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The Top 12 Best Investments 2018

What and where are the best ways to invest in the years ahead? Here’s 12 brilliant investment opportunities to research. Please bookmark this page, because I’ll be adding a number of new ones soon!

Real Estate, Technology Apps, Water Filtration, Solar Power Generation & Rental Property investment have extremely bright futures. If 30% to 40% return on investment appeals to you, check out these high ROI top investments for 2017 in more depth now.

The ride up the stock market was fun in 2017, and maybe now it’s time to plummet! Picture courtesy of Youtube

What are the best cities and technologies with the best opportunities?  There are plenty of places to park your money or get it working hard for you, but stocks aren’t one of them. Like a roller coaster cresting the 300 foot summit at 6 Flags amusement park, the ride down will scare the hell out of you.

You need to look elsewhere, and fortunately there are some great opportunities in Real Estate, Technology Apps, Water Filtration, Solar Power Generation & Rental Property.

I particularly like the whole multiple stream, passive income thing and apparently so do a lot of other people. The right opportunities are tied into incoming technologies like mobile tech and clean tech. There’s some very lucrative ones described below.

There’s a lot of talk about getting your money to work for you, but like everything today, it’s competitive.  Diversifying how you invest might be the most intelligent choice. How about a little in each these top ten best investments for 2017? Maximize revenue while minimizing risk.

Rental Income Property Calculator by propertyrei might be handy. Pic courtesy of

Rental Income Investment

What’s the top keyword phrase for 2017? Rental Income. Out of everything you might invest in, it is tough to beat the returns of buying rental income property — outright buying rental income property, not via real estate investment companies and Reits.

Right in your city and in others, rental income property offers tax savings, market appreciation, capital gains which you can protect, renter payments, and you can even live in your investment. And you control its performance and destiny! As the Bigger Pockets talks about below, you can also use other people’s money to invest and get rich.

HGTV and other flip house and home improvement shows are popular because they’re riding a wave of investment strategy. Smart people are seeing the value of rental property and flipping. When you see the 30% to 40% ROI they’re receiving, and the amazing lifestyles that result, this is very hard to ignore.

That’s not to say there won’t be hard work and big decisions to make in property investing. But the downside is weak. If all else fails, you can live in your investment.

US and Chinese readers should keep a close eye on Canada because property is cheap in cities like Vancouver and Toronto are seeing the same overheated multiunit appartment rental market as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.  Sure a lot of people are investing in Mexico, especially retirees, and there may be passive rental income potential there too. But Mexico is risky — especially since Trump may kill their golden goose.

Here’s Bigger Pockets Look at How to Buy a Rental property

Don’t Get Distracted – Keep Your Eyes on the Big Trends

Before you go out and buy those real estate investment books and real estate investment 101 courses, and getting blown away by all the real estate investing Youtube videos, keep your eye on the bigger picture.

Take a look at the US housing market, the economy, what President Trump is about to do, and contrast that with the all the retirement income, passive income, and business startup options you have. It’s risky, but you could look at becoming an angel investor. On that last note, growth in angel investor groups is rocketing. The reason: startups can’t get funding so they have to give up serious equity for a small cash infusion.

As part of your diversified investment portfolio, stay away from blue chip stocks, which have nowhere to go but down. If global free trade deals go sour, those big multinational companies will get crushed. They’ll lose their ability to blackmail countries and play governments off against each other. Their big tax breaks will disappear. It looks like President Trump will ensure all of that happens — “drain the swamp” has far reaching interpretations.

Look for companies or opportunities that reek of innovation. The US will do well, and the climate of innovation in the US is bright now, meaning all those startups have a shot at survival and making money. All those millennials need cheap rental housing (they can’t afford to buy) and cheap office space too. The best investment opportunity is in rental property real estate. See which cities are best.

Yet there are other good investing opportunities in the US and Canada. Here’s some good one’s below,

Here’s my top ten list of the best investments for 2018.

  1. Rental Income Property – like I said, there’s nothing that can beat buying rental income property. You’re buying real property in cities and neighbourhoods with the best rental potential. You have to be clued into which cities have the top outlooks. You need to be geared to look ahead and scan forecasts and predictions. Pay attention to what Trump is doing and trending macro-economic factors including the failure of depressing regulatory limitations.
  2. Electric Cars – The growth rate of electric car buying is showing faster than expected even though companies like Tesla lack funding and are experiencing growth pains. Once electric cars come into fashion, there will be a rejection of old gas-powered technology. Remember when they said the horse and buggy would never go away?  Take a look at the new Mission e Porsche and learn about the incredible driving mileage they get, and you’ll realize how naive we all are about new technology. Elon Musk is right, this is big stuff.
  3. Autonomous Self-Driving Cars – Anything new is a potential investment opportunity and self-driving automobiles are the new trend. While experts say these cars are still “teen drivers” and it’s still a way off, they are a big revenue opportunity. Magna International,of Aurora Canada the auto parts producer is designing and manufacturing parts and accessories for these cars and the revenue outlook is phenomenal. It’s a whole new parts universe with these cars and any company that produces them is worth looking into.
  4. Home Solar Power Systems Electricity rates will jump, partly because of all those electric cars driving around. I doubt they’re playing Pokeymon Go, but just enjoying the fact they can drive to Yosemite for a few hours and back for a few dollars.  Governments will tax electricity but they’ll have a tough time taxing the power homeowners generate at home, but they will tax the power you send back into the grid. There are so many companies offering to set up solar systems on people’s houses for a cut of the revenue.  Anyone who wants to plaster their roof with solar shingles or yards with solar panels can have them. That’s why Elon Musk has moved into the solar panel production realm with Solar City.  And don’t forget the 30% solar investment tax credit which will be around for 5 more years, which is good for business. Those panels, including solar shingles, are becoming very efficient power sources and the price is plummeting. These are all critical mass factors that will have big effects on how we live and which businesses will thrive in the years ahead. Many businesses right now are afraid of going bankrupt because of high electricity costs. They need to reduce their exposure to government (tax) and out of control utility costs. All signals for the very best investment opportunities.
  5. Battery technology has grown faster than anyone dreamed of. Here’s a trending business opportunity for smart entrepreneurs.

    Solar Batteries – Elon Musk owner of Tesla Motors is into super efficient lithium ion batteries, some big enough to power your whole house for a while. You’ll need the solar panels to collect electrical power which you’ll store in his batteries. Solar collection is going from cottage industry to mainstream very quickly. All the impediments are disappearing.

  6. DC to AC Converters – with rapid adoption of solar power collection and wind turbines, power generated is direct current, so DC to AC convertors will be needed in big supply. Check out the companies that make them.
  7. Fast Charge SuperCapacitors – These new batteries aren’t even batteries as we know them. They’re super capacitors that charge lightning fast and still release the power as we need. They’re the future. That means the whole matter of how long it takes to charge laptops, electric cars, house batteries, smartphones, etc is largely about to disappear. Everyone will prefer the fast charging supercapacitors which have incredible storage properties. Check it out.
  8. Water Filtration – The US has a clean water crisis and that spells opportunity. With state and local governments strapped for cash, we’ll see more Flint Michigan type failures in municipal water treatment and other disasters from expected increases in flooding in some states. Not only that, taxes and prices of water delivery and wastewater treatment will skyrocket as governments grasp desperately for revenue to fund their debt. Systems that filter or treat water optimally at home should revolutionize how homeowners use their water. Companies such as Pentair are enjoying huge profits because they take homeowners off the grid. Check them out.

    Image courtesy of
  9. Salt Water Desalination – Cheap, portable, stills that make fresh water out of saline ocean water is a huge opportunity. Most of the population of the world doesn’t have enough water, including North American and Europe. New products are helping people at the home owner level to convert seawater to fresh water.On the macro level, see how Saudi Arabia is using solar power to desalinate water using a mega sized water volumes (60,000 square meters of seawater daily). This is what needs to happen in the US.
  10. Anti-Aging Supplements – a huge population in North America and Europe are heading into their senior years and they’re looking to stay healthy, active and looking good. But as they age, their attention will move away from aging skin to supplements that will keep them alive longer. As these aging babyboomers become more educated about supplements and nutrition, they’ll want the supplements that pack the most life-extending power. Take a look at this one who battle all the supplement fraudsters.
  11. Medical Tourism – It’s almost a certainty that hospitals will be over run with patients and health care costs in the US will skyrocket. And whatever is ailing everyone will be cheaper to treat in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Thailand, and Brazil. These countries are seeing the highest influx of medical service tourists.  There will be hundreds of thousands more in the coming 10 years as people seek aesthetic and medical treatments at lower prices. The combination of tourism and surgical and rehabilitation makes it a compelling investment opportunity.
  12. Home Health Care Services – the growth of 65+ population is heralding in a new era of home based health care and nursing services opportunity. Home health care services respond to the rise in hospital medical services, medical tourism, and seniors with acute or long term health issues including mobility and debilitating conditions. This sector has the highest job growth rate and there is all sorts of room for innovation in everything from patient communications, to diet administration, diagnosis and disease treatment. Hospital and doctor services are too costly and another soluton is needed. The fact is, people are getting older and they need help. Check out Nurses Next Door and their francishing offer.

I might add solar farms and health apps as big investor opportunities too.

Are You Still Looking for Passive Income Opportunities?

Now that you’ve come this far, I want to tell you about publishing and digital marketing opportunities too. That’s right, you’ve seen my blogs covering all of these topics (and more coming) and consumers need an introduction to them all.  There are a lot of people and companies including Forbes, Inc., Marketwatch, Huntington Post, Mashable, Moz, Hubspot, TechCrunch, Smarpassiveincome, Richardbranson, and many others who generate tremendous income from blogging and social media posting. They’re all into blogging big time, including guest posting.

Not only do they make incredible income from their blog advertisements, but from sponsorships, referals, and direct sales of products and services.  A blog such as mine right here, has reach into any topic and any industry on the planet and can reach huge audiences.

You’ve heard of Google Adsense and that advertisers on Google Adwords are paying upwards of $80 per click on their system. Well, Adsense doesn’t even scratch the surface.  From real estate to insurance to new technology to health apps, your opportunity is limited only by your imagination. In fact, your income acceleration is directly related to your lowering of your self-limitations and imagination.

There’s reason to be excited about this opportunity. If you’re not interested in this opportunity, then keep revisiting my blog to see how it goes for me. That’s free, but has zero chance of you getting rich.

If you’d like to set up your own publishing empire, including a successful blog, and you have a good amount of investment dollars to launch it, contact me.

Bookmark this page, and share it with your friends and family right now. Theyll really enjoy the idea that they could actually make money in this day and age. It might shed their belief that America is dead and the era of opportunity has ended. In fact, if we are entering an era of political populism (Brexit and Trump victories), the opportunities for us individuals are vast.

Throw away those stocking investing and real estate investment books and courses you were into. You now know where there are better opportunities to invest in 2017.  And 2018 will be even brighter.

This year, get obsessed with income property, rental income, tax credits, passive income, multiple streams of income, best startups, new tech, cross industry business opportunities, and new clean, reneweable technologies. The future is here. Let’s get at it!

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Buying Property for Rental Income – No Better Investment for 2018

Is Rental Income Property the Best Investment in 2018?

Is there any investment opportunity that could beat income generating real estate in 2018 or for the next 5 years? Is the stock market correction making you look for other options?

Check out the best cities to invest in real estate and read this post below on rental income.

With your initial financing concerns aside, rental properties can offer a high, continuous extra income to help pay off your mortgage, meet repairs, and add confidence to your investment decision. If the work concerns you, consider using rental property management software to help out.

Cynics might point to cash flow issues, paperwork overload, and big unseen repairs as key reasons to be way of rental properties. You’ve seen those issues on TV shows, yet the buyers always seem to handle them an make a big profit. If your plan is to retire happy in Costa Rica  or Mexico, this is probably the best way to make that happen.

Watch this excellent Video from Phil Pustejovsky about how to succeed: Take responsibility, think opportunity and take massive action:

If you’re concerned with a potential housing crash in 2017, the market stats don’t support that notion and  it looks good to 2024. Review the Los Angeles Housing market forecast, San Francisco market forecast, and the New York market forecast for predictions and commentary. Contrast that with the Calgary Housing Forecast  which has bottomed out.

Another promising area to investigate is foreign student housing in Vancouver and other high demand cities. Vancouver BC is very attractive to students from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Dubai, Germany and other counties where wealthy families want to have their kids educated.

They find Vancouver safer and more relevant. CIBT is one company to watch with their huge portfolio of properties in Greater Vancouver, Canada.

Factors that Support Investing in Income Rentals

There’s a housing market crisis across North America and demand for rental apartments, condos and houses will stay high. It’s unlikely that a quick solution will happen to generate housing for everyone. This land development held up by legislation, it’s a sure bet that rental property is going to be a hot investment sector.

Here’s 11 Reasons You Should Take Rental Income Investing Seriously:

  1. growing number of Millennials entering their family starting and home buying years
  2. mortgage rates not forecast to rise much
  3. rental prices can stay high because employment is good and renters have no options
  4. stories of renters destroying the place almost never happen (renter screening process)
  5. you can deduct mortgage interest and real estate taxes on rental properties
  6. you can write off utilities, insurance, repairs and maintenance, yard care, association fees
  7. write off upgrades such as decks, pools, tankless water heaters, and even landscaping
  8. write off depreciation of assets/home
  9. write off solar power generation unit
  10. the income won’t become taxable until you run out of upgrades/repair costs
  11. the renters will have to cover any cost of living or mortgage rate growth

That’s quite a compelling list of reasons why buying a rental property makes incredible sense. And if you live in the unit, then you’ve got your cake and you’re eating it too. So far from being a risky investment, rental income properties have built-n safety and tax features that make them a no brainer. All you have to do is find financing.

Here’s how to calculate the numbers on a rental income property such as cash flow, capital expenditures and all the rest.

What is a typical Return on Residential Rental Property?

I revealed in my previous post on rental property investment a return of 30 to 40%. On a common million dollar home in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New YorkVancouver or Toronto, that’s 300-400 thousand dollars. I’ve seen homes in my neighborhood rent out fast at $5000 to $7000 a month.

Rental Income Property Calculator

Try the calculators from Rental Property Reporter or from

Top Tips for Buying the Right Rental Property for You

  • decide which city has the best potential for rent prices and purchase price
  • decide what kind of property will work for you
  • decide whether you’ll be living in the property
  • determine how much capital you have to work with and how much you can sink into improvements
  • don’t buy a fixer upper
  • buy a home with the best likelihood of being rented:
  • buy a home in  a lower price range to begin with (first time investor)
  • consider a property management firm that can handle maintenance and renter screening

Here’s some further resources to get you on your way to finding the perfect property:

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Mississauga Condos for Sale | Resale and New Construction

Mississauga’s Rising Skyline Lined with Condo Towers

You’re likely aware of how the skyline of Mississauga has changed over the last 6 years.  And it was the construction of the Absolute Condominium buildings that seemed to launch the visibility of the City of Mississauga to a new prominence. The city with no identity was gaining new fame around the world because of the “Marilyn Munroe” towers.

Screen Capture Courtesy of

Mississauga has grown into one of Canada’s largest cities and offers much more to its residents and businesses in 2017. You may have heard about this city just west of Toronto and likely couldn’t pronounce its name. My American friend calls it “Mississaugwa” which I’m sure Hazel McCallion would have a good chuckle over.

Yes, the former Mississauga mayor worked hard to put this city on the map, and ensure Mississauga had no civic debt. It’s proximity to Toronto and major transporation routes also makes this place very attractive for International businesses and investors. And it’s great for residents too.

Search for Condos for Sale in Mississauga Right Now.

Home and Condo Prices have Risen

But let’s not forget that Mississauga is within the Greater Toronto area and home and condo prices here have shot up high.  While many have positive predictions about the Toronto Real Estate Market, there are others who feel we may be on the verge of a housing collapse in Toronto. You can read the Mississauga real estate report and the Toronto real estate report and figure that out yourself. Don’t expect much help from the experts or local agents, as they probably have their own bias. And you can read that on their blogs and news stories.

Mississauga has hundreds of medium to large sized condo buildings, many perfect for rental property investement.  With limited land to build, and high demand from immigration and Millennial buyers, prices are expected to rise. If mortgage rates rise, the rental property market will explode. It’s a good time to take a look at Mississauga’s homes and condos. Any and all can be an excellent investment.

If you’re from China, Dubai, Hong Kong, or Germany, take a look at Toronto condos as well. Your investment can go a long way in Toronto. Is this the right year to buy rental income property?  Get insight into the best investments in 2017 including investing in real estate.

Enjoy this view of downtown Mississauga via Aerial Drone.

The Forecast: Even More Condos are Coming to Mississauga

You can read all about the M City complex being planned on the Toronto Star Site. Mississauga is zoned for this intensive condo development and we’ll see more of it.

a $1.5-billion, 15-acre, 4.3-million-square-foot project at the southwest corner of Burnhamthorpe Rd. and Confederation Pkwy. Photo courtesy of the Toronto Star

Absolute Condos

The Absolute Condos are group of 5 buildings located on Hurontario Street just north of Burnhamthorpe Rd. These condominiuns are also right across the street from Square One Shopping Centre which is Mississauga’s largest shopping mall. It’s a great location in a densely populated, condo intense area where commerce is intensified.  Condo buildings are still being built in this area including a new development.

The two curving buildings are the most recent ones standing at 50 stories and 56 stories for each. They are quite site looking up from the base. Most of the units have large balconies.

Humber Bay Condo Waterfront Development

At Humber Bay in Mimico, is an exceptional beautiful collection of waterfront condos (on the south end of Mississauga and Etobicoke).

Pic courtesy of Cynthia Ostos & Youtube –

New Construction Condos in Mississauga

There are plenty of exciting new developments being planned or currently being built, should you be intersted in buying a Mississauga condo.

EV Royale, a captivating new development in Erindale is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Screen Capture Courtesy of

Another Cool New Construction condominium complex planned is also in Erindale. It’s called the ARC and offers plenty of suites with fantastic views starting around $200,000 CAD.

It’s not all highrise condos in Mississauga. There are some beautiful waterfront condominiums in Port Credit and Clarkson Village that would make superb investments.

Craftsman Condominiums in Clarkson

This new new lo-rise village is almost sold out and set for completion in 2018.  It featurs a rooftop terrace, fitness centre and inviting social room. It’s the location in Clarkson that makes this a top notch rental income investment.

Looking to invest in homes or rental income condos in Mississauga? Visit Damir Strk of REMAX Realty Specialists for an introduction to the many opportunities here.

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Toronto Housing Market Report November 2016

Toronto Home Prices Soar Again

The Toronto Real Estate Board has released their November 2016 MLS sales report which includes home prices in the Greater Toronto market. Sales are up 16.5% from last November, and home prices rose by 22.7% YoY. It’s a scary time for investors, and perhaps a tougher time for millennial aged couples trying to buy their first home.

This may be the right time to sell your home. Who will market your home?  From SEO, to Content marketing and paid advertising, and aerial drone video, digital marketing can start bidding wars.

Buyers, are you still thinking the stock market is better than real estate? See this post for more perspective on the Toronto Real Estate market and 2017 forecast.

Is 2017 the best year to buy rental income property?  Find out more about the best real estate investments in 2017 including investments in real estate.

The TREB November market update shows Home prices in Mississauga were also up 20.8% overall. While most eyes are glued to the price of detached homes in Toronto, the sales of apartment condos continue an even more torrid pace, up 27.9% in sales volume, perhaps revealing a continuing strong condo apartment rental investment market similar to the one burning up San Franscisco and the Bay Area of California. Not surprisingly, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, and Aurora leads the GTA price rise parade. These 3 top performers had detached home price rises near or above 30% YoY. Richmond Hill home prices hit an astonishing $1.3 Million. Brampton lead the way with a 25% price growth for townhouses.


Mississauga Real Estate Brokers

Ready to Sell? My client Damir Strk is a licensed Realtor and Mortgage Broker with extensive experience across the GTA including downtown Toronto condos. He specializes in Mississauga, and can also represent you very well whether you’re in York Region, Toronto, and Oakville and Milton. He’s a great choice for the biggest financial decision of your life. Damir has 16 years experience in all housing types, including Mississauga’s many condo developments, very familiar with properties in Mississauga’s many communities, and can help advise you on mortgage financing. Contact Damir now at: (905) 828-3434.


Real Estate Investors

Investors from Germany, China and Persia may find the market perfect for rental income investment. Buyers within Canada are finding the market too far out of reach. The extreme prices could make it more likely local and the provincial government may attempt to intervene without addressing the issues of lack of available land. The places to grow legislation and the OMB will be put under more intense scrutiny.

“Home buying activity remained strong across all market segments in November. However, many would-be home buyers continued to be frustrated by the lack of listings, as annual sales growth once again outstripped growth in new listings. Seller’s market conditions translated into robust rates of price growth,” said Mr. Cerqua Toronto Real Estate Board President.

See more on Mississauga homes prices and on the Toronto real estate market predictions.

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Banff and Lake Louise Vacations

Vacation in Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Many vacationers actually struggle to choose between a warm tropical vacation or a trip to a ski resort near a mountain town. And then there’s the summer vs winter conundrum.

This post might sway you to choose a place that’s more vertical in nature offering more of the sights and adventurous experiences that make you feel alive. If you’re feeling bored with the usual Florida/Mexico/Caribbean or Costa Rica vacation, perhaps a vacation in the Canadian Rockies might give you a lift.

A 1938 poster for Chateau Lake Louise courtesy of

This winter and beyond into 2017, millions of people will visit the Canadian Rockies with Banff National Park as their destination. American travelers will love the extra boost the US Canada currency exchange gives them in 2017. That’s a 30 cents on the dollar bonus!

But what will you find when you visit Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise in Alberta Canada? You’ll find one of the most completely satisfying vacations possible.

And if wedding bells are in your future, this Canadian paradise will get you started on a delightful note. And shouldn’t you get your marriage launched the very best way?

It’s hard to describe the full value and impact of a Canadian Rocky Mountain experience. There’s many different ways to get to Banff and Lake Louise whether from Vncouver to the West and Calgary to the East.  Aand you can customize your itinerary when you get here. From nature hikes and river rafting to golf and skiing, your days will be full and your evenings relaxing. The pics below explain best how amazing this haven is whether at Xmas or in the summer and fall.

Enjoy this gallery of Banff and Lake Louise pictures and videos that explain vividly why you might be looking into booking your vacation package for 2017.

Beautiful Lake Louise with Chateau Lake Louise in foreground
Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful places on earth

Chateau Lake Louise – An Absolute Must See

The pleasing architecture and stunning views offered at the Chateau Lake Louise make it a prefered destination for world travelers. High altitude, clean air, beautiful colors, fantastic walking trails, leave an indelibe impression on all visitors. Canoeing, eating drinking, and listening to Swiss Alp Horns is part of a typical day at Lake Louise. If you’re lucky you might might a Canadian deer or a hoary Mammot. The alpine trails leading to the tea houses are a spectacular adventure.  Believe me, if you’re a hiker, you won’t want to leave. Bring your camera, your friends, a lunch, and shoot all the selfies you can!  It’s expected here.

Photo courtesy of Fairmont Chateua Lake Louise

The Lake Agnes Tea House – Your Reward for the Climb

Photo courtesy of

Banff Village – A Picturesque Mountain Town

Photo courtesy of

Banff Restaurants – More Than You’ll Ever Visit

Check out the incredible cuisine of Banff at and discover which restaurant has the best views!

Photo Courtesy of Banff and Beyond
Take the gondola up and check out the sumptuous menu at the incomparable Skybistro on Sulphur Mountain in Banff. Screen pic courtesy of

Banff Springs Hotel – Canada’s National Treasure

Want to experience the Rockies and Banff like a celebrity or royalty? You can do that and you’ll likely see celebrities here from around the world. This old castle looks like it’s shipped in from Europe. It’s splendid interior and exterior architecture is a marvel you’ll be checking out.  It’s been beautifully refurbished to include a magnificent spa. You can walk, ride your mountain bike, or go golfing or river rafting. This is where Marilyn Munroe stayed when doing the film A River Runs Through it.

It’s a nice walk to the town of Banff but don’t get too close to the Elk walking about freely. Elk are huge animals and the rocky mountain sheep are large too.

Bull elk feeding in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Photo courtesy of Huntington Post

Is Moraine Lake The Most Beautiful Lake in the World?

Moraine Lake, Alberta
Photo courtesy of Lazy Desperados Photography

Take a hike around Moraine Lake which is near Lake Louise. Spectacular.

Johnston’s Canyon Wallk – – Photo courtesy of House in Canmore Alberta

Ski Lake Louise, Sunshine, and Mount Norquay

Pic courtesy of

There are plenty of excellent hotel accommodations along Banff Avenue. Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

Photo courtesy of a — Banff Hot Springs

Thanks for visiting!  And happy vacations in 2017.

More about Banff and Lake Louise:

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How to Mindread Your Visitor’s Intent – Customer Research

Knowing Visitor Intent is 90% of the Battle

Let’s say you’ve got boatloads of traffic coming to your website, yet nobody’s buying.  Apparently, you don’t have the engaging intent building content to interest them and you’re stumped about what to give them. It’s depressing, especially after you may have tried a few gimmicks without getting any traction  If only you had a crystal ball and a beginner’s guide to reading it.

crystalballreadingWell, put away your credit card, cause you’re not going to need to buy that book. This is an epic post on discovering and building visitor intent. And we’re going way beyond guessing at keywords with vague meanings and analyzing clickpaths. We’re look deeply into the whole matter from many angles to gain deep empathy with your visitors.

Marketers typically identify understanding visitor intent as the toughest challenge they face in 2017 so let’s begin solving this now. There’s videos, tips and extra resources at the bottom.

The topic of visitor intent integrates tightly with my other epic posts on how to create content with impact, how to improve visitor engagement, and reverse content strategy, blogging strategy, and useful copywriting. The more you know about visitor intent, the better your website content strategy and specific selling points will be on your pages. It’s the best investment of time you’ll ever make.

Mobile is Making This Tougher! Thank You Mobile

Screen cap courtesy of Reflektion: Understanding Shopper Intent pdf

The smartphone makes shoppers more impatient and impulse driven, more subject to the pains of the moment. The ecommerce people know this well and they actually have a wealth of data to tap into — perfect for reading shopper’s minds after the fact.

All that shopping behavior helps companies such as Google learn more about what makes people buy in the moment. Google has the best data and they use it to perfect their search engines results — giving searchers results before they even know what they’re looking for next. It’s not magic, it’s data.  Yet, for non-ecommerce businesses, understanding customer behavior is a frustrating and disappointing challenge. If Google and ecommerce companies can figure it out, at least you know it can be done.

Regardless of whether you intend to find new customer traffic or convert more existing traffic into customers, knowing more about your visitor’s intent and how to strengthen it is vital to success.

Let’s take a quick drive through of how you might discover your visitor’s intent and what you could do to turn them into customers.  I’m a content and SEO consultant so I do focus a great deal on the words that attract and drive visitor engagement. Sorry if I get too focused, but I’m sure you have your own particular goals to achieve, and that might be well beyond copywriting. You’ll find those things here too.

Uncovering Visitor Intent

27 Things to Know and Do about Website Visitor Intent

  1. write down all the reasons why people are visiting your site – what insight, information, experience or transaction could they possibly want?
  2. what specifically does your content help visitors solve, and what is their problem?
  3. is your value proposition clearly evident and how can you make a few changes to make it clear?
  4. ask visitors what they’re looking for and what makes a difference for them by using a non-intrusive question box.
  5. use Google’s or WordPress internal search box to let them do a search on your site
  6. interview your customers and find out why they chose your website/product/service
  7. find out who your visitors are: age, gender, location, occupation, income, lifestyle
  8. what content of yours are visitors sharing?
  9. analyze the content of the pages they view the most; what is the intent of the page — to help or sell?
  10. analyze clickthrough data from your analytics interface — what links did they click on?
  11. assess what your most relevant, top competitors are offering their visitors
  12. where do your top competitors get their traffic from and what are their visitors reading before they land on your competitor’s website?
  13. assess how you can juice up your value offer with specific benefits and then do A/B testing
  14. assess what else is on the page might be turning on or turning off your visitors
  15. provide locally relevant information for visitors from different cities
  16. ensure other related, deep content to keep them fully engaged in a topic – A/B test them
  17. use geo-based content delivery to give the best content for visitors in specific cities – A/B test it
  18. ensure your web design looks highly professional – what about the design could affect visitors?
  19. ensure your graphics, photos, headings are very relevant to the topic at hand
  20. show your presentation of information is accurate and credible by citing the authoritative sources they believe and trust
  21. deal with post-purchase regret by showing them how happy they will be and that the purchase is a wise one that trumps all possible other purchase options — leave no room for doubt
  22. tell them what to expect and what will happen immediately when they buy or choose your company
  23. find snackable content that lowers visitor’s distractedness, boredom, and gives instant satisfaction
  24. is their content to affirm their values and conviction in their own judgement
  25. have you shown how their alternatives with competitors are a losing choice?
  26. make the clickpath to satisfaction as short as possible (minimize frustration and doubt)
  27. add new relevant content based on the geo-specific location of the visitor

Keywords Are a Powerful Indicator of Intent

As this quote from suggests, we need to understand more about the relationship between keywords searchers use and what the visitor’s actual intent is.

When Andrew Witherow of Razorlight Media was optimizing the PPC account of one of his clients, he did some research into what exactly someone was searching for when they typed “wedding San Diego” into Google. He found that the majority of people searching for that term were looking for a list of wedding venues in that area.

The above example highlights how vague keywords may not foretell what they’re looking for or will buy. So maybe we should get away from the matter of keywords and look more about the searcher as a person and more fully serve their actual intent?

Think with Google is all about better capturing those key moments where shoppers make decisions about buying with their hopes/doubts/issues, and capturing those micro-moments before they disappear.

Google Micromoments – Capitalizing on Buyer Impulse

Why mention Google’s micromoments right now? Because it refers to the issue which Google can’t really help you with.  They can’t help you create impactful, engaging and transaction-building content packaged within a clear value proposition to build visitor’s intent. Although, they do see this as a huge problem for their paying advertisers – hence the development of Think with Google to help them improve.

Google’s Adwords customers want things easy, so they advertise and expect a slick, fast push to the checkout as the way to go. Just get a quick sale and no messy customer journey involving persuasive engaging content.

However, PPC advertising may cause marketers to ignore quality content and creating a context that builds visitor intent (content strategy). Advertisers assume customers have sufficient intent just because they typed the right keywords in. But with conversion rates at 1%, we know the keywords don’t tell us everything.

What are shoppers thinking when they arrive to buy car insurance, Cost Rica vacations, weddings in San Diego, womens shoes, ski jackets, or a baby accessory on an ecommerce site? What thoughts would change their minds and lose the sale? Most SMB’s have weak knowledge in this area.

Try Harder to Convert a Poor Prospect?

So tempting to do, but a poorly qualified visitor on your site is tough to convert. Yet SMB owners believe it is possible to create a customer out of disinterested visitors if they just have that little piece of information or a gimmick/tactic that makes them click. If you don’t have this insight, you might be left using those annoying pop ups that trap you and force you (squeeze pages). That’s a certain sign the site’s content and value offer don’t work.

Basically, there’s 2 problems with your site: 1) your current visitors are poorly qualified prospects, and 2) your website doesn’t impact, grab their impulse, hold them, and get your value proposition across so that it appears you are the best choice for them.

Creating a Customer Out of Nothing at All

Can any website create a customer out of any visitor? Think with Google suggests it’s possible. Google’s VP of marketing reiterate’s Google’s intent with their mantra: “Intent beats identity. Immediacy trumps loyalty.”

That might be stretching the truth, yet Millennials on their smartphones are less brand loyal and most likely to take a good offer when it’s presented. It would be nice to know their intent (best price, great product, something that shows they’re so smart?).

Original, Existing Intent or Intent in the Moment?

Original intent and intent in them moment arent’ the same.  Intent in the moment is a factor you may have control over on your website and SEO and Content Strategy are the best ways to go. You can never know enough in digital marketing because the medium and competitive field change so rapidly. Original intent before they arrive is something you have no control over. The customer is what they are, take em or leave em.

With the thousands of potential customers coming and going on our websites, we’re left scratching our heads at what they were looking for? The key fact is: they left. You did not have what they were looking for.

How do we peer into their minds and discover what information or transaction they were expecting?  Some of what we need might be readily available, such as search engine keywords, pages they landed on, clickpaths while on our site, length of visit on specific pages, videos viewed, pop up survey feedback and more. There is a little bit of data, but to get more data, we may have to do some A/B testing of content. And as I suggested in this post on reverse content engineering, we can study the top sites and apply what they’re doing on ours.

Google Think has been exploring this topic in depth for a while and they’ve got quite a bit of relevant data to gain insights. They’re sharing a few of them. Google formerly came up with Zero moments of decision which did translate well, so they’re calling consumer decision making at retail “micromoments.” They’re suggesting that shoppers make decisions at point of purchase rather than due to earlier intent or brand loyalty.

Here’s Google Think’s introduction to the Micromoment topic:

If you’ve shopped online, you can see how this isn’t far from the truth. We start out shopping for something specific and end up buying something slightly different such as boots and gloves. We’d have to caution though that if we go searching for something like a “ski jacket” it’s because we need a ski jacket. So if micomoments are influential in this case, it might only be our choice of color, appearance, on page testimonials, or automatic discounts that might sway us from buying a ski jacket and instead buy boots. In this case, the shopper’s clear intent is to buy a ski jacket because it’s cold out there and perhaps because they intend to ski?

Screen Capture courtesy of

If the shopper actually buys something completely different on that shopping trip, then perhaps at their micromoment point of decision, they realized they wanted a new smartphone more than a new ski jacket. A lot of pressing wants shapes shopper intent and something called post-purchase regret can affect their buy decision.

If the visitor is searching for “homes for sale in Los Angeles” the intent is apparent — they’re looking for a house in LA. But LA is big region so might know that they’re either a real estate investor who might even be interested in other cities, or a prospective buyer considering moving where they need to get a reasonably priced home.

So while we search and shop, we may be bouncing back and forth on the matters of specific needs vs overall life fulfillment, what the visitor sees and reads on your site, may well determine if issues get in the way. You need to delete those issues on your pages and help to get the visitor focused. This is why sharply focused niche sites might convert better and why squeeze pages are considered vital by ecommerce site marketers.

If we can know really well, what the visitors intent is, we should be able to improve our value proposition and the customer experience so we get that valuable sales conversion.

Intent is king in digital marketing and you may have to shape your content strategy and content, and social media strategy to cull out the intent of our visitors.

Other Resources on Intent Building

Segmenting Intent by visitor behavior:

Reflekt report on shopper intent:

Qualaroo is a software that let’s you learn more about your visitor’s intent:

Here’s some extra resources on building visitor intent you may find useful:

Relationship and Intent: Actionable Tips to Get You Started on Personalization

Webinar Recap: Measuring Intent With Google Analytics

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Find your best insurance quote online – cheap car insurance quote for smatter consumers

5 New Health Apps You Must Use in 2017

Smartphone Health Apps that Cures What Ails You

The new smartphone you’re going to get for Xmas is going to be even more useful in 2017.  And if you’re concerned about your health and are hoping for easy ways to improve it, you’ll be delighted with these 5 very useful and ingenious apps for your iPhone, Blackberry, LG or Android smartphone.

According to a report via Harvard, there could be as many as 40,000 health related apps for your smartphone. They’re apps to help diagnose and treat conditions you may have or may encourage you to improve your mental or emotional health.

1. Aire by Food Marble Smartphone Digestive Tracker

It’s not just those with irritable bowel syndrome that find themselves in discomfort after eating. A good number of diners have “gas” after eating. The antacid and digestive enzyme industry is a billion dollar retail opportunity that tries to resolve the issue. One of the reasons may be that Gen Xer’s and Babyboomers are aging and their digestive systems are no longer able to process the strange foods and spices infused into supermarket and restaurant food. New sources of gas are entering the food chain and consumers have no idea what they are. And gas is just one ailment among many that rogue food can cause.

But what does gas mean in a health sense? It turns out gas signals that your body can’t digest certain foods.  But which foods, or more specically, which ingredients are giving you these problems? Aire can help you isolate them.

When food isn’t digested fully, hydrogen is produced in the gut. Many people cannot efficiently handle this gas, so it builds up causing bloating, pain and even diarrhea or constipation. It turns out though, you can measure how much of this gas/hydrogen is being generated. Gas that’s in the gut can seep into the bloodstream and upon reaching the lungs, it transfers to the breath.

AIRE is a breath test device. Together with its app, it functions as a personal digestive tracker, which allows you to find the foods that are most compatible with your digestive system.

And after you’ve finished your meal and the sugar buzz is wearing off, you might be feeling a little down. Now if that down feeling lasts too long, and you fell irritable, depressed, sad, or negative too long, another smartphone app might help you solve your negative disposition.

2. Moodlytics Mood Tracking Apps

If you’re miffed at why you’re not feeling happy and spirited, an app called Moodlytics might help you identify the triggers for your negative emotions and moods. Solving emotional issues and lack of happiness is no easy task even for professional psychologists. You might have better luck trying to discover the causes yourself.

Moodlytics may help you identify the triggers but not necessarily the cause. Always remember that cause and effect are two separate matters. The triggers might show up as specific thoughts, people, and places in your life.

You can download the app for Android or iPhone.

3. Accupedo Walking Tracker

We all know walking is healthy and often relaxing. What if you had an app that could count your steps and distance so you’re encouraged to walk and maintain a regular walking distance?  We all like to keep score and this app tells you how much exercise you’re getting. Make a commitment to your fitness with Accupedo.

Accupedo is an accurate pedometer app that monitors your daily walking on the home screen of your phone. Intelligent 3D motion recognition algorithms are embedded to track only walking patterns by filtering and ejecting out non walking activities.

What is so amazing about Accupedo and other apps is how it uses the devices sensors to screen out vibrations and other motion to count your steps accurately.  Even if you put in the pocket of your open jacket waving in the wind, it still records steps accurately. Check it out at

4. Strava Running Cycling and Swimming App

Strava is perhaps the favorite of top cyclists, runners, hikers and triathloners. It’s similar to fitbit but has GPS tracking the some consider more valuable.  You can track your path and distance as you go mountain biking through the forest or running around the city. Strava’s most compelling feature/benefit is how it integrates with social media for interaction with others and to see other’s mountain biking, hiking and running adventures. It can help you find the best routes and most enjoyable ones.

5. Fitbit Sleep Tracker

A persistent lack of sleep could be the number one predictor of poor health including accident proneness, depression, lack of energy, and even disease.  What if you suffer from sleep apnea and don’t even know, or you aren’t aware that you get almost no deep, alpha wave sleep every night.  A good night’s sleep if vital to the brain’s production of many necessary brain chemicals including Serotonin and Melatonin. Without these chemicals, the individual’s mood and intelligence are undermined, which impacts their financial well being and relationships. Sleep problems are a much underdiagnosed problem.

Enter the Fitbit smartphone sleep tracker app, and you have a tool to help you discover problems with your nightly sleep. Fitbit is the most popular fitness tracker and the company has its own variety of devices (Fitbit 1 and Fitbit 2) to track walking steps, cycling distance speed and paths as well as sleep assessment. The data it collects can be recorded and reported in your Android and iPhone smartphone.

You’ll need to buy a wrist strap from Fitbit which is the actual device that captures your physiological activity. What you get from the Fitbit sleep monitoring software is a printout of your sleeping patterns. It can even wake you at the best time to wake up.

I hope you enjoyed this exploration into some exciting new healthand fitness apps for your iPhone, LG, Samsung, or Android smartphone.

Find out more about saving money on your auto insurance and telematics. Ready to sell your home and retire in Costa Rica. You’ve probably entertained the thought given the rocketing price of your home.

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Auto Insurance Quote Vancouver Surrey Burnaby Richmond Coquitlam Langley BC

Best Auto Insurance Rates for Vancouver Drivers

BC auto insurance laws don’t make it easy to keep your insurance rates rock bottom. In fact, the latest report about ICBC admits your rates could climb 42% in the next 5 years. And if you’re driving a Porsche or Lamborghini, you can’t get auto insurance through public insurance any longer. Too costly for the government who are strapped for cash.

“ICBC needs to save to avoid the worst-case scenario that it reluctantly released Wednesday, showing basic rate hikes climbing by as high as 42 per cent, compounded, over the next five years” from a new report in the Vancouver Sun.

Living in greater Vancouver is costly enough without paying out thousands more for auto insurance. And how often have you made a claim on your car or truck? It doesn’t seem fair.

For most of us car insurance is a loss which is why we see it as a commodity. But seeing it that way has a danger — that you take it for granted that you can’t get better rates by switching auto insurance companies.

US drivers, check out: Seattle car insurance, Chicago car insurance, San Francisco car insurance, Denver auto insurance and Portland auto insurance quotes designed solely for you.


When you shop for car insurance, you’re basically preparing to switch insurers in order to save. And as this post on saving on car insurance points out, you can save as much as $1700 a month in some cases. But if you only save $600 a year, isn’t it worth it.  $600 x 10 years – $6000. Most drivers don’t draw out calculations over a decade, yet 10 years does pass and you’ll be looking back at where you lost your money.

In fact, you’re leaking money at every hour of the day. It’s time to take control and cut back on some of these costs. There’s no reward for making Geico, Allstate, RBC, TD, Progressive, or other big insurance companies rich.  It’s just money out of your pocket. And the only power you have is to use these insurance savings tips, plus get quotes from ten different insurance providers. You’ll create a policy just for you at a much lower rate.

So that’s it Vancouver drivers, you create your own insurance rate. Make sure you use above insurance savings tips to get the lowest quote possible.

How to Save Thousands on your auto insurance?

  1. buy usage-based coverage using telematics devices or software
  2. bundle your auto, home and life insurance
  3. increase your deductible
  4. don’t buy a car or truck that has the highest insurance rate
  5. check out the expected cost of the neighbourhood you want to move to
  6. use an old car/truck to commute to work
  7. use snow tires and let your insurer know they’re on the car

The Top Driving Tip For Vancouver Area Drivers?

Avoid the worst intersections in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, Abbotsford, Surrey, Coquitlam, that create the most accidents. See this graphic from the Vancouver Sun and read the horrible reports on their site.

Vancouver’s Worst Intersection: The Willingdon interchange in Burnaby has the dubious distinction of being the most crash-prone location in all of B.C. Over a 5 year period there were nearly 2,200 collisions in that one spot, of that, about 900 resulted in physical injuries to drivers and passengers. How to save on car insurance in Vancouver? Avoid the bad intersections.

Did You Know You can get a copy of Your Driving Record?

Wondering why your auto insurance quotes aren’t low?  See what the insurance companies will see after they give you an initial quote.  Your driving record (driver’s abstract) is a record of your driving history, when your driver’s licence was first issued, plus any driving tickets/offences that occured in the last 5 years. You can apply for it online at

Screen Capture coutesy of ICBC

Wanting to move to Vancouver? Real estate prices here have rocketed in the last 6 years, but have levelled off of recent.  Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond, and Surrey are very desirable places to live and there isn’t much land to build on. That’s why the price of your home in greater Vancouver will never drop. Whether it’s luxury condos in Richmond or downtown Vancouver, or a house in North Vancouver, the demand to live here will never go away. The fact is, Vancouver was rated as the best city in the world. Controlling immigration is primarily done through high housing costs. Vancouver is for the wealthy so be prepared to pay above one million for just about any property. Compare Vancouver income property to that of best cities in US to invest.

The Future of Car Insurance: Usage Based Policies

There are big changes coming in auto insurance. Self-driving cars may not get along well with motorcycles or other human driven vehicles, and given the way BC legislation is drawn up quickly, drivers could be in for a tough go in 5 years. There will be pressure to rate drivers according to how they actually drive. Those who want lower auto insurance rates will demand it. And self-driving cars will require no driver’s insurance.

Technology is pervasive and invading every aspect of our lives. It’s arrived in auto insurance and Millennial aged drivers are showing an acceptance of it. Is it wise or the road we should not go down. Learn more about telematics and car insurance.

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in these other cities:

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Tamarindo Costa Rica

Is Tamarindo the Best Seaside Town in Costa Rica?

There are plenty of places in Costa Rica for your ultimate Costa Rica vacation, but if you love the oceanside breezes, surfing, fishing and laid back lifestyle, Tamarindo might be worth looking into.  As you’ll see in these videos of Tamarindo, it may be an ideal place to move to or choose as your retirement destination.

Where is Tamarindo? Tamarindo is a town and distrito located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste.  The town of Tamarindo is small, only about 5,000 people and many visitors come here to surf. There are long beaches and conditions that make for big waves for the experienced surfers. And there are sections that are perfect for beginning surfers. A lot of people have surfing on their mind when they visit Costa Rica. Just as in San Diego, surfing is a popular sport.

There’s other reasons too. Fishing is big and remember those videos about big turtle coming into the beach to lay eggs? That’s where this is.   where the Leatherback Turtle comes to lay its eggs.

The leatherback turtls take over the Playa Grande beach from November to April, digging their nests up to one meter deep, lay their eggs and cover the pit with sand, and return once again to the sea. After 60 to 90 days, the hatchlings emerge and immediately make their way to the water — from Wikipedia.

This first video shows a little of the laid back lifestyle in Tamarindo. Lot’s of surfing and it’s easy going. A great place to regain yourself and your health, get away from your deadly routines and start fresh again. Walking, jogging, visiting the local farmers market is a nice healthy daily regimen.



And another real estate video about a development called Mar Vista | Flamingo. If you can tolerate the female host’s voice, you’ll see it’s a nice place.

Here’s an Esposa Video on Costa Rica. Very nice.

Why do so many people Travel? Is it escape from unhealthy lifestyles, desire to explore, grow, learn, have fun and even discover your potential? Probably all of these things.  It’s the joy of travel.  Discover more about San Diego California.


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Luxury Real Estate in Costa Rica | Luxury Homes in Paradise

Where to Buy Costa Rica Real Estate

Where is the best place to invest in real estate for long term gain or for retirement?  There’s plenty of cities in the US to retire comfortably with growth potential, but you’d have to wonder if there is any better potential than Costa Rica Real Estate.  

This paradise is on everybody’s travel bucket list. More than 2 million travelers vacation in Costa Rica each year and many would like to retire there.

If I’m first to introduce you to this exciting real estate investment opportunity called Costa Rica, then that’s wonderful. If you can afford a property here, you’ll enjoy and likely make a good return on your investment.  Prices here have matured, but there are still opportunities in land, condo developments and single properties. You only need a good adviser.

And while Costa Rica seems perfectly suited to everyone, it is perhaps the wealthy who are most likely to live here. As you can see in these photos of luxury homes in Costa Rica below, the wealthy have arrived. Luxury homes and condos continue to be built and they represent quite an investment opportunity for those capable of taking the plunge.

Investing in any foreign country carries risk, but the risk is perhaps least in Costa Rica.  The country is politically stable, immigration and investment positive, and taxes are low. It’s a compelling place to invest.

Finding market data and reliable source of information on the investment climate in Costa Rica is the challenge. There are real estate brokers and investment firms that can advise you on buying property here.  One of the most well known is Viva Tropic. Viva Tropic produces a report that you’ll find helpful.  This graphic from the report gives a breakdown of prices by property type to give you an idea. As you peruse the listings, you’ll get a better picture of what’s available and where. They have quite a collection on their website.

What Do Luxury Homes in Costa Rica Look Like?

As you can see below, they’re beautiful structures and living spaces in a style and architecture befitting this magnificent paradise. And the variety including houses in countryside, seaside mansions or fine urban condos, many with unparalleled views means you can find a place you like. I’m sure your vision of this former third world country will be shattered.


Is 2017 the best year to buy rental income property in the last 10 years?  The best investments in 2017 are likely in rental income properties.  Have you compared investing in the stock market vs real estate.

Okay, so there is your taste of incredible luxury homes in Costa Rica. Here is a variety of realtors and advisors websites to peruse and learn more.

Viva Tropical: download their 194 page guide

Newspaper article from 3 years ago for perspective:

Costa Rica Investment:

The Costa Rican News:

2CostaRica’s home listings:

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