Create a Customer – It’s Your Choice Who You Get

Create a Customer – It’s Your Choice Who You Get

Primary Task of Business Development: Find the Right Customer

What do business development and matchmaking  have in common?  Doing research, finding the right customer, and getting the right message delivered.

If you get the right customer and present your UVP well you won’t have to do sales! A match made in heaven  Doesn’t that sound great!?  Well, we’ll never be without sales.  The point here is that business development is a business process that’s much larger than sales. This is what’s happening now in the marketplace with content marketing.  The actual selling job is done by your entire organization, not someone doing cold calls.

orangeA good job done with business development means you can charge way more if you have what they’re looking for, just as it says in this cartoon >>

To develop new business, you research, target and then network to find new potential customers to serve. You deliver value to them without them asking, right from the get go. Giving, generosity, effusive communication, and a true concern for their best interests tells them you’re someone they can have a great partnership with. This is more important than any product/services that top B2B clients want.

Start right away to build trust, respect, and desire for you and your brand. If you’ve messed it up with previous prospects, don’t worry you can get them back by getting it right. Clients want the right solution.

Selling Satisfaction and Fulfillment that they Crave

In the services sector, this new giving, organic connecting, and shared purpose path-building is crucial. You the service provider are selling satisfaction and fulfillment. Dentists, business coaches, investment managers, and real estate agents are in the business of making people feel good.

If customers/clients keep coming to you consistently, they must be happy with your relationship. They believe you’re delivering more in value than they are paying in cash. Marketers are very aware that they don’t sell products anymore. They sell satisfaction. In future, you’ll be building a personal connection with your customer. No connection, no information — then you won’t achieve a sale.

You’re Going to Be Everywhere

If you want to be a business development manager, you won’t have an office, you’ll be living in your customer’s offices. You’ll be out networking digitally, cheerleading, and supporting customer’s causes, or you’ll be at home researching opportunities and markets. And you’ll be in the office making sure your people understand what the client needs. If you can’t do this yourself, then you’d better have someone who can.

It’s Going to Get Personal and That’s Good

You’ll be spending time within your customer’s lives. You may even play on their softball or hockey team. You may have to go ski diving with them in Dubai, or go fishing in the Caribbean, or spend time with their family at their northern cottage.

There may be structure in your life, but that structure is wrapped around them, not your old school business. So go take a warm bath and then watch all that scuzzy old school stuff wash down the drain. And be glad it’s gone. Selling was never fun.

You can’t be a stranger because your UVP is how relevant you are as a friend, confidante, and advisor. That means knowing your client as well as you can. Your success may depend on how well you know them — hence what they really want.

Yes, You’re a Dream Maker

Your brand image is that of a caretaker of their business and one who makes dreams come true.  Sound a bit much? It isn’t, your UVP needs a crystal clear focus on their hopes and dreams. Cause that’s where you’re both headed.

Right now, if you’re old school, you might be a little nervous about all this personal stuff. Because with old school, you kept yourself and your staff hidden so that no personal issues get in the way. Well, you’re just going to have to learn how to solve that personal stuff.  You fight with your spouse and keep going don’t you?  And even after many fights, you keep coming back, reconciling, discovering what went wrong and even begging forgiveness. And you know each other well! You’ll be treating conflicts as just part of a process of getting closer to the truth.

This is how your business life is going to be. Business development means discovering solutions for everything, anytime, anywhere. As always, the more value you bring to the table, the higher your compensation and usefulness.

So let’s end this post with you starting to define your purpose and process:

  1. Define your unique value proposition (how will you differentiate your unbeatable value in a way that is most relevant to your target market)
  2. Define your market or pool of prospects to target
  3. Determine how you will maximize delivery of value in order to grow your profits
  4. Determine how you will communicate persistently your fine-tuned brand image every day with every transaction

So there you have your start. Some heavy thinking for you to define your business, market and communications strategy. Smile as you think about how good things are going to be!






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