Web Sites – Are Your Web Pages Serving a Purpose?

Web Sites – Are Your Web Pages Serving a Purpose?

Your Web Pages Look Pretty but Do They Have A Purpose?

Are your web pages working like one happy team to get your message across powerfully and move your visitors to the right action?  That would translate into a lot of revenue.

You spent a lot of money on design and coding of your website.  But in all that frenzied planning for mobile device compatibility, SEO friendliness, user-friendliness, and ecommerce readiness, is it all dressed up with nowhere to go?  If you’re suspicious about an underperforming web site, maybe it’s time to get back to basics and get your pages to create customers.

The fact is, your pages represent your business. They’re your online employees. You have to understand their role, if you expect to measure whether your site is successful or where it is failing.


Samsung’s products are captivating but can you tell what that object is above? Do you understand how it relates to Samsung’s UVP? The image links to their Samsung Gear product page where you’ll discover it’s a new type of watch. They make the visitor think hard to figure out how it works and why it is relevant. After seeing these 2 pages, do you understand Samsung’s unique value proposition? What do you want to do next? Do the other pages accessible via this page help you commit to a purchase action, or are you lost in a sea of slick imagery and copy, ready to leave the site? Does this impel you to buy it online or go to a retail store? Or is it simply a self-admiring statement about the Samsung brand?

And this is where so many websites are sorely lacking. A good part of that deficiency comes from a lack of strategy – content strategy and business strategy.  The growing interest in customer experience strategy suggests marketers have neglected it and we’re all thinking more about how visitors navigate and experience the brand on the site.

Your Unique Value Proposition is Your Starting Point

Strategy evolves from your unique value proposition. If you don’t know what your UVP is, you’re in trouble — because you don’t know what issue you’re solving for your customer, better than all your competitors.  Why should visitors trust you and do business with you? What is your compelling proposition?


Hubspot is well known for it’s applications and capabilities in inbound marketing. Their about us page is very sophisticated, but does it work to build credibility to potential subscribers? Is this page for users, developers, or potential investors?  After reading this page, are you feeling impelled and being directed to product page that is relevant to you? After reading this page, are you certain of their authority and credibility as a provider of the best inbound marketing software?

What is Your Sales Team Telling Them?

Your pages get your proposition across in a compelling fashion and move the visitor to do business with you. Your web pages are your CSR, sales, management and administrative team. They speak as one to get your UVP across.

Each page plays its role in capturing attention, informing, building attention and desire, and then generating an action. It takes more than pretty design and the latest HTML5 coding to do that today. It’s competitive online.

As any branding guru will insist, each page must support the brand image, which in essence is your unique value proposition. And each page should support other pages. This way, the visitor is moved into the other page with purpose and in a way that continuously builds the brand image in their mind.

What is the Objective of Each Page?

Let’s take a closer look at the true purpose of each page:

The Home Page is often considered the face of your business.  People will arrive and stay for 5 seconds. This page must get your value proposition across brilliantly right away. If you’re too impressed with yourself or product, your visitor will fail to understand what it is you will do for them.

About Us Page supports the unique value proposition set forth on the homepage. It greets the visitor as a friend, and with authenticity allows the visitor to see your management, staff and products/services as they really are. Transparency and authenticity rule, but you get to reveal your brand image in an entertaining way that elicits trust.

Product Pages demonstrate product features and benefits and when these flow beautifully from the brand’s unique value proposition, the products become irresistible.  If these aren’t believable, then you’d better load up on guarantees and trust signals to get the customer to buy.

Service Pages bring assurance that active benefits will absolutely be delivered. If your pages work together as a team to project trustworthiness, transparency, clarity, and authenticity, customers will gain tremendous confidence in your service quality.

Contact Us Page – if your other pages have built desire and intent, the contact is often the page they see before they contact you. What do they see? Your address and phone number?  This page needs to be a friendly but professional and personal invitation to let the visitor tell you their problems and needs. It shows you sincerely want to help them.

Testimonial Page  – customer endorsements and comments can help significantly if they corroborate with the unique value proposition you’ve fused into all your pages.  Their testimonial needs to complement what has been done in the other pages.  A testimonial that doesn’t look perfectly authentic can damage everything you’ve done.

Special Purpose Page – These pages are created specially for showcasing your unique value proposition. It could be a new product announcement or a promotional event. The page breaks the visitor away from the dull and routine into a special magical place where you can reach them emotionally or drill a very specific point into their mind. For specific audiences, these can be excellent landing pages that perform much better than your common pages. A blog post can be a special purpose page.

The role of each page and the nature of its content can be much more sophisticated. These are the basics you need to put some thought  into.  As you’re creating your pages, keep your UVP in mind.

In a recent blog post, I highlighted how the personalized unique value proposition is becoming haute couture for professionals.  Real estate agents, artists, comedians, and performers must leverage the power of their own personality to deliver a brand that is inimitable. When others can’t copy you, and steal your brand value, you can win big.

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