Car Insurance Quote San Jose CA – Cars Trucks Motorcycles Quotes

Car Insurance Quote San Jose CA – Cars Trucks Motorcycles Quotes

Get the Best Auto Insurance in San Jose Now

If you’re buying a new car, or you’re moving away from the San Francisco Palo Alto Mountainview Bay area, or your car insurance policy is up for renewal, this is a good time to review how much your auto insurance policy is costing you.

Car insurance in the San Francisco to San Jose corridor is expensive. In fact, everything’s expensive including your mortgage, which is why you need to find ways to save.

lowest-city-insuranceRevealed in this how to save on car insurance post is how you get quotes varying by as much as $1700 per year, and perhaps even more for young or high risk drivers. That’s why it’s wise to be open and ready to switch insurance companies.

7 Best Ways to Save on Your Insurance

  1. buy an old car to drive to work
  2. buy usage-based insurance
  3. don’t buy collision coverage for your old car
  4. install anti-theft device
  5. get at least 10 online insurance quotes
  6. raise your deductible
  7. don’t buy an expensive automobile or big truck

Don’t make these car insurance buying mistakes:


The rate of growth of electric car manufacturing is increasing. Chances are you’ll be buying an electric car. Are they cheaper to insure because they don’t have a gas powered motor? Likely not. It has the same likelihood of being involved in a collision and repairs could actually be more expensive.

In the meantime, explore and compare car vs truck insurance so you’re able to get the best rates. If you’re saving even as low as $700 per year on your policy, that’s still $3500 over 5 years. And since most drivers tend to stick with an insurer out of convenience, it’s likely your premiums will rise over those 5 years. The major insurance companies have no inclination to provide lower quotes if they don’t have to. By shopping online for insurance, you’re putting pressure on them to lower those automobile insurance rates.

San Jose CA Auto Insurance Agents

Coast Auto Insurance Services Inc
1858 W San Carlos St,
San Jose, CA 95128, USA

Acceptance Auto Insurance
2354 Alum Rock Ave,
San Jose, CA 95116, USA

Harrington Insurance Agency
6920 Santa Teresa Blvd #101,
San Jose, CA 95119, USA

Shop around for the cheapest car insurance rates online.  Rates vary in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga, Costa Mesa, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Raleigh, Albuquerque, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Temecula, Kirkland, Redmond, Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Chula Vista, Escondido, or Santa Monica.

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in your city including car insurance for luxury cars:

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Consider using a telematics devices with usage based insurance to ensure you get a lowest auto truck insurance quote. If your kids driving behavior is erratic and aggressive, the insurer may not offer you lower rates. Telematics is proving to help improve driver’s driving habits and thus allowing California insurance companies to offer lower rates. There’s nothing wrong with saving on auto insurance. Search more and save more!

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