Auto Insurance Quote San Antonio – Texas Car Insurance Companies

Auto Insurance Quote San Antonio – Texas Car Insurance Companies

Saving on Car Insurance in San Antonio

Too many drivers assume they can’t do much better on their car insurance rates. It’s lassitude that causes car owners to just rollover their current insurance policy with no reductions/discounts for age or good driving behavior. There are hundreds of insurance companies and brokers in Texas looking for new customers. Look for them and you’ll be rewarded with a lower insurance quote for San Antonio drivers.

Car insurance rates in Texas are slightly higher than the national average which means you’re already paying more for insurance. Given that Texas doesn’t typically have snowy winters as Chicago or Minneapolis does, it is unusual that auto and truck rates are so high. However, the only thing you can do as a single driver, is shop around for the very cheapest rates.  This is what protects you as a San Antonio consumer.

According to Texas Car Insurance law:

If you intend to drive a car in San Antonio, under the Texas financial responsibility law, you must buy the minimum liability amount in your car insurance policy. Current minimum liability limits are $30,000 for each injured person, up to a total of $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damage per accident. This basic coverage is called 30/60/25 coverage.

If the stat is true about 15% to 20% of San Antonio drivers are driving without insurance, one way to resolve that is to shop for lower rates. If cost is the issue, then perhaps, usage-based insurance, changing cars, or reducing comprehensive collision coverage is the way to go. Perhaps talking an insurance broker is the fastest way to discover ways to get insured within your specific budget.

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6 Tips for Lower Insurance Quotes in San Antonio:

  1. out usage based insurance coverage
  2. buy a cheaper older model car
  3. don’t drive without insurance
  4. get 10 individual quotes from 10 different insurance companies
  5. raise your deductible
  6. keep your credit score in good standing – pay off some debts

So cheer up and be positive San Antonio. You may have felt apathetic before, but now you know there is a way to get property insured and not pay the high rates that other Texans must endure.

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