Powerful Promotion: Reaching Influencers

Powerful Promotion: Reaching Influencers

It might as well as be one of the golden rules of sustainable business: The fact that you must get others to promote your business.


Tony Robbins: very influential online and offline

Finding influential people and developing relationships with them is an undervalued  job. Formerly known as public relations,  it might be called influence strategy today and given the reach of social media, it has a dollar value that a number of people are capitalizing on.

To influence the influencers, you must add value to their network of connections and followers or give some sort of business boost. Adding value means discovering what they need, creating your value proposition, readying your personal brand image, convincing them to accept your gift and share it with their followers.

Complicated? Maybe, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Something for nothing is bad business.

Influencers are highly networked people with the power to reach a lot of other people. They have broad reach in the online world and they may have excellent personal networks as well. They have some authority and charisma. Be a true asset to them.

To ramp up your outreach powers, you’ll need an influencer outreach process. I’ve got 7 tips on how to make the most of your opportunity. Practice spreading the word on your own and you’ll get a better idea of what it takes to reach a top influencer and then motivate them.


The Power of Networks

The social web is growing ever more popular.  It’s your portal to instant connections with anyone on the planet. And there are people who are well aware of that and have built strong and wide connections online. They’ve become very powerful people.  Some make their living solely via the value of their own social networking.

The power of some influencers is an amazing force for success and profit. The ability to move other people’s minds and get them acting for you is money in the bank. It’s also difficult. I believe a few new techniques should get you started on the right foot.

Motivation: One mention from them can bring thousands or perhaps millions of people to your website. Your video, article, or news item could go viral. At least, that’s what we all hope. But your message will go as far as you’ve designed it to go and no further.

Reaching them and sharing your unique value proposition is vital to your success. But why would they do it?

Why Would they Want to Promote you to their Connections?

Influencers are just people.  They promote things they believe are valuable, or which speak their ideals and beliefs, make them look good and spread their own influence further. Influencers want to feel good, validated, smart, and generous. Your gift to them should generate these benefits.

Before you approach influencers to share or give them your news, gift, or appreciation, make sure your website, blog, and social presence expresses those ideals and beliefs. They’ll promote you with more gusto if they truly believe in you. And they won’t promote your idea if they don’t feel you are credible, trustworthy, and worthy. They’ll check you out for sure.

Review Your Online Brand Image

You’ll have much better results if you have a personal brand image for doing good things and being in on the right conversations. Even if you’re representing your company, you need to be credible and purposeful. If you have no visible purpose, they’re not going to be filled with a burning need to help you.

Buildingyour own personal brand is vital for getting a message across powerfully thus building value for your company. It’s a fact today, that company’s must leverage the personal power of its management and employees. Take a look at what Richard Branson does for his company, Virgin. His personal brand image is complex but is vital to the health of his company.


Influencers can be industry notables, bloggers, experts, and news reporters. Who will be an effective influencer for you depends on what industry you’re in and they’re in. Even huge influencers such as Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson could do nothing for you if you’re not in the right industry. You’ll need to spend time thinking about what you have in common with them.

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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Influencers

  1. Determine the specific value of what you’re sharing — to them and their audience
  2. After you find them and understand your common ground and what they like, you can begin crafting a message to them.
  3. Do a search on Linkedin, Twitter, Klout, Followerwonk, and Google for those with potential interest in your news/subject
  4. Share some of their tweets, blog posts, and genuinely point out the value of their ideas and company to your followers
  5. Craft a personal message to them using an angle that will intrigue them
  6. Explain the end value in a detached way so they don’t feel manipulated
  7. Thank them and promote them some more! Generosity is very powerful.


Learn more about unique value propositions and why you need to improve yours. Brush up on SEO techniques and how to make your blog and web pages more powerful.

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