Popular Coffee Brands on Twitter

Popular Coffee Brands on Twitter

Social Media Listening Tools

Are you using social media as a marketing performance measurement tool?  Twitter tweets, follower counts and other data are an excellent source for marketers. You can learn more about how consumers interact with brands and use that to improve your product/service and brand UVP.

twitter-successWhy is twitter becoming an important measurement tool? Of all the social media channels, Twitter is the most responsive, open ended and it uses text, which can be understood. Sure there’s Facebook too, however Facebook doesnt cooperate with marketers.  And the range of followers on the introverted Facebook accounts is minimal compared to the extravert Twitter channel.

You can measure your brand’s performance using a variety of paid or free social media listening apps and tools.

Coffee brands are being measured. Thousands of tweets carry a surprising amount of information about what makes a coffee brand special and why consumers like a particular brand.

You can pick out the brand’s UVP, it’s market, consumer profiles, and times of day that social media enthusiasts are talking.  Find out how a brand is promoted in a grass roots way.

If you own a new Tassimo or K cup coffee brand or operate a local cafe in Costa Rica or a coffee shop in Toronto, using social media listening tools can help you listen to customers and generate awareness of your business.  When you’re conducting your marketing audit, ensure social media analysis is done in detail. It’s only going to increase in importance.  These tools are key to a hyper accelerated growth strategy too.


Coffee Brand Infographic courtesy of Unmetric

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