Is it responsive designed?
  2. Where do you think your current website fails: Design, colours, style, content pages?
  3. Have you done a website audit and SEO audit?
  4. Do you have reports from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics?

Promotion and Conversion:

  1. How do you promote online right now? Which online channels do you use and how do they connect together?
  2. Have you done SEO? Was it successful? What is your commitment to this?
  3. Do you do PPC campaigns? Why not?
  4. What incentives do you use to sweeten the deal and seal the sale?
  5. Describe your content marketing efforts.

Would you like a digital marketing assessment?


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