Even More Beautiful Homes in Aurora Ontario

Home in Aurora Neighbourhoods to Go Ga Ga Over!

Here’s the final gallery of beautiful Aurora homes.  Ascot Park is an enclave of luxury homes located just off Elderberry Trail in south Aurora. It’s also located next to the new Glen Ridge Estates homes currently under construction.

Are you considering a move to Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill or Vaughan? Check out all the galleries of homes in these communities. Each has its own charm and new home selection. Moving to York Region makes a lot of sense.

This acreage is where Opus Homes is building new large luxury homes called Glenridge Estates.

aurora-luxury-home aurora-luxury-home2 aurora-luxury-home3 aurora-luxury-home4 aurora-luxury-home5


And from Bayview Greens, you can find homes and condos from under $1 million!



Homes along Mavrinac Blvd in Aurora range from $800,000 to $1 million +

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2016/2017 — Get Motivated to Improve your Business!

The High Cost of Indifference and Inaction (COI)

Have you ever calculated the cost of all the opportunities you passed on, if you’d been a little more aggressive and ready? Only successful people think about things like that because the COI is big dollars. It’s possible though that what we’ve given up, ignored and weren’t aware of was worth 10 to a 100 times more than the choices we made.

How about exploring choices? CEO’s explore and evaluate decisions which are choices. That’s all they do is make decisions. They have no other purpose. Why is it some of our strategies and choices fail? Why is it we balk at doing some things that actually appear to be correct? Why do we linger when we should be moving ahead? What is the cost of not taking action?

A new blog post on Linkedin by Michael Martin, a real estate marketing technologist, reminds us that technology is changing digital marketing and that we shouldn’t fall behind in it. He’s come up with the new acronym (COI) which describes the Cost of Inaction which would include the cost of lost opportunity. Should your accountant be tabulating these stats?

No Emotional Impact, No Change

The problem with overcoming professional’s resistance to sound reasoning and motivating action is that a plea doesn’t register emotionally with them — so the attempt fails. The fact is, their status quo inertia is strong and it comes from misguided beliefs and their desire to rest for a while. No statistic or equation, which Michael uses in his article, is going to work, at least by itself. You need to discover how to make impact.

I like this quote from inflection-point.com:

It’s because until your prospect has concluded for themselves that the costs, risks and consequences of staying as they are will be far higher than the costs and risks of change, they will probably be tempted to simply stick with the status quo – and ROI won’t even come into their thinking. It’s a case of “better the devil they know”.

The Status Quo is a Threat to Business

launchI’ve had the misfortune of having my business die out within 7 years (Recession) and I know the root cause is because I thought the status quo was acceptable or an even a time honored plateau. I didn’t see a connection between continued fast growth and business survival.  The status quo wasn’t a good reference point and neither was it a safe haven. Looking back, I can see the problem was my own lack of ambition and discontent. Yes, discontent is good.

But then, how many contented people do a cost of lost opportunity analysis, or step it up to grow their business?

It’s important to recognize that the status quo actually is a threat to any company.  Most often we view the status quo as a way to extract the maximum value from our current situation — and enjoy the moment. If you’re a realtor, I’d hope you’ll investigate solutions and new marketing pros to help you evolve, enjoy and relax at the same time.  And if it’s relaxation you’re looking for right now, consider how relaxing it is to know you’re passing the competition at the exact they’re coasting or falling. The reward is wealth, health, well being, security, travel, and the ability to help others you care about. That’s a big reward package!

Photo courtesy of Cartoon Stock
Photo courtesy of Cartoon Stock

The goal for solution providers is to help Realtors or other professional services providers redefine the status quo and upgrade their sales forecasts and predictions in the years ahead. Treading water is not successful swimming. 2017 to 2020 markets belong to those have mentally and emotionally established the right attitude and positive energy.

Realtors underestimate how helpful new technology is in identifying and reach new clients and how it can help support their sales strategy and soft selling skills. And as you can read with SmartZip, there’s other practical advantages.

Protecting your Future with Smart Action (Return on Action)

Citing technology and equations just causes reader’s eyes to glaze over. Concepts like artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms turns realtors, doctors, lawyers, accounts, and HR professionals sour. I’m risking readers by mentioning them.

Professionals often don’t budge unless they feel a compelling need to evolve, progress and grow and that will come from contrasting current results to future expectations. You may have a vision of your future based on a set of assumptions and unless those assumptions of the future and your status quo are questioned and altered, you’ll continue your journey with the sails down. Does that sound like a great business attitude?

Check Those Assumptions

The first assumption is “I’ve got enough.” 2nd assumption “I can coast because sales look good for awhile.” And 3, “all this tech stuff is baloney, it can’t possibly reach into my neighbourhoods.” (See the SmartZip reviews).

Professionals don’t see the status quo as a downward curve. There is no status quo. If you stay as you are, the market is leaving you. And the market is adopting technology to power up professional capabilities, prospecting efficiency, new services, and better performance. Those who jump on now will find it less of a painful distraction in a couple of years time.

Time passes quickly and your knowledge, skills and brand image will age

The truth is the way Michael says. Your time lying in the summer sun could leave you with a low revenue future. Those agents who have experienced sudden drops can tell you there is very little security in their industry.

Everyone needs to keep their eye on the road ahead stay competitive. Marketing is changing and you need to hire someone to help you tame it. If you neglect here, his predictions will be accurate — you’ll slip in marketshare, sales volume, customer loyalty, visibility, and revenue.

I have to admit, that competing with robots which can learn and change direction is daunting, however to beat an experienced, strategy minded marketer is difficult. And that pro can be much better if he’s armed with predictive data. That’s why you need to investigate these new tech marketing solutions and figure out how to integrate them with your unique soft selling skills.

Predictive Marketing

The accuracy of predictive data is still in question. We’ve seen so many incorrect real market outlooks from top financial and real estate pros, we’re a little leary of any housing market predictions.

However, top marketing firms and real etate firms are burrowing into “Big Data” insights to find homeowners and hopeful home hunters ready to transact. You can be sure they’re monitoring your social media posts and blogs for information on your behavior and situation and be the first to present a solution to get you onto the next phase of your life. I think that’s amazing and far preferable than waiting around for someone to sell their house. That latter pool of clients is shrinking. You’ll need to be more proactive to get leads on the sell side.

Check out my Realtor IDX website services with MLS listings, and why a new WordPress web site is such a great helper. Tack on my realtor marketing services and you have both technology and elite strategy working for you. My next post will cover all the latest new tech services which you might integrate with your marketing strategy.  Consider it a fun way to discover your future. Bookmark my site to ensure you come back!


I’m not pushing Smartzip. It’s just one easy to visualize tech solution for realtors. You could use it as an enhancement to your own digital marketing and online marketing strategy.

La Jolla San Diego Realtor talks about Results with Smartzip

SmartZip CEO speaks about the SmartZip System

What are the Costs of Inaction?

  • web traffic slides downward, online leads diminish
  • local leads dry up because of the 50+ realtors working your neighbourhoods
  • as time passes, your realtor brand is more associated with the past
  • other realtors are getting big web and social exposure while your web site is in full “status quo” mode
  • other realtors show signs they’re getting more confident and are able to bring more buyers to the buying table
  • each new development in marketing technology threatens to completely overwhelm you
  • you feel increasingly lethargic and unable to overcome inertia
  • you’re feeling more frustrated and agitated because you’re more uncertain
  • you’re missing deals and you know it your competitor’s teams are getting bigger — they’re on the move

Your New Action Plan Preparation

  1. envision what your business could be in the years ahead up to 2020
  2. envision what the extra revenue will do for you and your family
  3. envision the security of knowing your business can continue to thrive
  4. understand why your business is going to thrive
  5. understand how new technology can help you increase sales.
  6. consider how many opportunities you’ll have simply by having an abundance of cash ready to use

If you want to know the numbers related to the COI, you can check Michael Martin’s post  on Linkedin. Don’t forget to link up with me on Linkedin. Professional networking is so important today!

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* Title graphic courtesy of Michael Cary of Encourage Words. Thanks Mike!

Auto Insurance Quote Philadelphia – Get the Lowest Rate in PA

Finding a Better Auto Insurance Rate and Policy Takes a Effort

If you’re in the habit of sticking with your current auto insurance company without a glance at who is offering lowering rates, are you doing yourself a favor? How about considering the possibility that some Philadelphia or Pittsburgh based insurance companies are willing and even eager to get your business at a lower price?

It’s true, so put Geico, Allstate, Progressive and other big brands out of mind and start checking around for secondary market providers who give you much better rates. The savings can be significant. But don’t jump at the first offer. Remember to let national insurance brands and local Philly brokers compete for your auto insurance business. When they compete, you have power.

Just as they are in Denver, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Boston, winters are harsh in Philadelphia and winter means road risk and higher quotes.  So search for a better insurance quote right now, but don’t accept an offer before you’ve done a few things to lower your liability. It’s all about risk and liability in car insurance. Check out whether driving an electric car might provide lower insurance costs.

Here’s 3 things you can do to get a better auto quote in Philadelphia:

  1. buy winter tires – the softer rubber and deep tread help give you traction and lower the risk of you rear ending another driver near an intersection, and how many times per winter do you see that happen? And what do you think happens to their insurance rate?
  2. look into usage-based insurance which lets the insurer see how you drive, how far, at which times, and where you go. If you don’t drive much during dangerous times over long distances, and you drive well, usage based auto insurance could substantially lower your truck or car insurance costs
  3. bundle your home and auto insurance. These companies will give you a discount if you open other policies with them, so use your need for home insurance as an asset in this case

Insurance Buying Tips for Philadelphia Drivers

Check out these super saving tips for cutting car insurance costs and getting better auto coverage.

Your car insurance rate will depend on what  neighbourhood in Philadelphia you live in and what route you might take to get to work. Those commutes to work is where the liability for the insurer is.  Longer commutes raise the likelihood of an accident and an insurance claim. Not much you can do about where you live and work, however insurance companies rate the liability differently. Some companies don’t want your business and thus raise their rates, while others are eager to have you on board and will offer the lowest quote. The ones who are more aggressive in getting visibility online and offering you a visibly lower quote are your best choices.

Finding the best auto insurance in Philadelphia isn’t all that hard.

Just keep persisting in searching and they will get in front of you on your screen. We can’t say it strongly enough, that persistence is the key. Set aside a good amount of time for searching for insurance and have a spreadsheet ready to record the prices they quote.  Collect at least 8 quotes from insurers so you can feel assured that you’ve done your best.

It’s a good feeling to know you put the effort into finding and saving. Savings of $10,000 over 6 years is possible as explained in the savings post.

It’s your right to be the lowest auto insurance quote possible.

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Look for better car insurance rates in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Rockford, Peoria, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto,  Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Portland, Washington, Atlanta, Irvine, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Redmond, Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, and Honolulu.

More Aurora Luxury Homes

Demand for Luxury Properties in Aurora Still Strong

Welcome to another gallery of Aurora’s most beautiful million dollar homes. As I pointed out in my previous post on Aurora luxury homes, demand for homes new or old in this town is extreme. The region is home to a growing number of extremely wealthy people with a taste for luxury.

The DOM for Aurora listings on the MLS is up a little in late 2017 from 10 days, but homes sell quick. My friend sold his townhouse just recently and it sold in less than a week. Buyers are that hungry.

With such high prices in the Toronto region, we know there’s more potential buyers appearing, but with a severely short supply in Aurora, frustration and disappointment will be high. If you’re thinking of moving to this amazing community, be prepared to come in at 10% above asking, and pay in cash.  There are homes here with owners who are timing their purchase to get the maximum price.

If you can’t find a home in Aurora, have a good look at homes for sale in Newmarket, and Bradford real estate.

Gallery of Aurora Homes













Aurora’s upscale neighbourhoods generate a special feeling that is both relaxing and inspiring. Something you’ll take away from buying a luxury home in Aurora is a sense of how good life can be. It’s not a town for those without means. Aurora has always been a town for the wealthy since the Magna Auto Parts giant moved their head office here. The parks, facilities, restaurants, shops and safe neighbourhoods make it a truly special place to live.


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SEO Forecast – Digital Marketing Update 2020

SEO Spending Continues To Rise

Amid constant warnings about SEOs impending death, the practice of search engine optimization continues to flourish. It seems only to change in complexity and continue as an ever more rewarding source of qualified customers. If you’re a small business owner, an SEO expert is vital to your business future.

Elements of digital marketing such as PPC, social reach, and Google algorithms are seemingly always in a state of flux. We’re never sure where it’s all headed and if campaigns will provide short term or lasting value, impact and visibility online.  Will internet ads be blocked? How will Google manipulate the results to force more visitors to click ads (Or go to G+). Will Google stop favoring big brands if the world’s Free Trade agreements are modified? Will small business roar? Will Facebook continue to shut down all high volume exposure for businesses to squeeze money out of advertisers? Will Twitter even survive? Will Google PPC prices explode?

Perhaps the surest cue to SEOs future, are the PPC prices on Google Adwords advertising.  Automotive, Legal, and Health categories continue to grow fast in cost to advertisers.  Many advertisers have been priced out of the market and have turned to Facebook and Twitter advertising which has shown mediocre returns.


SEO’s Future: Always the Most Credible Source for Consumers

Search will survive because people need information and they have high expectations of Google search results.  It’s SEOs job to know what customers want and how to perform SEO at an elite level to get in the top 5 positions.

One thing we know for sure, it’s getting noisier as more money pours into digital marketing.  As part of my consulting work, I have to research precise market demand. One key statistic is the cost per click of client’s most important search engine keyword phrases. Well, that could range from $10 to $90 per click! And companies will pay that price.  No one pays $90 for a walk-in, or a banner ad click, and well, okay yes they’ll pay through the nose for tv, billboard and bus ads.  How is SEO faring against the likes of television, radio, and bus ads?

If branded high visibility is what companies want, SEO has to be the best way to get it.

Local media forecaster Borrell Associates has attempted to capture the totality of spending on “digital marketing services” in the US. Borrell argues that “businesses will shell out an estimated $613 billion in DMS” in 2016, an amount many times larger than “ad spending.” — From Adgooroo Advertising Insight

The title graphic above is courtesy of Search Engine Land and shouldn’t they have also died along with SEO? The stat shows spending on SEO keeps growing (20+ % to 2020). Those with a great strategy have confidence that’s worth it, rather than funneling money into weak PPC and social media campaigns that have one time, temporary benefits. Remember how SEO lasts. There’s few posts on the long term benefits of SEO, but I did write a post on customer lifetime value.

There have been a lot of rumors about the death of SEO in digital marketing and it is affecting company’s budgetary plans.  Social marketers in particular would like to money gravitate to their field, but let’s face it, social will never generate the kind of ROI SEO can.  This may be the end of incompetent and non-enabled SEOs who can’t keep up to the extreme demands for content strategy and content quality. Not that they should be ashamed, they just haven’t accepted that the effort, cost and potential prize are higher now.  Google’s forcing you to be more patient and forcing you to manage SEO in a more stressful way — to discourage you from seeking free traffic.

I’ll be the first to admit, that it’s very tough to rank at the top if you don’t have a good budget for link building and content development. SEO’s not free and high quality content is what customers are searching for (and what Google is demanding).

Maybe what the negative forecasters are actually saying is that cheap, no-budget, poor content driven SEO is dead?  A few SEO pundits keep saying “algorithm chasing” is dead. Let’s get it straight. SEO is all about matching algorithms. That’s what you’re optimizing for. Therefore, an expert understanding of Google’s algorithm (as well as other algorithms in use for just about everything now) is a great asset. In future, SEOs will have to be well informed, constantly testing and analyzing ranking results to allow them the best understanding of Google’s algorithm.  Algorithm research is very important for top flight SEOs.

So let’s recall our classic literature shall we: “The King is Dead, Long Live the King”

What are some tips to help you thrive for many years to come?

  • never work with cheap, $199 a month spammers — this is not SEO – SEO is hard work
  • make a commitment to SEO by not listening to hyped up fears generated by the Google lab
  • don’t rely on social media – it offers a very poor search experience
  • remember that searchers using Google are often ready to buy
  • know that Google’s algorithm is very complex but still understandable
  • that SEO provides the best ROI possible and that abandoning professional level SEO could kill your business

What is the Future of SEO?

  1. higher quality content designed to appease Google’s algorithm
  2. content that generates higher clickthrough rates and user engagement
  3. greater use of artificial intelligence in the algorithm by Google
  4. better scrutiny of backlinks by Google
  5. better integration of content and search engine optimization strategy
  6. better awareness by Google of rich media interaction by users
  7. more traffic for the very best optimized websites
  8. more integration of Google analytics by Google to determine worthy webpages
  9. more sophisticated link building techniques that involve big planning and well executed link building tactics
  10. more rewards for those help a company grow its Google ranking power

Do you believe the real estate market forecasts are correct? Will Brexit and the coming Trump presidency affect digital marketing from 2017 to 2020? Are we looking at a complete renaissance of marketing with US small businesses ruling the market and brands dying?

Have a good look at the Toronto real estate outlook, Vancouver housing outlook and the San Diego economic and real estate forecast 2016 to 2020.  Are you a realtor looking for real estate leads? It might be better judgement to build your own lead generating strategy using an SEO  expert.

Austin Car Truck Insurance Quote Online – Best Quotes TX

Get the Best Car or Truck Insurance Quote in Austin

Car and Truck Drivers in Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, Dallas, and Irving have something in common – shopping for an auto insurance policy with a minimum $115,000 minimum liability coverage.

As a smart shopper, you will find ways to save on your Austin truck or car insurance.  A couple of ways to save is to buy an old car or truck for driving to work. That reduces the chance of an accident claim, especially if you combine that with usage-based smartphone insurance. The insurance companies want to limit and lower accident claims so why not help them?

What they may not particularly like is competing for your insurance business.  What I advise is to search online until you have 10 separate quotes, not just a search on a single insurance comparison site.

Photo Courtesy of CMtelematics. Learn more about Usage based auto insurance

You might be surprised to hear that Texas drivers pay a slightly higher than average price for car insurance.  Your price in Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin may be more expensive due to the Zip code. Why are rates high?  The insurance companies tell you it’s just accident and claim statistics, but it may be that insurers will charge more because peole in Austin don’t shop around. If you’re not checking for lower car or truck insurance, then why would they offer you a lower rate?

By shopping and getting quotes from all the insurance firms, you’re letting them know you want the lowest price. Otherwise, they simply keep the status quo and drain your bank account.

If you’ve upgraded your current auto truck insurance to include a lower amount deductible and higher liability coverage, you might have your premiums rise too. You can ask for other insurance features and offset that higher price. Keep looking for a better deal online and you’ll find one. Switching auto insurance companies pays.

Check out car insurance Dallas, car insurance Philadelphia, car insurance San Antonio, car insurance Miami, and auto insurance quotes New York.

Car Insurance Requirements in Texas

Texas insurance law requires you to be able to pay for any damages and injuries from a car accident you caused. Most Austin drivers buy liability car insurance to fulfill this legal minimum requirement.

Your auto liability insurance in Texas must have the following minimum limits:

  • $30,000 for each injured person.
  • $60,000 for injuries per incident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

6 Quick Tips to Save on Car Insurance

  1. raise your deductible and lower liability limits
  2. buy usage based car insurance coverage
  3. pay your policy premiums yearly
  4. bundle your insurance with home insurance coverage
  5. drive an old car to work and delete collision coverage
  6. switch insurance companies

Insurance Agencies in Austin TX

Direct Auto Insurance Agency
9616 N Lamar Blvd #198,
Austin, TX 78753, USA

Texas State Low Cost Insurance
Springdale Shopping Center, 7112 Ed Bluestein Blvd #169,
Austin, TX 78723, USA

Premiere Auto Insurance Agency
900 E Braker Ln #150,
Austin, TX 78753, USA
Here’s how you can save more on your auto/truck insurance in this insurance infographic:

Insurance Infographic

Find the Lowest Insurance Rates In Los Angeles

Rates vary in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, San Antonio, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto, Seattle, Bellevue, Spokane, Boise, Redmond, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Minneapolis, Albuquerque, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita,  Henderson, Mesa, Kirkland, Redmond, Kansas City, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, Santa Monica, Miami Beach, and Honolulu.

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Car Insurance Orlando

 Best Auto Insurance 2017 Orlando

It’s 2017 and it’s time for you to search for the best auto insurance. If you’re in Orlando without car insurance, you may be stuck with a car rental and using their expensive car rental insurance coverage.  Orlando drivers can save up to $10,000 over 5 years just by searching. Get the best car insurance online in Florid online. The key is to search for as many quotes from insurance companies and brokers as possible.

It’s a good practice to use longer keyword phrases and mix up your words to avoid getting the same search results every time:

  • best auto insurance in Florida
  • cheapest car insurance agents Orlando
  • lowest rock bottom car insurance quote Orlando
  • cheap auto insurance 1 forgiveness Florida
  • best auto insurance agencies in Florida
  • discount cheap auto insurance quotes Orlando Kissimmee
  • best auto insurance rates guaranteed Orlando

The longer the search phrases, the more likely you’ll find good quality insurance agencies.  Going direct to agents from the top insurance brands might be a mistake. The best auto insurance policy with the lowest premiums is waiting. It’s all about savings. and that’s without the controversy of telematics or reducing your coverage. Save more by checking out our insurance saving tips.nc




Top insurance brokers in Salt Lake City have their own pool of brand name insurance companies and underwriters they refer customers to when quoting.  Just like any Minnesota insurance company however, they’re interested in making a big profit. Why not let other Utah drivers pay those high rates, while you enjoy your rock bottom quotes for your auto insurance coverage on your car, motorcycle or truck?

Not in Orlando? Try auto insurance quote Miami, car insurance quote Tampa, auto insurance in Jacksonville FL, and car insurance in Atlanta.

The biggest savings on automobile insurance come from:

  1. buying a cheap, older model car to drive to work
  2. buying usage-based policies
  3. keep your credit rating high
  4. don’t carry collision coverage
  5. install an anti-theft device on expensive car or truck
  6. bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance

So come on Portland drivers, get into the shopping mode and find your lowest cheapest car insurance quote possible. You’ve got the power to shop and save!

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in your city:

Orlando FL Auto Insurance Agents

Fiesta Auto Insurance Center
5425 S Semoran Blvd #2,
Orlando, FL 32822, USA

Direct Auto Insurance Agency
4590 S Kirkman Rd,
Orlando, FL 32811, USA

GEICO Insurance Agent
Insurance Agency in Colonial Town Center
5005 E Colonial Dr,
Orlando, FL 32803, USA

Auto Insurance Rates | 2017 Electric Cars | Real Estate Lead Conversion Specialist | Auto Insurance Quote Phoenix | Auto Insurance Quotes San Francisco | Auto Insurance Quote San Jose CA |  Auto Insurance Quotes Boston | Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes Toronto | Car Insurance Quote Los Angeles | Car Insurance Quotes San Diego CA | Indianapolis Auto Insurance| Chicago Auto Insurance Quote | Insurance Quote Truck Detroit | Miami Truck Insurance | Denver Car Insurance Rates | Seattle Best Car Insurance | St Louis Low Car Insurance | Car Insurance Quotes Philadelphia | San Antonio Auto Insurance Policy | Minneapolis Lowest Quote for Car Insurance | New York Brooklyn Queens Auto Insurance | Atlanta Truck Insurance Cheap | 30 Year Mortgage Rates | Zillow Leads Review | Housing Outlook Forecast | MLS Toronto | US Market Crash | Toronto Housing Bubble | Best Cities | Mississauga Real Estate Forecast | Switch Insurance Company

One way to get the lowest car insurance rates is to use a telematics device. If your driving behavior is erratic and aggressive, the insurer may not offer you lower rates so bad drivers may not benefit at all. Check out this solution for lowering insurance rates for teen drivers.

Reno Nevada Lowest Auto Insurance Quotes – Car Trucks Motorcycles

Finding the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Reno

It’s a gamble when you don’t ask for the lowest auto insurance rates. The fact is that consumers only have options when they actively search for the best prices. The lowest auto and truck insurance rates are out there. You just have to find them.

It’s a fact that insurance companies quote widely varying premiums for that same car, driver and circumstances. Does it make sense? Maybe or maybe not. Each insurance underwriter assesses risk according to their own models. They’re not going to tell you until you actually ask them for a quote.

Get in that Savings Mindset

Once you understand that you can and probably will save thousands of dollars, and consider how long it takes you to earn that money, you’re half way to making it happen. By shopping for insurance with the major brands and brokers in Nevada and California, you can get the cheapest quote and perhaps get the policy benefits you’re seeking. Search online because this is where the competition for your business is strongest. Competitive quotes equals savings!

Here’s how you can save more on your quote:

  • ensure you bundle your home and auto insurance (and life insurance too)
  • ensure you buy usage-based insurance to prove you’re a great driver
  • buy an anti-theft device if you have an expensive car or truck
  • buy a new car with a higher safety rating
  • buy an old to commute to work
  • set a higher deductible

Do you understand what your car insurance covers? Can you add coverage? What is comp and collision? Find out more in this video.

Auto Insurance Agencies in Reno

Action Auto Insurance Reno & Sparks
Auto Insurance Agency
1100 E Plumb Ln F,
Reno, NV 89502, USA

Auto Insurance America
530 Kietzke Ln,
Reno, NV 89502, USA

GEICO Insurance Agent
3650 S Virginia St Suite K1,
Reno, NV 89502, USA

Check out more about switching companies for insurance for cars and trucks in these other cities:

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Which Cars and Trucks are Cheapest to Insure? Auto Insurance Quotes

How Does Your Car or Truck Affect Your Insurance Rates?

Before you buy your next car or truck you may want to check out what the insurance cost will be.  Your insurance provider may tack on a huge amount to your premium when you ask for an insurance quote in 2017.  Why would the type of vehicle have an impact on your rates? That vehicle can’t be anymore difficult or risky to drive could it?

Insurance underwriters examine quite a few factors in making their assessment of driver risk and each insurance company is free to charge what they believe is reasonable for specific factors such as the make and model of your vehicle. If you don’t like the rates they charge then you should switch your insurance company now. Does your vehicle say something about how you typically drive? Is a Jeep Wrangler driver any less likely to have an accident or make a claim on car insurance than a Ford F-250 Super Duty?

One of the reasons for that disparity might have to do with the cost of the vehicle itself. A Jeep Wrangler might sell for $24,000 while the Ford-250 might sell for a hefty $50,000 with all the bells and whistles. When that Ford F-250 is stolen and chopped for parts, it’s a big, unrecoverable loss for the insurance company. When in an accident, the repair costs will be big just like the truck. The big trucks are more difficult to drive and they’re often used to haul boats and trailers. These and more factors point to more expensive insurance rates.

Here are the 5 most costly pickup trucks to Insure according to our friends at insure.com.

  1. Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat 4WD Crew Cab V-8 Turbo Diesel (with long bed): Yearly average insurance premiums annually: $1600
  2. GMC Sierra 3500HD Denali 4WD Four-Door Crew Cab V-8 Diesel: Yearly average insurance rate: $1,677.13
  3. Ford F-350 Super Duty Lariat 4WD Crew Cab V-8 Turbo Diesel (with long bed): Yearly average insurance rate: $1,703.43
  4. Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn 4WD Four-Door Crew Cab V-8: Yearly average insurance rate: $1,761.24
  5. Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn 4WD Four-Door Crew Cab V-8: Yearly average insurance rate: $1,775.44

The 5 Least Costly Cars to Insure

Now to provide contrast to the insurance picture, let’s see what the NerdWallet people found to be the 5 least expensive cars to insure:

  1. Honda Odyssey $1,015 per annum
  2. Honda CR-V $1,041  per annum
  3. Ford Escape $1,044 per annum
  4. Jeep Cherokee $1,045  per annum
  5. Jeep Wrangler $1,086  per annum

In the above auto and truck insurance examples, the calculations are based on a typical driver, with a fairly good credit and driving record. The situation for a high risk driver commuting in highly congested traffic to work every day is likely to spread those number even wider. Choice of vehicle can have a big impact on auto insurance rates or truck insurance rates.

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How To Save on Auto Insurance in 2017?

The number 1 way to save on auto insurance in 2017 is to shop around for the best automobile insurance rates. Each insurance company views your circumstances and worthiness differently so you need to find the one that likes you. Sign on with the best insurance companies which actually want your business, and they’re going to raise your rates as time passes, not lower them.

  1. buy an older inexpensive vehicle to work
  2. don’t carry collision on that old car or truck
  3. sign up for usage-based auto insurance
  4. buy a good anti-theft device
  5. choose a vehicle that typically isn’t stolen if you live in bad neighbourhood

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Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of
Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of liabilityinsurance.org

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