First Time Buyers — A House or Condo is a Great Investment

First Time Home Ownership – It’s Time to Buy Your First Home

Your dream of owning your own home is a smart investment and it’s doable. It’s been that way for a century. With all the negatives you hear about the economy, home prices, huge down payments, and the cost of living, you may have been pushed  into a state of denial and apathy.

First time homebuyers, it’s time to wake up and get your slice of the housing market.  But, before you contact a real estate agent and mortgage agent, let’s get you pumped up!

real-estate-salespersonOne of the keys to happiness and success is the belief in limitless supply, personal ability, investment opportunity, resources and potential wealth. Believing this way puts you into a great frame of mind that help carry you through no matter what home buying frustration you face. It’s a buffer against the negative insanity the system throws at you.

There are no limits, only what we impose on ourselves through our beliefs. So if you’ve given up on home ownership, you’ve accepted a unworthy, negative and potentially harmful belief. Time to get positive about real estate investment and home ownership.

To succeed at anything, we need to dream up all the paths to our goal. If you don’t have money, you could borrow it, partner with investors, find government home ownership programs, earn it, or get your relatives to help you out.

You don’t necessarily need 20% of the purchase price of a home to buy. How many people have $100,000 to put down on a home purchase? There are mortgage and financing solutions available.


If builders are building, and the economy isn’t going to tank, buying a home is likely a good investment from New York to San Diego.

Owning a home is usually a great idea even if prices are high. Prices on homes will always go up and they rarely go downward. There’s plenty of demand because a so many millennials and baby boomers need a home for one reason or another. That’s why prices are high. They’re also high in many cities due to a lack of development land. If legislators in your state or municipality are eager to suppress development, then there will be strong demand for the few homes there. And if they open to development, the influx of new buyers will drive up land and home prices.

Check out mortgage rates on a $600,000+ home in Beverly Hills for a buyer with a ordinary credit rating and less than $20,000 down.


Buying a Home has Infinite Benefits

That’s right, infinite benefits. If you’re between 25 and 35, ownership of a home represents an excellent long term investment. Having a home (large investment) also helps keep your life focused, stable and productive.

This is a key reason why older generations have pushed their kids into buying homes in the past (when homes were cheap).

Renting in contrast, has an aimlessness about it that keeps renters floating along never setting their feet on the ground and never building equity. Instead, they see all their hard earned money siphoned off by landlords and they find it hard to get a feeling of putting down roots as they say.

When they’re older, renters can’t help but look back with severe regrets about the hundreds of thousands of dollars they gave away. Picture yourself at 60 with nothing to show for a lifetime of toil in 9 to 5 labor.

Great Tip: If you have a work at home business, you can write off your business expenses which helps pay down your mortgage sooner.

The Smart Choice is to Buy a Home

But not you. You have a choice to make right now to keep your hard earned dollars and invest them in something that will have an immense value 30 years from now. Many buyers in the 70s and 80s are now selling their homes for 3 to 4 times what they paid for them. Some in the 60s might get more than 20 times what they paid.

Whatever your house or condo is worth in the years ahead, it’s yours. That’s the point. You will feel more comfortable every day of your life, more secure and confident knowing you own the property you live on. That sense of security, belonging, and confidence is important.

In California, Texas, Illinois and New York state you don’t need a down payment. You can borrow for the entire purchase. If you have credit card accounts, you may be able to ask for a raise in your CC limits to use for the purchase of a home.


Remember, that renter’s don’t get tax credits, but homebuyers do! Visit market watch to discover what tax credits you might qualify for .

The Downpayment Problem — Solved!

Having money for a down payment is always good. If you’ve got a bank of mom and dad, use it if you can. On a traditional home mortgage you will need 3% down payment. If you can raise 5% for your home purchase, a wider array of financing options become available because of how you look better to lenders. If your loan amount for the home purchase is above $417,000 for a single family home, you’ll have to raise 10% using with conventional financing. This will be called a Jumbo loan.

If your downpayment is zero or a low percentage, you’ll need mortgage insurance. The FHA or Federal Housing Administration insures mortgage loans with as little as 3.5% down payment. In California, the loan limit is up to $520,000.

See what your loan limits are in California:

californiahousingfinanceagencylogoVisit the California Housing Agency to discover education and home loan programs to help you buy a home. They have assistance, advisors, first time buyers education courses, info and guidelines to learn on program eligibility and property eligibility.

Don’t forget local county programs. Most cities and counties in California for instance have homebuyer assistance programs designed for their residents. These may include loans for first time buyers, down payment assistance, and funding for property rehabilitation.

The USDA offers programs to help buyers in rural areas. USDA loans don’t require putting any money down, however USDA has eligibility requirements, including income and property size.


Check out Freddie Mac’s HomeSteps program of homes for sale.


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New Homes for Sale in Richmond Hill

New Home Developments in Richmond Hill ON

richmondhillAlmost quietly, Richmond Hill has grown to almost 200,000 residents which is Canada’s 26th largest city.

The astonishing speed of population growth is due to the fact it is covers a large area north of Toronto, and many Toronto area homeowners are selling and moving to Richmond Hill.

Looking for new homes in Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan or Mississauga?

What gives Richmond Hill its special flavour is its proximity to Toronto to the south and the green belt to the north. With the spaces to grow act in full force, Richmond Hill is poised to keep its distinctive lifestyle advantage. Being so close to Toronto is a boon to businesses and career minded people.

Richmond Hill is about as far as most Toronto businesses will go to find service and product providers. The exodus of Toronto businesses to the 905 area code, and a wealth of educated workers of many nationalities has made Richmond Hill a strong economic force.

It only makes sense that where such excellent economic and lifestyle advantages exist, that demand for new homes in Richmond Hill would be strong. Richmond Hill’s population has a varied ethnic makeup comprised of 33% asian, 33% east indian, and 46% caucasian. New buyers of monster homes in the city have inspired some exciting new designs which you can see below in the Richmond Hill new homes gallery.

There are numerous small new home developments, custom builds taking place in Richmond Hill on an ongoing basis. One of the bigger developments you should be aware of his Richmond Green located at Bayview Avenue and Bloomington Rd.  A number of builders have announced new home developments here including Mattamy Homes and Regal Crest who have built new luxury homes in Vaughan.

Surrounded by beautiful parks, landscapes and trails, Bayview Gates is situated in a peaceful environment. The community offers the best of both the serenity of the countryside and luxuries of city. — from Regal Crest Homes.

Monster Homes in Richmond Hill

Here’s just a small sample of some of the newer mega-homes that have been built in Richmond Hill of late. Many are adorned with soaring high pitch roofs, stone facades and of course huge interor square footage.

richmondhill1 richmondhill2 richmondhill3 richmondhill4

Acorn Homes is about to launch phase 2 of Oak Knoll near Yonge St and Bloomington Rd. Phase 1 saw the construction of a large number of luxury homes.

Current MLS Resales Statistics in Richmond Hill

Resale property transactions were evenly spread throughout Richmond Hill’s 18 MLS districts. The northern area of the city is where you’ll find new multi-million dollar mansions and custom builds.



Bayview Gates at Richmond Hill

Regal Crest Homes is announcing homes ready for occupancy in October 2016 in a new community call Bayview Gates at Richmond Hill.

Check out the floorplans.


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New Homes for Sale in Vaughan

The Vaughan Real Estate and Community Development Report

The city of Vaughan is still a mystery to many people in the GTA yet this fast improving community is serving up some big lifestyle benefits for residents. The development plan for Vaughan is audacious and exciting as these videos below reveal.

Vaughan’s logo
This post offers a good look at the city and a selection of the stunning new construction homes being built here by some of the GTA’s top home builders.

If you asked the average York Region resident where the boundaries of Vaughan were, they would give vague references to Brampton, weston road or Woodbridge.

The fact is that Vaughan occupies some of the most cherished property in Metro Toronto and its adjacent to Bathurst St.  Vaughan is gaining an identity.

People are only becoming aware of Vaughan because they’re engaged in the process of buying or selling a home. GTA’s underdog community is getting a lot of attention. If you’re living in Toronto but looking to enjoy the suburban lifestyle with a short commute, Vaughan might be to your liking.

Prices of homes in York Region rose the fastest during the spring of 2017, yet the bubble has passed, and prices have receded considerably from 6 months ago.  Yet prices new homes are selling for in Vaughan tells us that Vaughan is popular. It’s a beautiful new comunity in an ideal location.

In fact, homes being sold here are a rare opportunity within Toronto’s borders.

Surprisingly, monster homes being built on the west side of Bathurst are not Richmond Hill homes — they’re Vaughan homes. Vaughan’s former elite residential neighbourhood called Woodland Hills has a good number of multi-million dollar homes yet this region is more a flashback to old Canadian money. The new money is pouring into Vaughan, Markham, and Aurora.

Vaughan has all the advantages of communities that border Toronto and near to Mississauga (Markham, Richmond Hill and parts of York Region and Durham Region) and that includes economic, retail shopping and professional services, along with quick access to the recreational and cottage areas north of Toronto.

The Plan for Vaughan – An Ultramodern City

Vaughn Library Courtesy of the Globe and Mail

If the prices of Vaughan new builds are too expensive or too much house for you, check out homes for sale in Newmarket, and new homes in Aurora for sale.

House Prices Flat in Vaughan

In First quarter of  2017, 1290 homes, condos, townhouses, apartments were sold in Vaughan at an average price of $1,212,175. That’s a growth of $340,000 over 1st quarter 2016 prices. A whopping increase likely due to the number of new construction monster homes, which you can see below, and due to the bubble in early 2017.

Post Bubble Period:  Last month, October 2017, 133 detached houses were sold at an average price of $1,280,906 which is just $6,000 above July’s average price of $1,273,340. Post bubble, home prices are flat.

The Community of Patterson, Maple,, and Vellore Village account for the bulk of resales in the last 16 months.

If you’d like a breakdown of Vaughan homes by community, check out the report from TREB.



Upper West Side Community in Vaughan

uwssign5 home builders (Aspen Ridge Homes, The Conservatory Group, CountryWide Homes, Regal Crest Homes and Townwood Homes) are partners in a new awesome housing development on the east corner of Vaughan called Upper West Side in Thornill.  This development is located on 71 hectares of undulating hillside and natural ponds (180 acres containing 800 homes with 40 to 50 lots and 3,000 to 8,000 square feet interiors). The homes feature traditional architectural styles including Tudor, Beaux Arts and Georgian as well as contemporary designs.

It’s one of the last residential development areas in the GTA with lush pristine green space. Well, some of it is lush, the rest has been clearcut and wiped clean for the development of these monster homes.

This is something very new for York Region and a unique opportunity for buyers. As Countrywide says “Upper West Side in Thornhill Estates is the last remaining residential area that is lush with pristine green space.”

Homes being built are enormous and there are hundreds of them. The Upper West Side development from Country Wide Homes, contributes a little to the price of homes sold on the MLS. This mega housing project is still growing, is just off of Bathurst St, above Major Mackenzie.  The homes here mark a departure from the usual traditional Canadian design as you can see in the gallery below.


UWS has one large central park and the elevation and expansive views include downtown Toronto and the CN Tower in the distance.

uws10-parkuws1 uws2 uws3 uws4 uws5

Interior pic courtesy of the National Post

uws7 uws8

Check out more of the features of UWS homes for sale. You may not be getting the ultra finished amenities you expect however here’s a list of the best interior and exterior features that UWS homes provide:

  1. 10 foot ceilings on main floor, and 9 foot ceilings in basement and second floor (excluding areas due to mechanical or structural requirements)
  1. English, Italian, French and Modern inspired architecture utilizing brick, stone, stucco and architectural board, as per elevation.
  2. Imported 13″ x 13″ tile flooring in foyer, main hall, kitchen, breakfast area, powder room, laundry room and all bathrooms, lower finished foyer
  3. 2 x 6 exterior wall construction with R22 insulation value and R50 attic insulation.
  4. French doors at rear and/or leading to porches/patios, as per plan.
  5. Copper accent roof(s), as per elevation, all other roof areas to receive 40 year self-sealing shingles
  6. Capped gas line at rear of home for future BBQ hook up
  7. Complete central vacuum system located in garage.

If you’d like to see the floorplans of these homes, see Regal Crest Homes gallery of 80 unique floor plan models.

Screen Capture courtesy of Regal Homes

Hope you enjoyed this first gallery of new homes for sale in Vaughan. Please also see new homes in Aurora, and new homes in Newmarket.

The Toronto real estate market is very bright.  Demand for homes is strong.

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New Home Developments York Region

New Housing Developments in York Region 2016 2017

There’s overwhelming demand for detached, new homes in Aurora and Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and the rest of York Region. Yet there’s no matching supply of homes for sale from York region’s new home builders. The good news for buyers from Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vaughan and Scarborough, is that a few active developments are busy with a couple of interesting new offerings of detached houses and townhomes: Aurora new homes, Newmarket new homes, and Vaughan new homes.

newmarket-homes5Are looking to buy a home? If you’re a home hunter, you’ll likely be salivating over these amazing new offerings from Brookfield, Lindvest, Sundial Homes, Opus Homes, Mattamy, and Regal Crest and Countrywide and others. While many are sold out, there may be an opportunity to buy them as a resale.

[bctt tweet=”The GTA is the leading $1 millon+ market in Canada, and is the 2nd hottest luxury home market in the world #Toronto #Luxury #Canada” username=”@gord_collins”]

It’s a frequent situation that sees regular real estate agents trying to feed a frenzied buyer market. As these excellent neighbourhoods come into existence, we’re seeing exponential improvements in roadways, transit, city parks, and in new retail developments. New retail malls are popping up on Greenlane, Bayview Avenue, and St Johns Sideroad to fill a burgeoning consumer demand in Aurora and Newmarke. And in Richmond Hill, Markham and Vaughan, the Vaughan Mills Centre and redeveloped Hillcrest Mall are serving growing populations.

Check Homes for Sale in York Region Right Now.


It’s all about modern lifestyle, convenience, and very pleasant communities to live. Come and check out York Region’s best neighbourhoods and newest home developments in Aurora, Newmarket and Vaughan.

As Opus Homes suggests, there is a peaceful and serene countryside lifestyle here that will take the stress out of your life. Your kids will be safe and the schools (St Andrews College and Pickering College) are exceptional. New schools are being built to serve the communities.

New Homes in Newmarket and Aurora

You’ll see plenty of photos below of new homes being built in Newmarket and Aurora. You’ll also notice there is still a good amount of land available on the east side of Aurora and Newmarket, west of the 404. Mattamy, Brookfield, Opus Homes and other home builders are producing a collection of beautiful brick and stone exterior homes that you’ll be awestruck by. I’m most impressed with Opus Homes.

And if it’s older homes you’d rather own, there’s a good number of luxury homes for sale, and some not for sale, yet. On any street in Aurora or Newmarket are for sale signs where you’d never suspect you’d see them. Everyone has their price and at these prices lately, many current residents are choosing to sell. If you want to live in Aurora or Newmarket, you can find a way.

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New Homes for Sale in Newmarket

New Homes for Sale in Newmarket, ON

The region of Aurora, Newmarket, and East Gwillimbury are highly desirable locations for families looking for great lifestyles close to urban amenities and rural freedom.

Newmarket in particular has been the site of city transit improvements and there’s much work on the roadways and new housing developments. The beautiful parks, bike paths, upgraded hospital, great schools, and access to the 404 makes it very popular for buyers looking to escape the GTA.

Not so Dumb!
Not so Dumb to live in Newmarket!

The city that produced Jim Carrey, John Candy, and Connor McDavid, offers clean, fresh air, safe streets, plenty of nearby recreational centres for tennis and hockey along with modern shopping centres just a short drive away.

Despite constraints on development, Newmarket is a fast growing city and as expected, is feeling its growing pains.  It will soon provide the best York Region has to offer.  The Go Train Service to Toronto is opening up this region for those who must work in downtown Toronto.

For nature and recreation/relaxation lovers, a beautiful park system makes weekends a very special time. And the new lake to lake bicycle route is currently being built from Toronto up through Newmarket to Keswick is quite an exciting development for the thousands of cyclists in Ontario’s cycling capital. Mountain bikers don’t have far to go for a thrilling ride either, including the Durham Forest just southeast of Newmarket/Aurora.

Average Price for Newmarket New Homes

A visit north to our region will give you plenty of new home construction developments in Aurora and Newmarket to view. The forecast for sales and growth in this region are still strong despite the government stress test.   Take a look at the Aurora real estate market forecast.


New Housing Developments in Aurora and Newmarket

Sundial Homes latest development is right next to Upper Canada Mall on Davis Drive in Newmarket. Below is the site plan. Given how fast homes and townhomes are sold in York Region, this development should be sold out quickly. Definitely visit their website for more details and to see some spectacular interior designs and amenities on these townhomes for sale.

Picture courtesy of Sundial Homes
Picture courtesy of Sundial Homes

hmwsmallLakeview Homes and Andrin Homes are combining to build hundreds of new houses and townhomes on the west side of Newmarket. The location is on the former site of the Glenway Golf Course. Andrin has announcing construction of a collection of Detached Homes and Bungalows on 50′ Lots, as well as 2-Storey Townhomes and 3-Storey Urban Townhomes.

The location is excellent, adjacent from Bathurst St and Highway 9 (Davis Drive) which means it’s a few minutes from Upper Canada Mall. On the eastside, the Copper Hills development is nearing completion.  There are lots and homes being constructed as you’ll see in the picture gallery below.

The area to west on the other side of Bathurst is green space with excellent hiking trails. And you’re just a minute from the Holland Marsh, Ontario’s vegetable garden. The Holland Marsh Winery is close by so ensure you take an evening out for a wine tour.

The High R Value, reflective foil insulation used in these new homes shows the Glenway Living builders are pulling out all the stops to provide a home that is clearly a cut above others offered elsewhere.

newmarket-home2 newmarket-home3 newmarket-home4 newmarket-homes5 newmarket-new-construction-area

Copper Hills from Preston homes in Newmarket is a massive luxury home development located just south of Mulock in between Leslie St and highway 404.  It’s a few years old yet the homes are still like new and many are on the resale market.  It is laid out in a series of swepping, rolling streetscapes on 135-acre parcel of land.  The site plan is composed of 5 concentric circles which lends a sense of harmony to the neighbourhoods.  The final phase 4 is almost complete. You can see the home details at the website.

Homes for sale in Copper Hills Neighbourhood

copperhills2 copperhills3 copperhills4 copperhills5

Copper Hills sales centre at 1035 Poppy Lane, Newmarket, ON

In the mood to see a gallery of beautiful homes in Aurora? Aurora is the upscale section of the region and although it lacks the convenience location of the new homes being built, the mature and quieter neighbourhoods make it more attractive to some buyers.

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New Homes for Sale in Aurora

New Construction in Aurora – Luxury Living

Aurora is a beautiful town set on a small parcel of land in between Bathurst St to the west and Highway 404 to the east. With not much land to develop for new construction projects, the prices of new homes for sale in Aurora and Newmarket are set to rise.

As you’ll see in these photos below, there beautiful new homes for sale, either through builders such as Mattamy Homes, Lindvest Developments, Opus Homes, or Brookfield Properties. And please do visit their presentation centres in town in Aurora and then check out new homes for sale in Newmarket too.


The forecast for home prices in Aurora is that they will increase.



Timberlane by Brookfield Homes

Yet another development in Aurora is on the site of the former Timberlane Athletic Club on Van Dorf Sideroad (Near Yonge St). This new development by Brookfield Homes will be a gated community offering 56 detached bungalows and 2 storey residences on 50′ properties. These Aurora luxury homes start at $1.3 million.


Glen Ridge Estates in Aurora South

Fairgate Homes and Opus Homes are in the process of construction of Glen Ridge Estates, an opulent lush neighbourhood in the south end of Aurora. These upscale luxury homes will be modelled after French Chateaus, with each estate is available on a 50’ or 60’ lot, as either a bungalow or a two-storey home, ranging to more than 5,000 sq ft.

This is what the land looks like right now. How’s this for a place to call home?



Just down Yonge St a few hundred yards is another gated community of mega sized homes is being completed.


Highland Gate in Aurora

Clublink Corporation and Geranium Corporation are redeveloping the former Highland golf course lands with 184 single detached bungalow and 2 storey homes on 50’ and 60’ lots. Local residents have taken the developer to court and are causing a delay in construction.

This neighbourhood is mature and beautiful and the about 19.5 of the 41 hectares is proposed to be parks, open space or otherwise won’t be developed.

Mattamy Homes

Mattamy Homes is just finishing its phase II development on St John’s sideroad in North Aurora called St John’s Forest. You’ll find quite an array of luxury homes and townhomes here with more coming. Prices vary, but expect to be in the upper 800,000’s to 2 million dollar+ range for most. Mattamy as well as Lindvest Properties in a neighbouring development south of here, are showcasing the latest in modern styling (reminiscent of new homes in Calgary area) with beautiful stone facades and roomy layouts. Yes, there are plenty of monster homes in Aurora, Ontario.


Mattamy phase 2 is sold out.


Beautiful Interior on home in St John’s Forest


Opus Homes subdivision is off of St John’s sideroad close to Leslie St. You can view their full selection of monster luxury homes on their website.  Unfortunately, the Aurora Trails development is officially sold out.

Beautiful interiors really set them apart



And the spacious, elegant interiors of custom built homes are hard to match

Screen Capture courtesy of Opus Homes



Lindvest Developments is building a new house and townhouse development off of Leslie St, just south of St John’s sideroad. Their upcoming Aurora Glen Estates phase 3 will offer a collection of contemporary townhouse designs.

lindvest-salescentre-aurora  brookfield-thearbors-unfinished brookfield-thearbors-undeveloped-neighbourhood brookfield-thearbors-undeveloped2

Not to be outdone, are the new townhouse developments by Brookfield Properties. You’ll find them just off of Leslie, and south of St John’s Sideroad. This region is massive with a lot of homes and townhouses. Unfortunately, there are no condos being built.


brookfield-thearbors-aurora brookfield-thearbors-aurora3 brookfield-thearbors-aurora2

If townhouses are what you’re looking for, the upcoming Time Village development off of Wellington St on Yonge St may be worth a look.


Take a drive up to Aurora and check out the variety of beautiful homes and neighbourhoods yourself.  Whether it’s new construction homes and townhomes on the east side, or resale properties on the west side, you’ll be delighted at the thought of living in Aurora.  The homes, such as the ones for sale above are beautiful. The builders are definitely getting it right with their new construction offerings.

If you’re in the market for a home in Aurora or Newmarket, please send me a message in the form below. I can refer you to a wonderful realtor who can help you find the dream home you want.

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Homes for Sale in Denver | Denver Colorado Real Estate Listings CO Houses

Homes for Sale in Denver

Buying a home in Denver this year might be the wisest decision of your life, and it’s cheaper than renting.  Renting gives you no equity, but then you know that. Where to live? Denver has a good quality of life and the homes here are affordable. And Denver’s economy looks strong, mortgage rates remain low, and real estate investments here offer better long term value than any other investment.

Not everyone has money to buy a home, condo, vacation property or investment property. However, soon they will and prices will rise. The problem you’ll discover is that there’s not a lot of construction going on and a lot of homeowners don’t want to sell. But they’re getting to ready to sell this year.

The Best Neighborhoods to Buy in Denver

There are plenty of fantastic communities in the greater Denver region. You’ll find homes in your price range and above, however not all neighborhoods have equal lifestyle amenities, commute times, and outlook for appreciation. You might never sell your Denver Home but you’ll always want to know it has a lot of value, because you never know. Take your time and investigate the quality of each neighborhood before you spend time looking at homes for sale.

You can find out more about Denver’s best neighborhoods at, who have ranked the top 25 best neighborhoods in Denver. They ranked Denver communities using four variables: home prices, crime data, school rankings, and an X factor score, that accounts for esoteric elements such as open space, public transit, and restaurant and nightlife options. You’ll enjoy the info on the neighboorhoods all having a wide range of prices. The photos of homes are excellent.

At this time of writing, there were 1640 homes for sale in Denver, through Zillow.

Screen Capture courtesy of Zillow and Bing

Zillow’s Home Price Estimator

Zillow’s home price estimator tool suggests that average prices in Denver will rise to  near $400,000 by the end of 2017.  That’s an appreciation of $30,000+.

Screen Capture courtesy of Zillow

Here’s Denver’s Mile High Magazine’s list of top 25 Denver Neighborhoods:

Neighborhood Average Home Price
Congress Park $487,300.00
Hilltop $1,017,400.00
University Park $464,500.00
Hampden South $292,300.00
Indian Creek $252,000.00
Sloan Lake $521,000.00
Windsor $197,300.00
University Hills $418,700.00
Washington Park $674,600.00
Rosedale $442,100.00
South Park Hill $474,200.00
Wellshire $504,400.00
Belcaro $1,030,000.00
University $406,000.00
City Park $418,200.00
Mar Lee $235,400.00
Montclair $457,600.00
Berkeley $434,100.00
Country Club $1,098,000.00
Virginia Village $341,200.00
Cherry Creek $739,000.00
North Park Hill $327,600.00
Hale $254,100.00
Barnum West $215,500.00
Washington Park West $464,300.00
Top Denver CO Neighborhoods
Screen capture courtesy of – Denver’s Mile High Magazine

Denver, the Sunny With 4 Season Fun

More about Life in Denver Colorado

Finding the Funds to Buy a Home in Denver CO

If the issue is the downpayment for your purchase in Denver as a first time buyer, there are ways to acquire the funds. And you’ll want to being creative and determined to get your mortgage because owning your own home is a life-changing, success building act. The US economic forecast points to many years of outstanding growth and prosperity for Americans.

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The Number 1 Youtube Channel for Real Estate Investing

Are You Ready to Get into Real Estate Investing in 2017?

Real Estate Investment Book Phil Pustejovsky
Download Phil’s Free 194 page book on How to be a Real Estate Investor

Yes? Great, then you’ll love hearing from the guy who has the top Youtube video channel on real estate and plenty of informative videos and books for you. So before you approach your bank for a mortgage or a real estate agent, get educated on the best way to build your wealth with these videos below.

Phil Pustejovsky‘s instructional videos on investing in real property are very informative and viewable, particularly for anyone considering buying a property not just to live in, but as an investment. He’s published a couple of books as well and you can get a free copy of one of them (at right) via his Youtube page.

He gives you plenty of tips, techniques and motivation for seriously considering rental income investment.

Rental Income Property Investment is Hot

Most homebuyers look at buying a home and only want to live in it by themselves. Others want to use it as a retirement investment vehicle.  But another route which Phil describes might be the greatest wealth creation opportunity you’ll ever have in your life. It’s much better than working 9 to 5 for the rest of your life. After going through Phil’s freedom mentoring program, you’ll learn how to become a successful real estate investor.

He’ll tell you how buy a rental income property using a banks money, living in the property, and renting out a half of it to renters who take care of most or all of your mortgage payments. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Which cities are best for property investments? And is the US housing market sound enough to take this gamble?

Here’s the Freedom Mentor Phil Pustejovsky talking about about how he went from living out of his truck to living in a waterfront mansion in Florida. Now he’s sharing his knowledge and wisdom via his Youtube channel. Enjoy his informative and entertaining videos.

Why is Real Estate so vital for improving your Net Worth

How to Turn a Little into a Lot

Phil Talk’s about real estate investing for beginners

Free Real Estate Investment Seminars are for Suckers!

Phil takes you through real estate investing 101

Phil helps you determine a property’s value the right way

Here’s 10 Hacks for real estate investors

Are you a realtor or real estate investor in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Toronto, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, or Miami?  Digital Marketing is vital for anhone buying or selling real estate. I can help you build your realtor brand, get prospects and help elevate the perceived value of your properties. I can help you build buyer’s intent. Because I’m an SEO specialist, I can generate real estate leads much more proficiently than lead generation companies. I can help you build the highest exposure possible to homeowners and buyers across the US and Canada.  Let’s get your goals accomplished.

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9 Reasons Why Rental Income Investment Property is Hot for 2018

Real Estate Investments with the Highest Returns

Looking for the best cities to buy real estate with the highest return on investment? How about one with an ROI of 30% to 40%?

Yes, those numbers are possible when you consider how real property delivers multiple streams of income, including tax savings, and a higher resale value when you want to divest.

There’s so much to learn about property investing such as financing, where to invest, hiring an agent if necessary, choosing tenants, renovation, and when to sell outright if the price is right.

Most investors are too convervative, especially those who are buying a home. Although buying a home is a sensible purchase, a better approach is to let someone else pay the mortgage.  Visit the number one real estate investing youtube channel and you’ll find out how how to purchase multiple properties, and manage them efficiently with online rental property software for even greater returns.

Real estate management is better when it’s visual. Property management shouldn’t be done on spreadsheets —

If you can handle the risk, the key to even bigger profit is to leverage bank money to buy multiple properties. And how can you top that investment?

By selling the property to someone else who believes in its value more than you do. They’ll pay a speculative premium to have this great income earning asset. Just like a start up business where a buyer may pay much more than you’d expect to take that business to the next level.

I guess the rule here is, get it started, develop the full potential, and you could end up with a big winfall, which you can take with you to a new project, or if you want, just take off to Costa Rica.

For regular single property investors, the key to really powering up returns is in living in that property. So before you decide on a real estate agent and mortgage agent, consider how you can ramp up the full potential of a real estate investment. This will affect the type, location, and size of property you choose to buy.

And those agents will love to work with you because you may be doing additional deals. Get ready to be popular when you get creative with real estate investing.

Check out the rental investment potential in the Los Angeles real estate market, San Francisco real estate market, New York real estate market, or Toronto real estate market. These markets have intense conditions that support high rental prices and limited chance of price depreciation.

Here’s 9 reasons why rental income property is ideal:

  1. you can charge rent from the people who live in it
  2. you can live in your investment
  3. you can write off home renovations and improvements
  4. you can write off the cost of new appliances, insurance, realtor and mortgage agent commissions along with legal fees
  5. you can write off your capital gains using tax breaks/retirement tax benefits
  6. huge demand for rental units from younger generations and immigrants
  7. huge demand for homes from millennial aged buyers
  8. home prices are expected to increase
  9. you can borrow and leverage the banks’ money

If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in rental income property, there are other avenues you can follow such as various reits and investment funds. They’re lower maintenance investments but don’t offer huge rates of return. You’re in this to make money not invest in something that pays like a bank savings account.

One hot investment opportunity is student housing investment. Foreign students and domestic students in places like San Francisco and Vancouver have a very hard time finding rooms or condos.  The situation is critical. Take a look at this post on student housing investment in Vancouver for starters. You’ll learn of one company, CIBT Education listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They are the leader in this space in Vancouver BC, and you can invest without actually buying properties and maintaining them yourself.


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New Homes In Bradford West Gwillimbury – New Construction Developments

New Contruction Homes in Bradford West Gwillimbury

bradford-dreamfieldssignNo town or neighbourhood in the GTA has gone through the level of dramatic changes that the Bradford Ontario area has in the last 6 years. Growth in population, commercial enterprise, and neighbourhoods on the west side along highway 89 has been astonishing and it’s earmarked for more.

Bradford West Gwillimbury is a exciting new place to live offering all the modern amenities and the quiet and clean air of the rural Simcoe County countryside. If houses for sale in Newmarket or luxury homes in Aurora and Vaughan are too expensive, Bradford Ontario might be the affordable, clean oasis you might enjoy.

Its laid back farming spirit remains despite the all the development in the town nearby. The town’s proximity to Highway 400 and Lake Simcoe make it a very desirable and convenient location for those who want the best living possible north of Vaughan and York Region.

Both Bradford West Gwillimbury and East Gwillimbury are undergoing tremendous growth and its brought profound changes in the town’s atmosphere, livability, and opportunities. East Gwillimbury will see more than 7,000 homes constructed over the next 9  years with 800 being delivered in 2016. BWG encompasses a large area that includes the villages of Bond Head and Tecumseh.

Photo courtesy of Holland Marsh Winery

Bradford is located on the north shore of Holland Marsh which has been Toronto’s vegetable garden for more than a hundred years. It’s culture has been much that of a quiet dutch farming settlement where time passed very slowly.

The Holland Marsh itself is a former lake bed which dried up and left incredibly fertile soil where everything from carrots to grapes are grown. Every year, thousands of Mexican farm labourers migrate here for the growing season. As food prices have risen, so has the prosperity of this small, unpretentious town.

It is a rural region and yet professional management of the watershed and natural environment by the town and the home developers has made it much better.

The Bradford Recreation Centre is an amazing sports facility. I’ve been a member there twice and enjoyed working out and using the indoor trick and basketball courts. There’s a huge swimming pool and 2 hockey ice rinks.

The Bradford / West Gwillinbury and East Gwillimbry region is much in demand for residential property. It’s a beautiful natural area, especially along the Holland rivers.

Admittedly, this demand for houses is creating urband sprawl urban sprawl from York Region, Vaughan and Toronto.  Bradford is north of the politically sensitive Oakridges Moraine designated green belt region, and there is plenty of scrubland here for development. That freedom has spawned huge new housing developments south and north of Holland Street.

uppercanadaIf you’re wondering whether Bradford WG is the right place for you and your family, you’ll be delighted with you’ll see. Along with the new homes being built is a commercial retail corridor that offers every type of product and service you could want from dining to medical services and auto repair. If fashion is what you thirst for, you won’t be far from the largest fashion mall in Northern York Region, the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket and a short driver away from Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre.

How about Home Prices in Bradford West Gwillimbury?

Most homes sold here are detached houses with a median price of $615,000 which is considerably less than the $1.2 million average of nearby Aurora. Although homes take much longer to sell, they almost certainly will be sold.

Screen cap courtesy of TREB





New Home Builders in Bradford West Gwillimbury

There are a number of builders active in the greater Bradford West Gwillumbury area with several new developments proposed.

Proposed Developments

Sunrise Homes and Fortress Real Developments are joining up to build a 119 unit single-detached housing development in the Bond Head which is within the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury

National Homes has its Phase 2 development called the Forest.

Homes in Construction or Newly Completed

Regal Crest is continuing its development called Dream Fields, of which I have photos of below.

National Homes has its Phase 1 development called The Forest

Lormel Homes has a current development called Horizon

Westin Homes has 2 developments called Centerville  and Westbrook 4

Brookfield Homes has its development Grand Central Bradford in construction

Great Gulf Homes has its Summerlyn Village Development heading toward completion.

Bayview Wellington Homes has its Green Valley Estates development.

Homes in Bradford West Gwillimbury

Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful homes built and in construction here in Bradford.





Looking for new homes in Aurora, new homes in Newmarket or new homes in Richmond Hill? Check out the galleries and learn more about the communities and the opportunities you might enjoy in them. The forecast for Aurora real estate and Newmarket real estate sales is for continued sales and prices. Finding a good real estate agent to help you is wise.

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